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Another visit to the doc today for my ear. Trying a new med 🤞let’s hope this one works. Soooo tired of the dr visits and dizziness. #meniersdisease #vertigo #onthemend

I’m alive! First day out all week 😊 Hopefully the worst is past. #meniersdisease #onthemend #backinbusiness #tryingtostaypositive

Van’s BBQ has a very interesting “salad”. Pickles. Green and black Olives. More pickles. Pickled okra. Pickled peppers. More pickles. Cheese. Lettuce (I didn’t see any but whatever) the balsamic dressing was a bottle of balsamic vinegar. #vegetariansofinstagram #saltdinner #omgweatepicklesfordinner #couldnttheyhaveatleastchoppeditupmore? #meniersdisease #edema #saltisnotameal #nevergoingback

For the past 4 months, I’ve been dealing with almost daily vertigo. Not dizziness. Totally incapacitating motion sickness. I’ve been diagnosed with Meniers disease. It all started with a negative hearing test last year; I’ve lost most hearing in my right ear. This has completely derailed my life. Missed work, inconvenient bouts of nausea and vomiting, Dramamine by the handful and continually saying “what?” anytime someone is on my right side. So all of this is why I haven’t been “Susie sunshine” or sharing my non existent workouts. Consider this a PSA; have a yearly hearing test, make sure to keep regular appointments with your physician. #gettingoldsucks #meniersdisease #canthear #vertigo

Today has been a struggle. My vertigo kicked my butt. I fell, couldn’t make out words and ended up passing out. Fingers crossed my psychical therapy will work! I am strong and I will continue to be. Through every struggle. #meniersdisease #vertigo #bestrong #livingwithvertigo

When your stuck on your filthy kitchen floor because that’s where your body has decided it needs to be right now 🤔#everywhereismybed #meniersdisease #fibromyalgia #chronicfatigue #spoonies #vomitingdiscretelyinpublicplacesismyspecialty #ifiwasahorseidbeshotbynow


Meniere’s disease, like other vestibular disorders can be very difficult to treat and quite debilitating to the quality of life. Those who suffer with Menieres have four main symptoms: dizziness, ear clogged (fullness), tinnitus, and cognitive (brain) fog.
A long term solution beyond treatments that offer temporary symptom relief may lie in the nerve pathway that originate in the upper cervical spine and brainstem.
When a structural shift occurs in this region from (trauma, car accident, sports injury, slip and fall) abnormal motion and sensory information can disrupt the flow of signals from the brain through those pathways that control the tonicity of the muscles that line the eustachian tube.
Restoring structural alignment and motion in that delicate region of the upper neck can restore normal input into the CNS from the vestibulocochlear nerve. This can be an effective solution for those suffering from Menieres who have exhausted most other treatment options.
#menieres #meniersdisease #vertigo #tinnitus #brain #vestibular #correction #structure #function

No abnormalities on my MRI - so it's not an acoustic neuroma which is great! The ENT has passed on information to my doctors to help me, but it's just a case of managing this disease. There is no cure which sucks, but that's life. Currently on 7 tablets to manage my symptoms, but there is not a lot known about Meniers Disease.
So spreading awareness that this debilitating disease can affect anyone. The symptoms are very much horrendous some days are better than others. Some days I'm normal, some days im bed bound and some days just standing upright is exhausting. #supportformeniers #meniersdisease #vertigo #meniers #vestibulardisease

Erika used to take xanax to help prevent the panic attacks she would get from fear of her next vertigo episode.
She is now sleeping comfortable, and free from vertigo attacks, which means no more hospital stays.
This is her story! ✨ ➖"About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with meniers disease. I was having such severe attacks of vertigo I was being hospitalized. I felt I was being violently thrown to floor, I was vomiting uncontrollably. I was absolutely terrified of the next attack. I started xanax almost everyday to get through how scared I was of the vertigo. I couldn't sleep on my right side, I couldn't do any kind of ride or rollercoaster. I was scared to travel away from home. It was frankly awful.
My last attack was September 2016. I was in the hospital and given NINE I repeat NINE mgs of valium, meclazine, zofran and a motion sickness patch. Let me tell you, you don't just bounce back from that. I spent the next 7 days in bed. So I was getting to the point I was losing a week every couple of months.
I've been on my little yellow pill since November of 2016. I have not had an attack since. NOT ONE.
This is why I swear by my yellow pill. Because it has changed my life. I can sleep anyway I want and as you may have seen, I can ride rollercoasters!!! I'm no longer afraid, I don't even have xanax anymore. I feel amazing. I don't lose any more weeks. And I don't have hospital bills!” ❤️ #littleyellowpill

Blir i senga i dag. Hater den sykdommen min 😭😭🖤😭😭
#svimmel #øresus #tinitus #meniersdisease #hateråværesyk #sliten #kvalm #sint #lei

Enjoying 3-D design. @kevskinrug got me flowers to cheer me up after not feeling well 😊 / #meniersdisease

#IRiseUp #Spooniegoals
Rise Up and live for tomorrow not today!
You can't get time back but you can make it last.........
I went cold turkey off prescriptions medication March 2016 and it was a fight I was not prepared for but I had the will to LIVE! It took 4-6 weeks to detox, I battled the urges, withdrawals, cold sweats, nausea & vomiting, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, and pain.
Today is July 2017 and I would do it over AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN... If I did not make the choice to go natural The Invisible Me would not exist!
#TheInvisibleMe #TotalLifeChanges #detox #coldturkey #fight #live #future #natural #free
#herbs #selflove #temple #livefortomorrow #fibromyalgia #endometriosis #meniersdisease

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