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Fitting into my “never gonna happen” clothes. Down from a size 14 to a 6/8. #goals #weightloss thanks to @smileykiley615 for the encouragement an wardrobe help #deaf #hoh #asl #meniers

One of my go to meals. Baked salmon and sweet potatoes with steamed veggies. Super easy, super healthy, and satisfying.

Day 43... well I added another sick day... i spent the entire day in bed. Not what I wanted, but it is what happens somedays. I was trying to get ready in the morning and struggling big time with a meniers attack. I actually fell onto my bed luckily, when I first tried to get out of bed. That should have been my first clue to stay in bed. But I kept pushing and trying. I then asked my husband to help me. That really should have been my second clue but it wasnt. However when my husband asked me if I should be driving and I couldn’t verbally answer him, that was enough for him to send me to bed and that clue I did listen to.
I had a very tiring and busy weekend and my body rebelled. I had three crappy sleeps and I think my body literally said “hey, F u!” And forced me to rest all day.

Side note, I did finish the toque I was working on. Just needs the finishing touch of a fire truck and tassles. Excited to see the completed project!

Oh and I think I finished season one of This Is Us! I guess what else is there to do when you are just laying in bed trying not to move?

#meniers #AllInMyHead #MAV #Vertigo #ThisIsUs #Crochet #SickDay #day43

This may not look like much to most people, but considering 2 years ago almost exactly to this date, I could barely get out of bed, and getting dressed was a goal for the day. Kicking Meniers butt and getting slowly back in the swing again. You have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you judge. #kickingmeniersbutt #nordictrack #meniers #walkamileinmyshoes #exercise #dontjudge #bekind #successinsmallsteps #yougogirl #countryliving

Great fun seeing ‘Barnum’ at the Chocolate Factory last night. Full marks for energy and inventiveness. A big show in a small space. #barnum#meniers#chocolatefactory #borough#theatre#circus#intheround #acrobats#freakshow #showtime#ptbarnum #circus

When I have clients who think their health problems cannot be overcome, I always tell them to find someone who has overcome that issue and use them as an example that it can be done.
That is the great thing with technology. There is probably someone out there who overcame the same or very similar circumstances and shared their story via the interwebs. Find them, find out what they did. Commit to follow their path of healing.
Your path will be very different in many ways, but knowing that someone else has been there is the hope that most people need to stay committed to their journey.

This looks like soup heaven 😍.
I just came across this profile of soups from a kitchen at UCSB. I need to try to convince the chef to share these recipes with me, tons of incredible looking vegan and meat based options.

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Who is ready for Monday?

Your body mounts a physiological response to each and every one of your thoughts.
Positive thoughts lead can strengthen the immune system, while negative thoughts can break the body down.

Look out for a post I am going to make later about how stress and cortisol break down the gut wall and contribute to the development of ulcers, IBS, and autoimmune disease.

This book is hurting my brain 🧠.
I like it 🤓

Much needed time outside and in nature today. #river

When doing consults I have people list all of their diagnoses conditions and I’m often amazed by some of the things that people are officially diagnosed with.

A man this week told me he has idiopathic hypersomnia.

So essentially he’s really tired during the day, and the basic blood tests that doctors have so far performed have not indicated any obvious reason why.

What’s the point of placing this useless diagnosis on what is really just a symptom?
Being tired is not a disease, it is a symptom.


Beautiful beaded stars for your tree. These are made by a local artist & all proceeds go to a meniers & fibromyalgia charity ❤. #portisheadgiftshop #ebbandflo #christmastreedecorations #beadedstars #beads #crystals #meniers #fibromyalgia

No abnormalities on my MRI - so it's not an acoustic neuroma which is great! The ENT has passed on information to my doctors to help me, but it's just a case of managing this disease. There is no cure which sucks, but that's life. Currently on 7 tablets to manage my symptoms, but there is not a lot known about Meniers Disease.
So spreading awareness that this debilitating disease can affect anyone. The symptoms are very much horrendous some days are better than others. Some days I'm normal, some days im bed bound and some days just standing upright is exhausting. #supportformeniers #meniersdisease #vertigo #meniers #vestibulardisease

_ Tu sais que tu as mûri quand tu te régales avec la récolte du jour de ta maman, quand tu rentres chez toi après une journée de travail et fais ton repassage, quand tu fais le ménage plutôt que glander devant la télévision... #Jedeviensadulte #26ans #Adulte #Autonme #Champignons #Récolte #Piedsdemouton #Meniers #Chanterelles #Nature #Joie #WeekEnd #OnePlus #OnePlus5 #ShotOnOnePlus

@drjonathanchung delivering the goods. Unraveling balance and dizziness disorders.
There are a variety of causes to balance and dizziness disorders. Many times these conditions are all thrown together into a textbook diagnosis and patients are left without answers or successful treatment options because of the complexity of the causes in each individual.
Understanding the role of the eyes, ears, and proprioceptive tissues in balance can lead us to more definitive causes for these conditions, which can help create a more successful treatment strategy.
#vertigo #dizziness #meniers #balance #neurology #craniocervicaljunction #brain #proprioception

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