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When doing consults I have people list all of their diagnoses conditions and I’m often amazed by some of the things that people are officially diagnosed with.

A man this week told me he has idiopathic hypersomnia.

So essentially he’s really tired during the day, and the basic blood tests that doctors have so far performed have not indicated any obvious reason why.

What’s the point of placing this useless diagnosis on what is really just a symptom?
Being tired is not a disease, it is a symptom.


Beautiful beaded stars for your tree. These are made by a local artist & all proceeds go to a meniers & fibromyalgia charity ❤. #portisheadgiftshop #ebbandflo #christmastreedecorations #beadedstars #beads #crystals #meniers #fibromyalgia

Fell asleep last night at midnight and woke up around 8:30. Couldn’t get out of bed and fell asleep about 9. Didn’t wake up till 2pm. Luckily I didn’t have my appointment till 5. #meniers #meniersdisease #menieressucks #autoimmunedisease #autoimmunediseasesucks

No abnormalities on my MRI - so it's not an acoustic neuroma which is great! The ENT has passed on information to my doctors to help me, but it's just a case of managing this disease. There is no cure which sucks, but that's life. Currently on 7 tablets to manage my symptoms, but there is not a lot known about Meniers Disease.
So spreading awareness that this debilitating disease can affect anyone. The symptoms are very much horrendous some days are better than others. Some days I'm normal, some days im bed bound and some days just standing upright is exhausting. #supportformeniers #meniersdisease #vertigo #meniers #vestibulardisease

When your @cakestuffltd #dpd next day 1 of 2 delivery doesn't arrive next day you make numerous phonecalls to find that it WONT be arriving today it will be arriving tomorrow 😱 MAJOR PANIC you have an un ganached wedding cake (which has to be delivered to the venue on Thursday morning!) no cake boards or choc so you rush off to the local cake shop at 4.30pm half hour before it closes then your husband rushes to tesco to purchase the last box of #meniers swiss #whitechocolate which just so happens to be the right amount for your cake, he gets home then there is a knock at the door..... It is DPD with your cake stuff 2 of 2 delivery 😫 lesson number gazillion! Always always order weeks in advance. Thank you to #cakestuffltd for their great customer service they really did try to help and thank you to DPD for finally getting it to me even though I was told it was still at DEPO 'til tomorrow. Omg! You can't write this stuff. Stressssss! Any other cake makers got some stories? You know the kinda stories to make me feel better about this meltdown today? 😉

_ Tu sais que tu as mûri quand tu te régales avec la récolte du jour de ta maman, quand tu rentres chez toi après une journée de travail et fais ton repassage, quand tu fais le ménage plutôt que glander devant la télévision... #Jedeviensadulte #26ans #Adulte #Autonme #Champignons #Récolte #Piedsdemouton #Meniers #Chanterelles #Nature #Joie #WeekEnd #OnePlus #OnePlus5 #ShotOnOnePlus

@drjonathanchung delivering the goods. Unraveling balance and dizziness disorders.
There are a variety of causes to balance and dizziness disorders. Many times these conditions are all thrown together into a textbook diagnosis and patients are left without answers or successful treatment options because of the complexity of the causes in each individual.
Understanding the role of the eyes, ears, and proprioceptive tissues in balance can lead us to more definitive causes for these conditions, which can help create a more successful treatment strategy.
#vertigo #dizziness #meniers #balance #neurology #craniocervicaljunction #brain #proprioception

But can I move the menier?

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Meditating over my #celeryjuice today. Knowing all the goodness/healing qualities it's bringing to my body. Grateful. Starting my days off grateful. #carpediem #celeryjuiceforthewin @medicalmedium #breathe #meditation #yoga #migrainewarrior #foodismedicine #healthiswealth #invisableillness #vertigo #meniers #blahblahblah

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