I fought the floor....and the floor won:/ #menieressucks

I am struggling today... #menieresdiseasesucks #menieressucks I am intermittent fat fasting naturally and have had my mct oil powder collagen genius coffee and a Nuzest vitakick vitamin shake which is keeping me functional at work, but man today kinda sucks...

Home today #menieressucks Totally good with my #macrostoday #journeytohealth

Fingers crossed 🤞 these will relieve some of the ringing and pressure that has been making me want to throw up and cry for the last 2 days! I really need to study 📚
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The worst thing about chronic illness is that it can come out of what feels like nowhere. Earlier I was feeling good, feeling confident, and now I feel so awful physically and it’s honestly so hard not to cry right now. My head just hurts so bad! And to top it off, Ive been having hearing difficulty lately and my middle ear is suffering, so I’m having a lot of vertigo randomly and it’s making it hard to function 😭 I’ve had migraines for about 5/6 years now. I’ve tried every medication under the sun, and the only one that helps is Toradol, and even then it takes multiple doses or injections to stop the pain. The vertigo is part of Ménière's disease, which I was diagnosed with my senior year of high school. Being half deaf/hard of hearing isn’t painful, but the vertigo can really screw with me and make it hard to eat, which my stomach doesn’t need any help with. Yesterday my head didn’t hurt terribly, but I had an aura so I knew something was coming. This morning I felt fine, but now here I am in unrelenting pain. I checked my oxygen sat and it was low, which I’m not surprised about because my asthma has been so bad and I haven’t gotten around to getting a nebulizer treatment, so I decided to get some O2. I also decided to get my heating pad out. So far nothing is helping, so I’m calling it quits on homework for the night and resting.
I feel like life is against me. First I got into a car accident and had to miss a few days, then I got the flu and missed a whole week, and now I’m on migraine number 3 of the semester. It’s so tough because I’m trying so hard to get my work done and get through these classes, but if it’s not one thing it’s the other. Chronic illnesses, especially invisible ones, are so incredibly hard to manage. I feel like my life revolves around my symptoms. I always have to plan for what I’m gonna do if I get sick instead of making plans with my friends like a normal college student.
I keep trying to tell depression to get lost, but it’s been attacking me since I woke up this morning. Time to take some meds and hopefully sleep this off 😫

You guys!! I just finished #day10 of #tblmindbodypilates challenge! It was awesome and I’m super sad to see it come to an end but I’m so proud of myself for making it this far. As someone with a vestibular disorder, and at times have had to crawl through my house from one room to another trying not to vomit from vertigo, I’m amazed with my achievements throughout this challenge. Here’s to always challenging yourself and listening to your body. It is possible to heal after a major illness or life struggle. Now it’s time for me to go reward myself with a mani pedi per Robin from @thebalancedlife orders. 😂 ❤️ 👏🏻 Keep going and never give up! #lifeafterillness #illnesstowellness #nevergiveup #motivation #menieressucks #butigotthis #youcandoit #pilates #vestibulardisorder #mylifewithmenieres #fightdepression #healyourbody #youhavethepower #igaccountabilitygroup

I had fun painting this cute little sign for my business today. After taking a long break I’m thinking about getting back into crafting and selling my work again. I started out very excited about it, but it quickly turned into stress and concern for my ability to take on this challenge. Because of my health issues I have to be careful not to overdo it. The last thing I want is to go back to a vertigo dizzy mess. But I love crafting SO much! With beautiful weather just around the corner this is prime time to get my items into a storefront, but I just can’t decide if it will be worth it. 😩🤪

Rainy day hair, work compliant not at desk #sds lol...feels soooo good to actually feel better!!! I have been on the struggle bus this month #menieressucks but refuse to allow it to get me down! I have been taking my MIND and MEND daily and been fasting and focusing on getting sleep which I think is helping... (links to MIND and MEND in profile)

@eggzearplugs finally getting to try these babies out. Best part is, I can hear my husband calling me! #ihatemenieresdisease #menieres #menieressucks #etsyseller #palletsbypaigestudio

Heading to bed early tonight... head and neck ache and really trying to avoid a #meniereslife episode... #menieressucks #strongerthanmenieres #nightyall

Not 100% but was able to take it slow, shower without falling and heading into work... #menieressucks #sds

How ironic... #menieressucks

Made it to the living room... (all you're getting today is dog picts - fasting again as nausea and no appetite and looking a hot mess...) Bachi is confused and thinks we should be on a weekend schedule and go for another walk.. sorry bud, not today #menieressucks

My view for the day... #menieressucks

Menieres shirt .. thank you for your order... it was an honor to do this for a fellow MD warrior... keep fighting #menieresdisease #warrior #keepfigting #menieresdiseaseawareness #menieressucks #buddysdesigns

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