Pops still hooping at 57. #fathersday #mendozamonday

#mendozamonday out and about.. Oh yeh I cut my hair 🙃

#mendozamonday have a great day everyone💋💞

These moments we will never get back. I appreciate how much Sofi looks up to me and enjoys everything we do. Little does she know, I look up to her too. Her desire to learn and do impresses us. #mendozafamily #daddydaughter #specialmoments #parenthood

You guys. Mateo is almost here. He is growing up so fast. This is at 33 weeks and time is flying by. I wonder what he is thinking in there. Caption what you think is going through is mind right now 🤔 #babymendoza @mateodiego7 @mariagmendozag @sofialemendoza #family #mendozafamily #papito

Okkkkrrrrrr....... Chula hermosa!!! #mendozafamily #ok

Important women = powerful women. These are two in our life. #internationalwomensday #internationalwomensday2018 #mendozafamily

There generations of women. What generation are you? #mendozafamily

GIRL POWER!!!! 🥊 #mendozafamily

I drove this cake around for over 40 miles. That in it of itself was a successful baby shower task. 😓

Baby shower cake! Yes, please. BTS- running around, putting everything up to make it look like this!

Baby shower day was such a wonderful day. Thanks to everyone for making it special. The full video is up on YouTube. Link in bio.

When these two have fun, they have lots of fun. @mariagmendozag

Showing Sofi had to spread some #love while at the doctors. Spread the #love #mendozafamily @sofialemendoza @mariagmendozag

I do her hair, she helps me with mine..... it’s a win win. #mendozafamily @sofialemendoza

We will never get these moments back. Just walking around town..... ❤️ #mendozafamily

Minnie Mouse makeup makeover. Love doing my makeup now. Mami and Papi, you better start budgeting for makeup. #mendozafamily

New YOUTUBE VIDEO out now. We have a little bonus vlog today. Be sure to check it out. The link is in bio. So cool to see a life like dinosaur. #mendozafamily

Unicorn dreams 🦄 te amo!!!!! Love you. #mendozafamily

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