ME IN 2918938 YEARS 😂😂😂

All those other girls well they’re beautiful but would they write a song for you 💛

#facts_smi .
♡تا حالا خواب شان یا آیدلتون رو دیدید?
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I keep hearing the words Reputation, delicate, getaway car and thirteen over and over again! Is it a sign 🌼

Whyyy so cute?💓💓💜💖 #mendesarmy

Oh hey Karyn’s little sister! And peep Taylor ❤️

hi im in love with sabrina carpenter:)

Theme is over. Hope you enjoyed x

What's your favorite movie???😍🎬 #mendesarmy #mendesfamily @shawnmendes

Y'all know what i think?i think 3 of shawn's albums have different vibes to it and three of them are amazing on their own.handwritten has deep and new vibes to it,it's him experiencing new stuff and expressing how he feels,and it's beautiful.illuminate has a lot passion and i think all of them are about girls and it just screams passion and its perfect on it's own.and shawn mendes the album my favorite may i add,has a chill and happy vibes to it. It's not too deep,it's just happy and catchy and super chill and i love hearing it,it's just so idk like kinda positive and i personally really really love this album <3
#mendesarmy #shawnmendes

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