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Left and right working on my twisted grip and this new move... if I could only remember the name! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #memoryissues #poledancing #dancer #polefitness #polehaus

Note to self: try to stick less notes to window. #keepontrying #memoryissues #windowsofamsterdam #weteringbuurt

Remember the days when you had no clue what foods were good for your #gut ? I don't know about you but ghee, bone broth, fermented veggies and marshmallow root tea weren't exactly a part of my college diet. Now I consciously choose what foods to add to a meal to make it better for my gut flora 😜😜 And I know I should care about my guts just for the sake of my guts, but since digestion related symptoms have never been my main complaint, I am more driven by my brain. You see #memoryissues and things like #Alzheimers run in my family but I am determined to do everything in my power to minimize genetics. And on just a day to day basis I love the added benefit of more energy and clearer thinking! Gut dysfunction can rapidly lead to altered levels of neurotransmitters that are designed to keep us at normal energy levels and help us have healthy mood stability. The gut is sometimes referred to the second brain...and while there are a whole bunch of jokes related to that idea, it's actually a really good thing to realize. This is because the gut has an incredibly expansive network of neurons that help with the production of important hormones such as serotonin (the “happiness hormone”) and melatonin (the “sleep hormones”), among others. For that reason, it's easy to understand why gut dysfunction can really cause neurotransmitter imbalances and lead to feelings of fatigue, low energy, and mood swings (eek!). Get the full Fatigue Fix guide (link in @digprimal profile) to start taking some important steps to help out the health of your gut and feeling better!
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Um crachá pra não esquecer meu próprio nome 🔖📇 #memoryissues 📷@hgirundi

Pehle lagana bhool gya tha 😐 #memoryissues #convocation #fast #businessgrad

So I spent the whole day on Sunday telling everyone I was 36 only to realise later that night I was actually 37!
How the heck does that happen? How can I just lose a whole year of my life in a split second!
#sadtimes #yearlost #memoryissues

So, this is what happened when you forgot your lunch box 🤦‍♀️ #memoryissues #ineedmoreenergytokeepup #proteinpower #marsproteinbar @snickers_mars.protein @redbull

#lostallcontacts Yep! The latest saga with my #iphone #memoryissues and @verizon can't do anything to help 😓 or it will cost me more money so been waiting for the new #iphone8 to come out. Anyone know when?


Note to self: try to stick less notes to window. #keepontrying #memoryissues #windowsofamsterdam #weteringbuurt

So I spent the whole day on Sunday telling everyone I was 36 only to realise later that night I was actually 37!
How the heck does that happen? How can I just lose a whole year of my life in a split second!
#sadtimes #yearlost #memoryissues

Apologies to all those in my life affected by this...I promise I’ll TRY and get better #mumlife 🙈✌🏻

As I get older (because I'm NOT old! 😛) I'm noticing my memory SUCKS! It's declining and that makes me sad. Kinda. But not really, I have oils for that too. 🤣 Anywho, today for example...I'm dropping my MIL back home after her Dr's appointment, I had my hands full with some bags of hers and set one down outside so that I could open the door. Walked in placed the other bags on her couch, some food in the fridge and left. She calls 10 minutes later, where's "that bag" you know with the things in it from the Dr's office? Me: Mona, I left all the bags on the couch. MIL: It's not there! Me: I'm sure I left them all on the couch. MIL: ok I'll go look around. 5 minutes later she calls again, you left it outside...(mental head smack!) Yep I sure did! Ummm, sorry 😔. My life lately. Ugh. Here's a blend I'm trying out to improve my memory, focus and mental alertness, reducing that fog and getting my butt in gear. 15 drops Frankincense, 10 drops Clove, 10 drops Douglas Fir, 8 drops Rosemary and 6 drops Peppermint. Honestly I'm not a fan of Rosemary's odiforous sent, it makes me gag. But combined with these other oils it's not too shabby! Apply to the back of your neck, bottom of your big toes and temple - forehead - temple. If you're a mom of little ones or a klutz like me and drop things frequently I highly recommend these silicone wrapped rollerballs from @oil.life! They're awesome! Because yes, I already dropped it 😂. #doterra #essentialoilgeek #hippiemomma #naturalwellness #emotionalwellbeing #mentalclarity #memoryissues #focus #alertness

I accidentally wore my dog-walking rain boots to work today. 🙁
Yesterday, I forgot to brush my teeth before work. 🙁
MS and work stress are f’ing with my memory. 🙁
If I had the energy to cry right now, I would. If I didn’t have a dire need for health insurance without a lapse in coverage, today is the day that I’d remove my badge, put it on my desk, and quietly walk out the door. I wouldn’t miss any of it.
#overworked #memoryissues #mslife #multiplesclerosisproblems #multiplesclerosisawareness #multiplesclerosis #mssucks #lifewithms #brainlesions #sotired #inneedofavacation #rainboots #forgetful #msbrain #msbrainfog #chronicillness #mswarrior #autoimmunedisease #discouragingday #imissmybed #exhausted #roughweek #iwanttocry

When I need to be heard round the world, how do I get the clearest sounding recording ? Since the 1960s, #ISDN has been reliable. Just yesterday @alabamapower , @boutwellstudios , and @trevorjohnsvo gathered together and relied on @jillvoice to connect and #giterdun.

This is my Christmas Wish list for my Service dog gear. The first one is a leash wrap and I'm looking for three of them. I know it sounds like a lot but I have a really good plan to make us very visible. The second set of photos are patches and I need two sets. One for my backpack and one for the dog. The next one is a hip bag for treats, meds, and medical info (I just love this bag) it would really help our team out. The next photo is a patch that says "Attention EMS personnel in case of transportation please take this bag emergency service dog supplies inside". And the last one will be moved between my backpack and my jacket to help keep our team safe and visible. Thanks to anyone that can help our team out with needed items. I would love to be able to make our own patches but until then I'm in need of help. #servicedog #servicedogteam #servicedogteamhelp #disabled #ptsd #anxiety #panicattack #bipolar #diabetes #sensoryissues #heatandcoldintolerance #memoryissues #respectthevestproject #chronicillness #spoonie #disabled

Pompoms make letter review so much fun 😍 She is loving @thegoodandthebeautiful pre-k book. Between the built-in review and the flip-books, she is learning her letters and the sounds much faster and she is remembering them!

#pre-k #thegoodandthebeautiful #phonics #lotsofreview #memoryissues #specialneeds #auditoryprocessingdisorder #fasd #homeschoolingspecialneeds #homeschooling #homeschooler #homeschoolmom #specialneedsmom

That amazing sense of relief when you were *nearly* certain you added an outlet to the side of the upstairs wall...but you weren't 100% sure. And they had to cut through shiplap to be certain. And it was there. #blessed #shiplap #memoryissues #farmhouse #modernfarmhousemodernfamily #modernfarmhouse

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