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Remember the days when you had no clue what foods were good for your #gut ? I don't know about you but ghee, bone broth, fermented veggies and marshmallow root tea weren't exactly a part of my college diet. Now I consciously choose what foods to add to a meal to make it better for my gut flora 😜😜 And I know I should care about my guts just for the sake of my guts, but since digestion related symptoms have never been my main complaint, I am more driven by my brain. You see #memoryissues and things like #Alzheimers run in my family but I am determined to do everything in my power to minimize genetics. And on just a day to day basis I love the added benefit of more energy and clearer thinking! Gut dysfunction can rapidly lead to altered levels of neurotransmitters that are designed to keep us at normal energy levels and help us have healthy mood stability. The gut is sometimes referred to the second brain...and while there are a whole bunch of jokes related to that idea, it's actually a really good thing to realize. This is because the gut has an incredibly expansive network of neurons that help with the production of important hormones such as serotonin (the “happiness hormone”) and melatonin (the “sleep hormones”), among others. For that reason, it's easy to understand why gut dysfunction can really cause neurotransmitter imbalances and lead to feelings of fatigue, low energy, and mood swings (eek!). Get the full Fatigue Fix guide (link in @digprimal profile) to start taking some important steps to help out the health of your gut and feeling better!
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Um crachá pra não esquecer meu próprio nome 🔖📇 #memoryissues 📷@hgirundi

It felt SO GOOD to be back in a dance class. Thank goodness for @stephaniedibiasewheat & her sweat sessions. #werk #latepost #dancetherapy #mondaysbelike #memoryissues

I've got five dollars on the four horse. Or was it four dollars on the five horse.......#MemoryIssues.

Every year I think the current Fall is the most spectacular. #memoryissues #forestwalk #leafshow #marshlandsconservancy

When you realize you're an idiot...
After giving up on trying to cut the coconut, I realized I had coconut water in the fridge
#memoryissues #bornblonde


When you need to keep your #computer on overnight but you're used to shutting it down. #worklife #memoryissues

Um crachá pra não esquecer meu próprio nome 🔖📇 #memoryissues 📷@hgirundi

Father's Day Visit & he's trying to share his candy with Umma.#memorycareunit #memoryissues #helookssogaunt #losttoomuchweight

Hot Hot Hot day in #hullcityofculture2017 so went to #fountains to cool off. It was a #damp drive home!! The heat does nothing for my #memory though as i put my #shoppingbags down next to me and i moved along a seat and left my bags under my chair but by the time i realised all my shopping had been taken 😔Hope. You enjoy them whoever took them ! 😡
#stolen #thieves #gutted #holidayclothes #hopetheyfit #annoyedasfuck #meningioma #brainbraingoaway #braintumor #memoryissues #cognitivedecline or simply #fucksakes

So, this is what happened when you forgot your lunch box 🤦‍♀️ #memoryissues #ineedmoreenergytokeepup #proteinpower #marsproteinbar @snickers_mars.protein @redbull

I'm sorry I'm bad with names. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 #gym #funnymemes #lmao #memoryissues #fitness #storyofmylife #fitfam #igfitfam #lol

If you only knew what happens behind the scenes! I should have a #blooper reel :-) Katt to my rescue many times! #danceclass #behindthescenes #take2 #ballroommadesimple #memoryissues

Either I'm too busy or I have severe memory loss! #memoryissues #rentalcarstill #nosmoking

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