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In memory of the children that have passed away from childhood cancer, we will be collecting names for the memory candle for National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. If you would like your child's name on this candle which can be purchased at taliaslegacy.org please email us at angelmemorycandle@gmail.com . Please provide your child's first and last name by August 1st. Those that have already submitted their child's name do not need to resubmit. The proceeds of the memory candle will go towards clinical trial and research. The names will also be projected on the beacon at Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida in September. Please share this post on your social media pages. Our prayers go out to the families and friends of the children that are forever in our hearts. #taliaslegacy #memorycandle #curechildhoodcancer #angelmemorycandle

One of Heaven's Angels DORIS πŸ•‡
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I lighted a candle for the memory of my great-aunt who passed away this morning. I found an old photo where I'm only few days old, and she is holding me with my family surrounding us. I will miss her very much.
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Weddings can be rough when a late loved one cannot be in attendance. Honor them at your wedding in a way that is special for you and your partner. Here are six ideas for how to honor lost family and friends at your wedding: http://eqwd.co/2jZjqHF

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#memorycandle ❀️ r.i.p to my beautiful cousin Leela 🌷🌹🌷

Sadly, this year, we have added 51 more Angel names to the "In Loving Memory Candle." πŸŽ—πŸ˜₯#taliaslegacy #curechildhoodcancer #memorycandle


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