It isn’t about how much time you spend somewhere that makes it memorable; it’s how you spend the time and who you spend it with 🇲🇽🙏🏼🙌🏼👌🏼🏖🍻🌊🐠🥃🍻 #rosarito #2k18 #memoriesmade #untilnexttime

This afternoon, my youngest sister in law, Becka, came and together we made banana muffins and peanutbutter oatmeal energy bites!!! Definitely an afternoon well spent!! #memoriesmade #loveherbunches 😍😊😁❤😆

I get excited when I send my emails, delivering beautiful web galleries to my clients!
They are beautifully laid out, and so nice to be able to share the link with family and friends to show off your new memories. 📸 Not to mention, the ease of receiving a personal PIN number to download your image files. Clients can download web size images for sharing on social media, or high resolution files for prints, photo books, and canvas!

Another Trolltunga trip photo arrived by email today. This one from a slightly different perspective, taken on our mountain guides camera.
#memoriesmade #experience #trolltunga #mountains #adventures #hiking #travel #mountaingram#norway #scenic #view

The massive Peacock joined us this weekend. It only took an hour to blow up with a pump. #familyfun #memoriesmade #SmithLake

What an unforgettable day at Hyde Park! 👏🏻👌🏻 🎼🎫Graceland is my absolute favourite album and yesterday I finally got to see Paul Simon perform, just in time with his farewell concert; and what a show he put on! Him and his band were on fine form 👌🏻 Memories to treasure forever. All thanks to a rocking friend who gave me tickets 🙌🏻 💕#paulsimon #paulsimonfarewelltour #hydepark #britishsummertime #music #memoriesmade

My anxiety almost got the best of me.
It almost defeated my plans, again. Almost saved me a sun burn, but robbed my kiddos and I the chance to make some awesome memories. Damn anxiety. 😒

LUCKILY, I punched it in the face with some ✨🌱CBD🌱✨ and pushed myself out the door! I am so thankful I did 🙌🏼 Being an introvert, with anxiety, and handling three kids (alone, while Anthony was at a business meeting) is the perfect recipe to stay home... buuuuuut I didn’t! 👏🏼 To me, that’s a
H U G E accomplishment! •
#MamaOnAmission #MemoriesMade #FunWeekend #FriendsFamilyandFunTimes #Accomplished #CBDtoTheRescue

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