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"You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one". So true for now, but how to stop re-reading it everyday?😔 #tbt#quoteoftheday#memorieskill

Kapağı tam kapatılmamış anılar yerinden oynayan kaldırım taşları gibi sizin de dengenizi bozmuyor mu bazen? #memoriessmile #memorieskill

I really need a hug from my best friend right now but he's always too busy for me to see him 😭😖 #memorieskill

Gonna be one of them days.... #punkrocklove #lifesux #livefastdieyoung #memorieskill

di atas kesempatan ini saya mahu mengambik kesempatan untuk berterima kasih kepada semua member2 , member tadika member sekolah rendah member sekolah menengah member sekolah agama member bukit subang member kem2 saudara2 junior2 dan senior2 setelah melalui 1002 kenangan bersama kalian .

Memories hurt but shit what can you do? It's life and life hurts but it helps us grow, teaching us not to fall back into the same bullshit. #lifelessons #lovedisappears #lovehurts #memorieskill

"She's still in love with the memories. The way your eyes would light up when she said corny jokes. The way you would wait for her at the end of class. The way you never really understood all the depth she held. She's still in love with the way she gazed at you and how she always tried to make you feel special, how she always made sure you knew how much she cared about you. But honey, notice how I said she still in love with the memories, not you. It came to a point where she couldn't stand loving someone, who took her for granted, she couldn't stand loving you. It's sad really, but she has moved on but hey, at least she has those memories..." #memorieskill 🔫

خاطرات، شبیهِ موادِ سوختنی هستن كه آدما می سوزونن تا از سرما زنده بمونن ...

#هاروکی _موراکامی
#memories #memorieskill


#forboys#brokenheart#becauseofsomeone #missingher#memorieskill#wantherback
For someone who want her back with a fire in his eyes nd she damn doesn't care about him at all but still care about her nd trying to give his best...😅😔🙄😣😕😇😇

Kapağı tam kapatılmamış anılar yerinden oynayan kaldırım taşları gibi sizin de dengenizi bozmuyor mu bazen? #memoriessmile #memorieskill

"I remember when i was a kid
And rode the bike for the first time
I fell on the ground and my wound i hid
So it wouldn't show, as if it was a crime.
I looked back and saw my bike
Broken to pieces on the ground
At that moment i thought like
All i had left of it was the wound.
And now i remember the day
I first talked and got to know you
I fell for you and didn't want to say
My heart got broken into more than two.
Now when i look back, all i see
Are days where i was really happy
And that is when i realized and knew
I shouldn't look back no matter what i do."
— Memories Kill by M²
#MemoriesKill #art #artist #artists #painting #drawing #sketch #pencil #doodle #illustrator #poem #poetry #poet

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