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Siinä se ny ois ikuisesti minussa muisto rakkaasta äidistä, joka aikoinaan lähti liian aikaisin luotamme. Niin oli kuitenki parempi, sillä hän pääsi kivuista ja sai rauhan❤
Nimmari on jäljennetty hänen omasta kirjoituksestaan ja siipi on omaa käsialaa.

Rose cover up I did on one of my favorite people. #alittlebloody #purplerose #memorialtattoos #realistictattoos #rosetattoo 🌹

Some more fun tattoos!!! Always good tattooing my peeps from San Diego#memorialtattoos#migente# see u guys in two weeks for the grand opening much love and respect!!! @p_dub

Memorial tattoo for Curtis, another first tattoo. Thanks for looking🙏🏻

Fresh touch ups on Evans memorial piece. #suicideawareness #memorialtattoos #deadlytattoos #rip🙏nicole.

Part one of my new piece by Rowell @uetattoo the memorial for my grandfather. #newtattoo #quartersleeve #flintlockpistol #memorialtattoos

Almost 11 years ago my aunt and godmother died on my fathers birthday, after several failed back surgeries.
Feels like I talked to you yesterday, yet it feels like I have lived a lifetime without you. Trust me when I say, you are with me every day. ❤️ #proudofmyink
#memorialtattoos #tattoos #trohåpogkjærlighet

"I was raised up believing I was somehow unique
Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes, unique in each way you can see
And now after some thinking, I'd say I'd rather be
A functioning cog in some great machinery serving something beyond me"

While the tricep tattoo was something silly to remember how we were together...this one is just for you. I found out after you were gone that #helplessnessblues was a song you loved and after I listened to it, I couldn't get over how "you" the song was. I knew about #fleetfoxes but had never really listened to this song. Anyway, I remember the exact moment I really heard the lyrics to this song and while I don't believe in any life after this one I do believe you were somehow speaking to me as I listened. I'll do my best Brett, I'll do my very best to try to keep enjoying this life. I know it will be hard but I'm going to keep trying. Miss you so much. #siblinglove #memorialtattoos
Thank you @empire_tattoo_boston again for being THE best shop in the area and especially thank you to @reillyinks for creating this beauty...I don't do art, I'm a scientist 🤓 but you took the idea and made it absolutely the most PERFECT way to remember my little brother and I am so SO grateful, I looooooove it


#memorialtattoos for #dad. Thank you Dylan and #heroesandghoststattoo!

Got #lines and #shading done to this soon to be #fullcolor #memorial piece for a rad client. Tragic events happen in life. I love that my job allows me to help others honor the ones they loved. This was a very fun tattoo, can't wait to finish it! #tattoo #tattoos #memorialtattoo #memorialtattoos #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoo #drawn #customscript #flowers #flowertattoo #bigdaddystattoostudio #bigdaddys #cs #texas #bryan #casazzatattoos #casazzadesigns #dynamicblack

It's  Been Almost 10 Month's  Since You Past Away And All I Think About Is The Wisdom You Shared Every Time I SEE My Rib Tattoos.. You Helped Me While I Apprenticed Under My Good Friend And Mentor Big E, Both Of You Taught Me Great Lessons In Art And In Life.. I Freehand So Many Tattoos Now Because Of You,  I Hear Your Voice Each Time Ima Drawing On FLESH Hearing You Say "Fuck Yeah Holmes Get That Quest 4 Flesh!! SAYING HOW WE SACRAFICE OUR FLESH  TO THE TATTOO GODS!!" YOU Were Humble, Kind And Always There To Lend An Ear, You Kept Me Motivated When I Felt Like Saying Fuck It All.. You Kept Me Believing In Art As Well As Big E, You And I Had Plans To Hit Convention's Together To Even Open A Shop, I Still Can't Believe You're Gone... But At Least Now I Have Your Quest 4 Flesh Marked On My Flesh So I May Share Your Memories With Everyone Who Asks About It.. May You Rest Easy Brother AND Know That You Became Familia.. I Can Never Thank You Enough For Being Yourself And Helping Myself And Everyone Who Knew You.  BIG E Had To Be The One Who Did This Piece Because Him And I Share A Strong Friendship With You Carnal, We Will Never Forget You! This World Lost A Legend But You're Quest For Flesh Will Forever Live On!!!
Rest Easy Merdox!
Much Respect And Great Appreciation To My Great Friend Big E @fiamalua1
#MerdoxQuest4Flesh #StrongFriendships #TattoosByBigE #EricPele #MerdoxQuest4Flesh #RIPMerdox #memorialtattoos #restinpeace #ridethroughlife

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