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Flashback Friday! Once upon a time I was that blinged out wife sitting in the stands cheering on my husband. Although, the jerseys and cleats have been hung, and the hubs is now on a different side of the the field... I will always be his biggest cheerleader! I think it’s safe to say, football will always be part of our lives. A little Friday fact: my father has been a football coach my entire life (he’s actually a game away from the State Championship — wishing him luck tonight— whoop whoooop)! So, although we have a house of girls, it’s funny to think that my girls will one day be wishing their Daddy good luck as he heads into a championship game too! #footballlife #footballwife #titanup #flashbackfriday #nashvilleliving #bna #nashvillelifestyle #mymemories #memoirs #fridayfacts #ourlife #haye

Thank you @olayodejuliana for writing your story. I just finished reading and it has blessed me so much in this time of pain and need. You truly never know until you know. Your book had me laughing, cringing, crying and praising God at the same time. It's funny how much you have gone through. I know I have been through a lot and still going through a whole lot but reading your story has reassured me that prayer works and my journey is for a purpose and will soon be a testimony. Again, thank you for writing and God bless the Adiguns. I only hear from strangers or see in movies of such awesome souls. Sometimes I wonder if they truly exist especially when I need them someway...somehow. But knowing you found them and they found you is reassuring....there are good people and I won't stop believing. Thank you for making me pray all over again. God has not finished with you. This I know.
PS: if you have not read "Toyo baby's" book - #Rebirth , click link in her bio to get free copy now. #GodAnswersPrayers #IWillOvercome #ThisJourneyIsForAPurpose #HeDidNotBringMeThisFarToLetMeDown #memoirs #books #booksworthreading #christianity #jesuscomesthrough

Because I’m happy. Smile... they hate it 😜❤️ .
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Just love ❤
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“This was a love phenomenon no one could explain and I wish I could press reset and feel that feeling again” #hateu #havingatypicalemotionalupset #mariahcarey #l4l #lambily #memoirs #imperfectangel


Kali ini gua tau setelah diliat2 ini dari siapa aja wokwowkwowko

Anyway, thanks bat guys buat effortnya yang sampe niat bat nyiapin ini itu, truly was one of the best moment ever happen to me, if we were never met or know each other, this photo won't exist, ever.

I'm glad that we met, thanks to @nekogame_eco and Bian that introduce me to this hell-of-a-jinx group, let there be Memoirs in each and every one of you. #friend #friendship #memoirs #eco #neco #birthday #party #jinx

#Indira100 - The first I heard the name #IndiraGandhi was from my mother (whose admiration was always expressed through the #memoirs she narrated to me). As I grew up to read about #IndiraGandhi , I gathered my own observations of her (which at times, I used to pick arguments with my mother, but could never put down her admiration). She was #Nehru's daughter in many ways. Yet in some ways she wasn't (in her disregard for #institutional #democracy). However the "enigma" of her personality lives till today (especially among womenfolk who adore and respect her for her "powerful"Ness in a highly chauvinistic #indian #society). Happy #birthday Indira Gandhi on her #cenetary!!

Ivy dress (ไอวี่เดรส)
เดรส คอรูด เปิดหลัง ด้านหลังเป็นยางยืด
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Length (จากคอลงมา) 29.5”
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❁ color in this Picture have filter to support our brand image and concept so please feel free to to asking picture of the real color and more information via line : @memoirs (with @) ❁ ในภาพมีการตกแต่งสีภาพเพื่อให้เข้ากับคอนเซปของแบรนด์ สีของผ้าในภาพอาจจะไม่เหมือนของจริง หากต้องการเห็นสีจริง หรือต้องการทราบรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม กรุณาแอดไลน์ : @memoirs (มี@ข้างหน้า)
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Gone were the days with our high school uniforms.. It's time to have our Batch Tshirts.👌😊😊
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- The original man was African created in the image of the Creator🙏🏿
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My favorite thing about you is your smell
You smell like earth
herbs garden
A little more human than the rest of us🌹
Cr- Pinterest
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Philip Barragan and Kristen Dwan in conversation about Fatizen: The Graphic Novel and Baptism By Flame. #localauthors #smallpress #graphicnovel #fatrights #memoirs

Although some moments in life are abruptly definitive in their nature, it might take us a while to let it sink in. To understand what happened and what's taking place. One of those greatest moments is giving birth to another human being. A relationship that grows over the period of nine months that ends within hours to start a very different chapter in your relationship with the same human being that was within. It's overwhelming in every possible aspect. Everything is no longer the same, not just how you relate to your baby but also how you relate to everything around you including your own body.
It's challenging, demanding, and sometimes draining. Yet beautiful, enjoyable and comforting. It's a day by day job that your heart is genuinely falling for.
I am not sure how would I feel if that moment happened any sooner or later. I just know that when the time is right, it feels right. Womanhood expands to new horizons far beyond what is possible to what is extraordinary.
And so, hello motherhood.
“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary — it’s an act of infinite optimism.” – G. Radner
Taken by: Salma Mostafa
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Hoy, shabat, (día sábado) caminamos mucho.
Fuimos hasta el muelle de Pest y nos impactó la obra “Los zapatos en el Paseo del Danubio” una alegoría que conmemora a los 20.000 judíos asesinados a orillas de este río. Son sesenta pares de zapatos de hierro solitarios, sin dueño...
También subimos a la Citadella que tiene una vista espectacular y luego caminamos bastante por la ciudad.
Se sumó este fin de semana, Mariano, un amigo que nos visita de Israel.
Terminamos almorzando en el Mercado Central y nuestro director Dany Bobrowski se pidió un riquísimo goulash (plato típico de la cocina húngara) 🍴
Daniel Sadka, camarógrafo y DF del film, tomó fotos increíbles de toda esta excelente jornada.
KRANKENBUCH El documental. Rodaje en Hungría.
Noviembre, 2017
Момориалът Обувки по река Дунав в Будапеща
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Charles Buxton (born Nov 18, 1823) was an English brewer, philanthropist, writer and member of Parliament. Buxton was born in Cobham, Surrey, the third son of Sir Thomas Buxton, 1st Baronet, a notable brewer, MP and social reformer, and followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a partner in the brewery of Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co in Brick Lane, Spitalfields, London, and then an MP.

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