Good morning Vancouver. I got in last night after missing the 7pm Ferry because I simply couldn’t leave Victoria (I can’t get Victoria off my mind...no really...what’s happening? Can I live in London and live in Victoria too...how?) Now look here at the University of British Colombia. Why do I feel like I am experiencing Coast Salish Territories for the very first time in my life. I am so innerwhelmed by all this beauty that all I want to do is to see Moon and Phoenix playing tag in these forests...I have a talk tonite @ UBC...come out to it if you can...more info to come... #blackgirlmagic #coastsalishterritory #dbiyoung #ubc #dbiyounganitafrika #vancouver #memoirofanuglyduckling #dubpoetry #blacktheatre

Welcome to Day 0 of my 115 DAY MEMOIR CHALLENGE! Writing is such a journey. As I write these words in my upcoming autobiography, I am inspired to share the process. I begin a 115 Day Challenge tomorrow February 19, 2018. What is the challenge you ask? The Challenge is to cultivate a physical & creative health process that involves 1. eating a plant-based refined-sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan diet, 2. doing yoga once a day, and 3. completing my autobiography in time for the #canadianwriterssummit which takes place from June 14-17, 2018. Hmmmm...Am I sure I want to do this? Yes...So starting tomorrow I will post a Video Diary Entry sharing with you where I am at with the book and with the food and with the yoga. During the process I will share more about the #anitafrikamethod which is part of the focus of the autobiography. You can ask questions on the posts and I will do my best to answer them. Let’s see how it all goes 🤓 #memoirchallenge #inspiration #blackgirljoy #memoirofanuglyduckling #autobiography #evolution #afrofuturism #booksbywomen #booksbyblackwomen #selfworth #selflove #selfcare #anitafrikamethod ##creativity #praxis

Something miraculous happened in the past two days. The 9th Principle in the Anitafrika Method became crystal clear through experiential knowledge. I knew for years that there was a 9th principle but as with all aspects of the #anitafrikamethod I do not force the theory, but instead allow it to emerge through engaging with life. After spending this past December with my soul family in India, it became much clearer that a 9th Principle was on the horizon & then this week it happened. So what does this have to do with my first autobiography? Well with having the 9th Principle I feel I can complete the book that I have been working on 🤓. It is a hybrid of sorts, part auto-biography, part theoretical text on the anitafrika method & finally a workbook for those studying the method. So part memoir, part creativity road-map, part spiritual guidebook. I know, I am daring a cross-genre that may be down-right blasphemous to the literary gate-keepers. But alas I have never been one to endorse the keeping of gates...lol. Sooo look out for it and if you are interested in pre-ordering it, simply go to dbiyounganitafrika.com and get it through the boutique. Back to writing I go. #memoirofanuglyduckling #autobiography #blackwoman #creativity #mylifeasanartist #blackexcellence #blacktwitter #independence #interdependence #selfhelpbooks #soontobereleased #newbook

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