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There go the police man knocking at my door.
Do I leave out the back and grab my wallet and coat?
Or do I answer all confused like, “I don’t know.”
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So sad 1000 liekr

You can use your TI-84 to charge ur juul if anyone was wondering


Yo if anybody is willing to take about 1.5Tb on and inside of them; hit me up. I'm not joking...
Ich esse arsch

What if the concept of memes being at all funny, is itself, a dead meme? And I'm not talking about nonsensical memes that have zero context or logic, I mean the trend of making a meme, declaring it dead or unfunny and then demanding a new meme at the start of the next week? Making memes has become a meme. And rapidly, the meme of making memes will become unfunny. Not sure what the replacement is, but currently it's kind of like someone asking someone else to make them laugh like on the spot. It doesn't work....

(http://hentaihaven.org/kanojo-x-kanojo-x-kanojo-episodes-1-3-uncensored-marathon/) see the funny thing is you can't copy this link. Lol fuck you.

I wish I could understand people like you. What does replying lol accomplish? Do you think it angers me? Do you think myself or everyone else who obviously is looking at you like a crazy person are actually the crazy ones? Please enlighten me. Are you just always pissed and childish towards anyone who doesn't have your views? Do these sentences even make you think anything at all? What sentences do you choose to read and why do you ignore the ones you do? Did you even read the response before angrily typing? Do you do the same at work? With your family? Or were you brought up the same way and are now just emulating your parents? Are you a terrible troll or just a genuine awful person who literally ignores facts?

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