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Metallskulpturen des afroamerikanischen Künstlers #melvinedwards in der #galeriebuchholz
#galleryweekendberlin #lynchfragments

It is the final week of 'Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power' at Tate, London. This exhibition features works by our artist Melvin Edwards. @tate #TateModern #ContemporaryArt #Exhibition #MelvinEdwards #SFGartist #AfricanAmerican #SoulofaNation #London

I was transfixed by this sculpture piece by artist Melvin Edwards, my favourite piece of the show. Simple, but poetic. @tate Soul of a Nation yesterday. #tatemodern #comtemporaryart #soulofanation #sculpture #melvinedwards

Melvin Edwards, Steel Life (Spring Again), 2017, welded steel, 19 1/2 x 13 x 7 3/4", @alexandergrayassociates, NY through May 20. #melvinedwards #alexandergray #nyshows #closingsoon

"It’s not often that the two speak together, so this talk offers a rare chance to see them in conversation." - @artnewsmag on tonight's first salon with @dreadscottart and #MelvinEdwards. Join us at 6:30 by tuning in on Facebook as we broadcast the event LIVE! If you would like to attend in person, a few tickets are available (purchase via the link in our bio or at the door). #nationalacademician #nationalacademymuseum #artnyc

William T. Williams quoted @guardian for "Soul of a Nation" at the @tate Modern:
"I hope the viewer will see 65 different artists working in a time period, with different ideas and interests and technique – skilled at what they’re doing. I hope it gives them some sense of the history of the medium and the history of art in general."
He goes on: "If it gives them some sense of what the soul of a nation is, that would be interesting. But that implies a bigger burden than just being members of a nation."
Read the entire review at www.theguardian.com
image: Smokehouse muralists #MelvinEdwards, #BillyRose, #GuyCiarcia and #WilliamTWilliams.
Photograph by Robert Colton, New York, NY; Courtesy of the William T. Williams archive

Preview | Frieze New York | Main Section

@alexandergrayassociates will present a selection of work by Melvin Edwards (b.1937), spanning his five decade career, including large-scale sculpture, works on paper, and examples from the artist’s renowned series “Lynch Fragments.” Coinciding with the artist’s critically acclaimed retrospective, organized by the @NasherSculptureCenter in Dallas and currently on view at the @columbusmuseum, and on the heels of Edwards’ participation in the 2015 56th @la_biennale_di_venezia, the works on view present an intimate portrait of the artist as a committed sculptor, deeply engaged with formal concerns and socio-political narrative.
Pivotal within Edwards’ practice, the “Lynch Fragments” are wall sculptures that incorporate complex forms rendered from welding steel objects. He began the series in 1963, a year of widespread racial and political violence in the United States. The “Lynch Fragments” often incorporate geometric bases to establish a consistent foundation for different forms welding steel forms. Edwards typically incorporates chains, hammers, nails, padlocks, scissors, spikes, and wrenches, as evidenced in Freedom Fighter (1992 - pictured) and A Symptom of (1999). These wall reliefs present abstract forms using materials that retain referentiality. The dimensions and placement of the works are crucial to their effect, evoking the human head and the attendant complexities and nuances of identity, both personal and political.
Frieze New York returns to Randall's Island Park next week (May 5 - 8). Purchase your tickets now at frieze.com (link in bio). #friezeweek #friezeNY #melvinedwards

Alexander Gray Associates is pleased to announce "Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power," including work by Melvin Edwards and Lorraine O'Grady, at Tate Modern, London. The exhibition is curated by Mark Godfrey and Zoe Whitley.

Exhibition dates: July 12, 2017 – October 22, 2017

Image: Edwards, Some Bright Morning, 1963

#LorraineOGrady #MelvinEdwards #ContemporaryArt #SoulOfANation #TateModern

Two great artists meet - Mel Edwards and Arthur Jafa... as well as seeing #soulofanation Mel is installing a number of sculptures at frieze masters and AJ will be showing Love is the message, the message is death at Store Studios, 180 The Strand as a spin off from his Serpentine show this summer. #melvinedwards #arthurjafa


It is the final week of 'Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power' at Tate, London. This exhibition features works by our artist Melvin Edwards. @tate #TateModern #ContemporaryArt #Exhibition #MelvinEdwards #SFGartist #AfricanAmerican #SoulofaNation #London

Tate Modern - Soul Of A Nation - small detail of the larger piece 'Curtian (for Wiliam and Peter) 1969 -1970 by Melvin Edwards #tatemodern #soulofanation #melvinedwards

I was transfixed by this sculpture piece by artist Melvin Edwards, my favourite piece of the show. Simple, but poetic. @tate Soul of a Nation yesterday. #tatemodern #comtemporaryart #soulofanation #sculpture #melvinedwards

Melvin Edwards, "Pyramid up and down pyramid", 1969. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Estados Unidos.
#WhitneyMuseum #WhitneyMuseumofAmericanArt #MelvinEdwards

”Wire... has a history both as an obstacle and enclosure, but barbed wire has the added capacity of painfully dynamic and aggressive resistance if contacted unintelligently... crisscrossing the line as invader and potent container...”

A judge ordered Bobby Seale to be gagged and bound during his trial for "repeated outbursts". He wasn't allowed to pick his preferred legal representation and denied the opportunity to represent himself. Gagged and bound. In an American courtroom less than fifty years ago.
David Hammons *Injustice Case 1970
Melvin Edwards *Curtain for William and Peter
#soulofanation #bobbyseale #artintheageofblackpower #blackpanthers #blackpower #blacklivesmatter #art #portrait #davidhammons #injusticecase #melvinedwards

“I am now assuming that there are no limits, and even if there are I can give no guarantees that they will contain my spirit and it’s search for a way to modify the spaces and predicaments in which I find myself.” #protest #spacesandpredicaments #MelvinEdwards #sogood #barbwire

A wonderful day of meeting, on purpose and by chance, artists that I really admire. Ending with one of my all-time favorites, Melvin Edwards, who I ran into by chance outside the Empire Diner in Chelsea. So excited for his recent successes in London. .
#melvinedwards #amazingartist #surpriseencountersinchelsea #lovemyjob @alexandergrayassociates @okcontemporary

In her seminal 1988 essay, Gayatri Spivak declared that the subaltern, victims of colonial oppression, could never express their suffering through language. For those born into colonised societies, their very vocabulary, syntax and critical methodologies are all imposed by Europe.
But language is far from humanity's only means of communication. Language is but a limited codification of reality; we employ the word 'tree' to describe a trunk covered in foliage growing out of the ground not because the word has any irrefutable connection with the object, but because we as a society have consented to using this invented terminology for convenience's sake.
Art, on the other hand, is capable of bypassing the limitations of language by conveying meaning through the senses. Melvin Edwards' welded steels combine horseshoes, nails, hammer and chains to evoke a sense of harsh labour and captivity. These welding together of these grotesque, twisted objects reminds one of the massive slave arcs which shipped populations across the seas cramped on the decks like goods and cattle. Appealing directly to the eye and mind, these works communicate a subaltern narrative which language cannot.
#friezelondon #melvinedwards #sculpture #postcolonialism #slavery #america #art #contemporaryart

Melvin Edwards. Frieze London 2017. Thank you @stephenfriedmangallery for the accompanying booklet. His work Shown at the Soul of a Nation hit me hard. However viewing his work in such a small space hit me harder. Powerful. #melvinedwards #blackhistorymonth #frieze #friezelondon2017 #pamberi #arklatexok #lynchfragments

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