Blue is a magic colour😍

So, it appears people who love to eat are always the best people.⠀
Need i say more 😇😉

Love... always🙏💝⠀
"And you, what would you do for love"?⠀

Hulkette, Batwoman and Supergirl take on the last leg of the Opens😍
With @lautrelou @lesenfantsdelabarre
The Queenbee in me is feeling like 🎼
"Who run the world? Girls
"Who run the world? Girls
"Who run the world? Girls 🎼🎼🎼
💕A massive thank you to @bulls971 @dirtynas_fit and @chicca_aniicca for capturing these priceless memories💕

When superman meets supergirl for 18.5😂💪⠀
Priceless giggles with @justmekev1 and mates @crossfitlesenfantsdelabarre

And just like that, 18.5 came, went and left some seriously sore legs + priceless memories in its tail.⠀
For that one, the twin supergirls unleashed the beast😂😂⠀
With partner in crime @flowerp0p 💋💕


What a beautiful and unique experience this was: listening to gorgeous music played with instruments made of ice❄️✨😍⠀

Ice, ice baby🎼 🎼⠀
Hey there Oslo😍⠀

Then came sunday, when i met 18.4 @lesenfantsdelabarre 😳 My glutes are still wondering what happened😂😂⠀

Me after seing 18.4😳
A mix of excitement and what on earth😅

Life in colours😋⠀⠀

18.3, you killed me.⠀
Such is life, lessons learned. Now, bring it on 18.4!

When @bulls971 is "digesting" his birthday wod a few hours after the almight 18.3, and you are more than happy to remind him that, meanwhile, you are indulging in his birthday feast😂😇😂
Priceless moments with @lesenfantsdelabarre


Fuel anyone?⠀
Spoilt for choice❄️💨🥃⠀

Three is a magic number😉😋

So about last sunday and that mighty 18.2... the calm before death😅⠀
Moving "gracefully and elegantly" is not how i would describe myself today😜

And today was just that! ⠀⠀
Life's lessons🙏❤️⠀⠀

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