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Meet SmaPy the fire-breathing 🐉 dragon

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Pharaoh's serpent is a small firework that makes a growing snake of ash.

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Checklist before commencing.

Our Silk Cot Slips enable hair to glide across the surface and eliminating the friction that causes bald spots and allowing rubbed hair to grow back quickly! 
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⭐️Beanies on it’s brrrrrrr ❄️
Time to shake it & get that body going! Tambourine Tuesday let’s get loud, let’s get loud, turn the music up to hear that sound 🎶⭐️
📷 @miss_sylvia_16 💕⭐️

Are you looking for a bamboo toothbrush? Meet Charles, a gorgeous brush is from @charlesandolivia 😊 And not only is  it better for the environment than a plastic handled brush, for every toothbrush you purchase, one will be donated to a child in a developing country 😄  That will definitely see your teeth *and* your halo sparkling 👼

Day 4 of @sexpoaustralia with the one and only @thereallisaann ❤️

Just like that we’re back in Melbourne, car unpacked. Ready to get back to pouring candles 😍 see you @sexpoaustralia Adelaide in a few weeks 😉

Mummy fish!!! This recent cold and wet Melbourne weather has definitely posed a challenge when it comes to keeping a toddler entertained. I’m beginning to run out of ideas that don’t involve us getting soaked in the process
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Okay mamas, it’s been my 4th night back in the gym! I usually go really hard when I hit the gym, but this time around of starting again, I’ve really slowed down the pace and just doing more of what I enjoy rather than using equipment that drains me just thinking about it! As a dancer I love music 🎧 and pushing it really hard! But since becoming a mummy I have realised my body reacts differently to my workouts and I’ve actually been enjoying the silence and ditched the headphones today. I trained with my #waisttrainer tonight and I actually loved the fact my mummy flab as I Call it (tummy) wasn’t left jumping around! I actually found because it was “all tucked in” I was more positive about training because I wasn’t reminded every step on the treadmill that there was a spare tire slapping me in the lower region haha sounds eww but I know you know what I’m saying! I hope you made some #gains today whether it was in the gym, or with your work, or just getting something done you’ve been wanting to do for weeks.. a gain is a gain and as mummy’s they don’t always happen in the #gym... just as long as they happen! And if it wasn’t the day for you mama, there is always tomorrow sister 💪🏼✨💫 I’ve been sneaking out while hubby stays with Bub at bedtime to put her down, and I finally feel like I’m taking baby steps to some quality me time. Make the time mamas even if it’s 15 minutes because a happy mummy equals??? Yep, you guessed it... a happy baby —————————————————————————
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