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⚡️NEW EVENINGWEAR LOOKBOOK IS NOW LIVE ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL ⚡️click the link in my bio 🌻 @newyorkdress

Just your girl rockin' some fishnets and a body suit... ✨☠️✨☠️✨
Team: @rachelcanalephotography @tiffanylovemua @hairby.rozi 🙌🏼
#melbournemodel #daydream #fishnets ✌🏼

Potato & Leek Rosti w/ Vegan Egg &a Corn Truffle Hollandaise 🥔


The awesome Lou 🍍 I have a red back drop I want to do the same thing with and use a 🍉 any models interested in that? Comment or shoot me a dm. Thanks!
With @loucegs
@olympus_au #olympusinspired #🍍 #artnude #modelsearch

Bod shot ✌🏽 📸 @viviennesteerstudios

Winter sunset with @meikawoollard | hmu: @annaaisenberg | styling: @maureen474

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Freedom in your own skin in the most perfect gift of all 🙌
Take away the labels. Don't think about size, shape, age, gender, sexual orientation, financial status, or anything else that is superficial and inconsequential.
Just be the best you that you can be. Accept others, and be kind 🙏
Photographer: @williamhenryphotos



This is was taken 6 years ago when I was going through cancer treatment. I'm still on a form of treatment but I am lucky I am cancer free. Cancer changes you, it has def changed me as a person. I have become more aware of ones self and my meaning of y I am on this earth. So do what you love doing as life can throw you curve balls at any time 🙏🏼 #melbournemodel #life #laugh #love #energy #lifeitself #reflect #journey #meanttobe #smile #educate #model #lifeisimportant #cancer #cancersucks #friends #friendship

Potato & Leek Rosti w/ Vegan Egg &a Corn Truffle Hollandaise 🥔

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