@sweetie_and_moustache's Taro Lava Toast💜😍 The Taro Lava came gushing out like a river when I cut into it🌊😋
#Sweetie_and_moustache #Taro @little_miss_adventurer @shy_melbournean

Sweet chicken waffles the Penny Drop way 🍗Loaded Chicken Waffle with fried chicken ribs, pickled vegetables, sweet potato waffle, powdered manuka honey and chipotle aioli @thepennydrop

Warm up with an apple and lychee tea. The perfect pair to our share plates. 🍏

🇦🇺 Tasmania oyster with uni, so fresh and delicious! #komeyui

There’s plenty of delicious hot options to keep you warm this week @foodtruckscremorne Click for socials. See you down there! 🍝🍛🍗🍔🍟🌮🍤🥙🍲🍜🌯

Double tap this picture if you want it in your stomach!

We’re setting up for some Sunday sips, and the forecast is looking boozey with a chance of meatballs 🤣🍹🍝

Smoked Salmon Bagel with advocado & cream cheese 😋

#mealprep #dinner quinoa craisin salad with moroccon curry tuna

Don't let these spring rolls fool you, they're our special CHEESEBURGER spring rolls! 😜

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