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@KinkyBootsOz kicks off in just TWO WEEKS! ✨🇦🇺✨ Can we get a YEAH?! #MelbourneGetsKinky #KinkyBootsOz #KinkyBoots

@liampeel1210 👮🏼‍♀️ followed by @jessicacondon90 📋 and finally, introducing our new swing, the DIVINE Nicholas Kyriacou, who, after learning TWELVE TRACKS in TWELVE DAYS has a well deserved night off. Just you wait until you see this boy on stage - he's a knockout. 💁🏻‍♂️👊🏼 @kiriarks #brontegetskinky #melbournegetskinky #kinkybootsoz #swinglife #swingssaveshows

Today I got to share the stage with @deliscojames as he performed his first ever Lola. It was a blast making boots and welcoming you to the factory mate. Congratulations! X #KinkyBootsOz #KinkyBoots #MelbourneGetsKinky #SydneyGetsKinky @kinkybootsoz

💜💋 • Had an absolute treat of a time serving up some Pat tonight with my @kinkybootsoz fam! Thanks for being the most supportive gang out #purplepals #kinkybootsoz #melbournegetskinky

@craig.coombes63 this ones for you mate. Thank you for your ongoing support to our kinky boots family. We are all thinking of you mate! Love the kinky boots family!! #kinkybootsoz #melbournegetskinky #kinkyboots

It has been a GLORIOUS few months here at Her Majesty's Theatre. My biggest joy has come from the ladies of Dressing Room 12, who have made me laugh and cry til my face hurt. Thank you to Mumma Denise for her turquoise lady arias, Hilary for her stress inducing showers at the 5, Jenni for sharing obscure musical motifs with us... all the time, Jess my swing gal for keeping me sane and teaching us Skip-Bo, and honorary female ensemble member Matthew, for his coffee time and inspirational tan. I love you all. #melbournegetskinky #ladies #dressingroomtwelve

Had a blast playing Charlie twice this week, and got to share the stage with @euandoidge -- What a star ⭐️ photobomb by the omnipresent @tobythefrancis #kinkybootsoz #melbournegetskinky

100 Shows! 100 pairs of #kinkyboots! Didn't we just open? #sydney we'll be there soon... #melbournegetskinky #sydneygetskinky


countdown to #dragnight

finale fantasy

This week, Sallyanne Atkinson joins our ‪#JustBe‬ campaign to celebrate the ‪#KinkyBootsOz‬ message of love and acceptance: “The photo shoot was fun, the show even more so and the serious messages put in a way to make us all think....not dreary or preachy, but fun!” – Sallyanne Atkinson AO - First female Lord Mayor of Brisbane, former Senior Trade Commissioner to Paris and former Special Representative for Queensland in South East Asia

Get ready for @CyndiLauper's KINKY BOOTS in Brisbane – tickets now on sale!
#MelbourneGetsKinky#beyondblue‬ @beyondblueofficial

waitin for that sunrise #copacabana

syd/bris here we come

Throwback to last week at Kinky Boots with this babe

That's a wrap Melbourne. Sydney,you're up. Are you ready to get Kinky? #melbournegetskinky
#sydneygetskinky #kinkybootsoz
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And we are OUT! Thank you Melbourne and thank you Instagram! I've had a blast on this takeover, even if it has mostly involved desperately trying to wrangle lunatics like these two boys. But truly, thank you SO SO SO MUCH to everyone in Melbourne and at Her Majesty's Theatre who have been a part of our Kinky family - our band, dressers, crew, wiggies, ushers, bar staff, chaperones, Young Lola's and Charlie's, and our incredible fans! We love you all! This is Kinky Boots Melbourne, and Bronte, signing out! See you soon, Sydney! ❤️💋🇦🇺👠💄 @bronteflorian #melbournegetskinky #sydneygetskinky #kinkybootsoz

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