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4 shows left @kinkybootsoz

Gemma-Louise saw a time of day I suspect she hasn't seen in a while today for a smart live weather cross with some of the @kinkybootsoz fam #earlymorningmullet #mulletonfleek #melbournegetskinky #kinkybootsoz

#Regram @callumf Ultimate #squadgoals at #KinkyBootsOz rehearsals day 3 πŸ˜πŸ‘ πŸ’ƒπŸŒΉ
Meet my girls...:)
Lola & my angels ❀️
@kinkybootsoz #melbournegetskinky

First performance for me in Kinky Boots tonight. #peaking #kinkybootsoz #melbournegetskinky

#FlashbackFriday to Cyndi Lauper and our fabulous team at #KinkyBootsOz's OPENING NIGHT last week in Melbourne! βœ¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ίβœ¨#MelbourneGetsKinky #KinkyGoesGlobal #KinkyBoots

We had a special guest in the factory today. @danniiminogue Peaking!! #melbournegetskinky #sydneygetskinky #kinkybootsoz #danniiminogue

Spent the day at Reservoir High School for their "Fair Go, Sport!" Carnival. A spectacular initiative to support and encourage every student to participate and cheer on their peers, regardless of their gender or sexuality. A brilliant day that all of us at Kinky Boots were honoured to be a part of. Thanks for having us!! (PS, showfit is not the same as actual fit.. we got shown up by under 14's...) @kinkybootsoz #kinkybootsoz #fairgosport #sayidodownunder #melbournegetskinky

To my Francis from another man-cis, @callumf: happy birthday. Of all the gifts this show has given me so far, you are the one I am most thankful for. Happy Birthday my dear friend, may there be many more 'birthday present hunts' in our future. Not to mention countless sappy posts that fail to express the depth what you mean to me. Love Charlie. X #KinkyBoots #KinkyBootsOz #MelbourneGetsKinky #SydneyGetsKinky #Birthday


how will they know it's a travelling scene if we don't have coats and bags ?

4 shows left @kinkybootsoz

Three cities, lots of friends, the best musical I've ever seen. Three times, because this show & cast are BRILLIANT! I only wish we had an Australian cast recording, @callumf & @tobythefrancis
et al. presented a joyous, loving, rich interpretation of their characters.

Thank you to the cast, crew, creators & sponsors of #kinkybootsoz - I am so pleased I was part of your audience. Best of luck in the future.

#melbournegetskinky #sydneygetskinky #brisbanegetskinky @cyndilauper #fun #inspired #bestmusicalever #inclusion #visibility #joy

a year of drag w @kinkybootsoz

hbd demi vibrato

365 of drag make up πŸ₯‚

One year ago we had our first ever audience for @kinkybootsoz! Here we are looking fresh faced and ready to go. And 12 months later I still love this show to bits! ❀️❀️❀️ ( @mattpred ) #kinkybootsoz #kinkyboots #kinkybootsbway

for all our LGBTQIA+ angels

we came we saw we contoured

break a lash grls

quiet night in with old mate

talk about what niche market

@rgonzy you little creeper

last sydney show tomorrow

marilyn vibes

oh hey grl

countdown to #dragnight

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