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Do you need custom chocolate favours for your next event or function? Drop us an email and we'll happily accomodate all your chocolate needs ❀

A little R&D from last weekend.
The inside of a new bonbon... Buna 😍. I'll be making the ganache layer a little deeper for optimal balance of texture and flavour. But otherwise this one is a keeper πŸ‘Œ. .
#Buna #R&;D #Bahibe #Orelys #new #comingsoon #Ethiopia #ccmlab #naked #beautifulontheinside #handcut

We offer our fruit and nut in both dark and milk chocolate. Which would you choose?

Our daughter wanted to help cooking today so I spent the evening teaching her how to make chocolate muffins - they didnt quite turn out as delicious as these ones from @gaspic_healthyberry but she still had fun!! And thats what food is about for us! Family/friends, fun and love!

Get your 4 pack or 6 pack ferrero rocher boxes and have them personalised with a ribbon and tag with a special note :) send through your orders to my DM or email 😘 #ferrerorocher #ferrerorocherboxes #candyboxes #chocolate #chocolatepacks #melbourne #melbournechocolate #chocolatedesigner #localbusiness #collabs #worldwide #instagood #instafood #dazzledchocolates

Dark Belgian couverture with real raspberry peices and dark chocolate crisp pearls! πŸ’‹

The most satisfying part of making chocolates is unmoulding them - when they all come out perfectly.....

Yesterday was the end of an incredible Internship and the most amazing way for it to end was definitely by being introduced to Koko Black 😍


Truly indulge yourself in the genuine 24k gold skin experience with our FULL 24K GOLD FACIAL GIFT SET, receiving our full sized facial products and applicator at an amazing 20% off! ✨ #goldbyglow

Simple yet deliciously addictive! Roasted hazelnut encased in a hazelnut ganache and milk chocolate shell 🌰🌰🌰

Crispy base layer. .
#layers #somethingnew #orelys #nofilter

One of my favourites!
Raspberry Mellow - A succulent, light raspberry marshmallow, on top of a rich raspberry coulis, drenched in dark Belgium chocolate

Unicorn obsession lives on πŸ¦„

Pina Colada chocolates and some 🌡🌡🌡

🍫 Jamaican Dark Chocolate + Freeze Dried Raspberries, Mandarin, Nuts & Seeds 😍 .
#sonoftucci #melbournecafe #melbournefood #melbournechocolate #melbournecafe #melbournecoffee #chocolatebark #chocolate #darlchocolate #jamaicanchocolate

MELBOURNE | Brunswick has a new chocolate factory and cafe @ratiococoa where you can see chocolate being made from bean to bar and enjoy a whole range of delicious chocolatey treats 🍫 One of the highlights is definitely the iced and hot chocolates. So good! ...πŸ“·@ladydrewniak

Love love love

So much fun making chocolates for children! All about novelty and colour. I hope they can tell that they are Belgian couverture... 🌡🍍🌡🍍🌡🍍🌡

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