When the person who brought you earth side, is your support for your own birth.
How incredible are mums?! ✨

So much of birth is related to the whirl of things happening in your mind at the time of labour, not just the physiology. What did you do throughout your labour to keep you focused?
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Why professional birth photography?
Because why wouldn’t you want to look back on the moment you bring your baby earth side? The moment you waited for for 9 months. To have images that will help you process the experience and relive the moment all over again, piece together the little parts you forget and cherish the ones you remember. A day that will go down as one of the most empowering experiences in your entire life. Because no matter how you chose to birth, birth is incredible. That’s why you should choose to have it visually documented.

Expecting mamas and mamas to be. I have birth photography openings for end of Jan/Feb and May onwards. Get in touch via my website ~ link in bio.
This frame taken at the birth of my second baby girl by the beautiful @smokey_oscar . My hub aka incredible man doula cheering me on through transition. ✨

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