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Late night edit ✨
Song: dissolve me - alt j
Audio creds: @crybabyedits
DT: all the people who got into the grp!

— crzy
ac @stydiaswings

a lil collab with @american.psycho.story!

ac stilesisreal :) might have forgotten how to edit LOL

- my part for @f.uhck's collab -
× last post. thank u guys for everything. ily forever 💖
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I'm sorry that I haven't posted an actual edit for about a week, my ae was acting up and I couldn't make any edits. Anyway, it's all fixed now, and that's all that matters. 💕
Dt: ZoEy @mothermilky
Ac: me
Cc: me
Ib: -
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edit ↴
Collab with the amazing @crybaibeh - go follow for more amazing edits
ahhhhh !! Enjoy !!

− get on your knees
FJSKFK other artists wish they could relate to these iconic women™
this is HELLA glitchy idk wtf happened [ib oiblivion, cc ceiestial shakes by amanda #aureumgrp #omgpage]

heartbreak 💔.
Johnny leaves crybaby for Beth Anne and crybaby is still in love with him but, what she doesn't know is Johnny is still thinking about her.
Dt: @oopsley because I kinda copied her edit so idea credits to her 100% lmao :) ily Ash .
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- Sorry for that thing at the end lmao ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Song: Bryson Tiller - Don't (Hamry Amx)
Ignore these~~
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this legit took 4 hours and it's not even an original idea kms 👌🏻😂😤

on ebay! still available!!

melanie's concert pics are always so good

on etsty,, but it's sold out now :c

Chapter 2 💕
[Dt] @bullet_proof_crybaby
Cry Baby is an emotional love sick girl who’s heart is just too big for her body. People teased Cry Baby for her water works, but she pretends not to care. First we meet her mother, the alcoholic house wife with pretty jewels and a not so pretty marriage. Her husband is unfaithful and is with a mistress Although, they put on smiles in front of the camera, Cry Baby and her family are not the perfect dolls people made them out to be. Behind the walls of their doll house, they have secrets just like everyone else. Cry Baby knows that she is hiding liquor in her sippy cup.Cry Baby falls in love with a boy who always seems to be too distant from her. Just like the next horse in a carousel, their relationship keeps moving round and round, but they never can truly connect. Sadly, Cry Baby can never catch up to love in “Carousel. When her boyfriend leaves her to get his music degree, he tries to teach her how to truly write music. Needless to say, Cry Baby didn’t like that! She says “F**k your degree, I know my ABCs”. Cry Baby meets a boy she likes and is thinking about telling him she loves him. Unfortunately, her mind runs wild and she thinks confessing her love to him would be like throwing a toaster in his bath tub. Instead of telling him, she just washes her mouth out with soap. Cry Baby finally meets a boy that she is ready to take the next step with. “Training Wheels” is about losing the training wheels of a relationship and not being afraid to fall. Sadly for Cry Baby, sometimes when you fall…it hurts.At this point of Cry Baby’s life, she is numb to love and pain. She sees a boy she likes and goes after him. She doesn’t care if he’s taken or if she’ll end up with a broken heart. She simply gives his girlfriend a pacifier and steals her man. Perhaps, after seeing her father with so many mistresses After the many twists and turns of Cry Baby’s life as an emotional masterpiece, she comes to terms that being called “Cry Baby” isn’t an insult at all. She is crazy, but the best people are. She loves who she is, even if she has to cry for a few hours to realize that. She might find love one day, or she might not 💕

new png!! hey guys i'm back from vacation! it was super fun but i'm glad to be back at home. but, i did get a super nice tan, i was so white😂💀 #melaniemartinez #melanieadelemartinez #melaniemartinezedit #melaniemartinezmask #melaniemartinezpng #melaniemartinezicon

[ lowkey ]

I have nothing to post so here's a short but looped edit 💖 -

ac; @xaestheticmel (loop by me)
ib; @aesthetic.edits.001
dt; @dxmn.trxye -

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