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And this moment when Melanie fell on milk and cookies 😂 I laughed so muchhh!! She is so so cuteee 🍼🍪
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E aqui tá rolando também o show da Melanie Martinez 😍😍. Galera curtindo bastante.
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omg I'm finally posting an edit after 3000 years oops
I made this during school and it kinda sucks but I tried 🙃
sports was lit today we played handball and I actually scored goals wowowowowow
also, credits for the overlays, pngs and other stuff to accounts tagged
I'm so lazy to do my telegram like rounds I'll just live with having 2 likes on my posts lol fun
qotd : how tall are you
aotd : uh let's just say I'm short

Y lloré sin saber que la vida me estaba haciendo un favor.

Sorry for not posting any updates today bebes I was having too much fun at universal studios 🙌🏻ily and gn #melaniemartinez #crybaby #littlebodybigheart

I'm so hungry omg...

How was everyone's weekend? #melaniemartinez


Doesn't matter if I'm not enough for the future or the things to come 'cause I'm young and in love @lanadelrey

I disguise and I will will lie and I will take my precious time, as the days spent away as I stand in line and i die as I wait as I wait on my crime and I'll try to delay what you make of my life. But I don't want your way I want mine. I'm dying and I'm trying but believe me I'm fine but I'm lying I'm so very far from fine. // leah

Lay me down tonight, I'm your favorite girl. @lanadelrey

Hey girl💗
{Good morning guys, pass it on}
Say good morning to the person who comments above you starting with me💞

me face is swollen.
it hurts to smile & i look like a muppet.

#melaniemartinez 🍫🍫 ~😄

O saçı yerim 😝 #melaniemartinez #crybaby #sheismyangel😇 #obenimaşkım*-* Hepinizi yerim :D <3

i hαte my feed✧:*ೃ༄
jesus christ my edits never
fucking mαtch
+ i αctuαlly like this more
thαn my lαst edit
might delete some edits
once i hαve more posts
#qotd :
whαt's your fαv food ?
#aotd :
pizzα , pαstα & fries 🍵++comment αny heαrt
emoji to be tαgged on
my next edit🍵 ⠀⠀
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I honestly agree totally with Tyler on this, living for someone is a lot harder. ~Mia

soo, i want u to help me, plz. i'm begging u. help. plzz...
you can become a member of this shitty ass account!!! of multi fandoms!!! if u r interested, read more! (u probs aren't interested anymore when u heard that...)
so, u ask "what do i need to become a member of this trash account??" i'll answer right away my child. u need to be a fan of at least one of these fandomsss!!
~ bts (bangtan boys)
~ melanie martinez ~ tøp
~ undertale
~ dan and phil (phan)
~ billie eilish (if u know her)
~ halsey
~ lana del rey
~ p!atd
~ mcr
~ troye sivan
~ any other k-pop fandom... there's just too much
~ tana mongeau
~ the gabbie show
~ kian & jc
~ ariana grande
if u r a fan at least of one of these people/bands ur probs reading this... so, u may ask " what skills do i have to have to enter this trash can?" well, all you have to do is:
~ be active
~ know how to edit videos/photos
~ and u need to interact with the followers
if u are interested in this bs, comment down below "TRASH" and i'll dm u immediately bc i have no friends so i will notice u (senpai, yes, u r my senpai from now on. watcha gon' do 'bout it? huh?)
dm me any questions u have...
~ trash queen (chloe/skai)
hashtags... yes. hashtags.
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