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Lmao yess

what would you do if you saw melanie in your local grocery store?

i’d have like a mental breakdown, but i would try to calm myself before going up to her and then i’d go up to her and say “i’m sorry to bother you but i’m a fan of yours, do you mind taking a picture?” ID TRY TO SOUND POLITE and if she said no i’d still be ok

good morning, thank you so much for 17k 💕

said by - Anon
agree or disagree?
please be patient with your confessions ❤ I get a whole lot. if I read yours and have to ask anon or no I have to do another's before yours so I can keep up with posting!


who remembers when these got leaked and the fandom was like OHMYGOd


Thankyou sm for 9,6k ahahahhahshanaj

Me and my bby hit one hour when we called. :))

comment your least favorite emoji 😊

Yay it’s Friday 💗

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