💞Drama school in Singapore was worth it because I met some mighty treasures, check out my birthday girl Mel's amazing pic....I had to rip it off Melanie! Owning Mohammed Sultan Road, taking me out clubbing for the first time underage and the place got raided, dancing in the MRTs, getting arrested (not the finest moment), ziiiigan zargan zorks, nights with Rose, Jase, Gemma, Saee and our Claire's, nails by and with Ruthie, nights in Zouk/Velvet, hitchhiking with pilots, Clifford our muse, days in the sunshine, Sunday Champagne brunches, Christmas in Sydney, the best night in the Ivy, Siglap chillin, selamat hari raya, by far the best actress and best rack, one of my besties, I love you! And now you are owning Iceland woman! I'll come find you on the 25th, where art tho be though? #mygalmel #fellowmb #melaniebunn #harlow #asifshes40 bestchristmas2012 #whydidicomeback #bestrack #rudimental #dancinginthemrt #bestactress #bestsingaporedays #welivedlikequeens oh fuck and the sexiest dancer too @melanieharlow #bondgirl

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