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Natto Frenzy ⚡️⚡️⚡️ I think I never had this much #natto in one setting 😋 never frozen Natto are the best! Try #meguminatto today!

This one's for you @hugmonsta - never thought I'd see the day. #meguminatto is pretty good. Made for a fast lunch. No overwhelming smell and a good subtle taste.With the help of a bit of sesame oil, soy sauce and hot mustard 😊#natto

#meguminatto #手作り #黒豆 #アメリカで納豆

heck even natto guy was doing brisk business #organicnatto goes great with #naturalwines #meguminatto #summerishere

Japanese snack late dinner. Natto on toast with Chinese mustard (if it were really Japanese it would have mayo too), seaweed salad, Nashik pear, persimmon and daifuku -sweet mochi wrapped around sweet been paste.
#vegansofig #meguminatto #vegansnax

Brown on brown.
Vegan curry rice (🍛) topped with @meguminatto. This is #whatjapanesepeopleeat.
ヴィーガンカレーに最近値上がりして更に高級品になってしまっためぐみ納豆をのせて超ジャパニーズなランチ。#🍛 #turningoffjapanesecooks

For all you なっとう lovers out there... with a side of broiled salmon belly. #meguminatto

Our Certified Organic Megumi Natto (fermented soybeans) has arrived with the morning mail! A natural energy to ward off heart disease, osteoporosis, cancers, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, improve blood circulation, promote healthy bones, intestines, memories and hearts. #samuraifood #farmerfood #nutritioussnack #salubrioussnack #meguminatto #oishidesu

Natto for breakfast! This stinky, sticky fermented soy food is a staple of traditional Japanese cuisine. *Did you know* Natto develops a special compound during the fermentation process called nattokinase which breaks down plaque lining blood vessels making it very effective in the treatment of heart disease and Alzheimer's. ((Shown here with a bowl of millet, steamed greens, ume vinegar pickled turnips, sesame seeds, wakame seaweed and herring eggs on kelp. Eaten outside for the sake of other travellers 😜)) #traditionalfoods #probiotics #healingfoods #japanesecuisine #fermentation #foodnerd #natto #meguminatto


The team crafting toast made with Megumi Natto at Umami Mart's "Japanify All Day" event.

Soybean sorting at our facility. We can't wait for this batch of natto to be made, can you?

What do you think of the new packaging for our Natto Tarou product? Natto Tarou gives you a non-GMO fermented soybean experience, and we are excited to give you a fresh, modern look with the same great taste! Don't forget to also check out our organic line of Megumi Natto!

Spicy Korean-style Natto and Chilled Tofu, courtesy of @cookpad_official. Follow their account for more amazing Japanise cuisine, and let us know if you have tried this natto recipe!

Natto is...delightful! Have you ever tried it? The flavor, aroma and texture is enough to make your tastebuds ask for more!

Oh My Natto! Fluffy and creamy spicy natto and egg rice porridge? Sounds like heaven to us: breakfast, lunch or dinner! (via: Cookpad Japan)

Nothing can beat this image of soybeans growing. Soy green, right? They are so close to being ready for the natto fermentation process!

Avocado is all the rage, right? This wrap made of fried avocado and natto will satisfy TWO favorites...and it's easy to make! (via: @cookpad_official )

Natto can add beauty and taste to the most simple of dishes!

#thebest #natto 🙏💕 #meguminatto #myfab
最高に美味しい#納豆#サンフランシスコ で食べられる幸せ 🙏💕@meguminatto #納豆大好き

Natto is made of fermented soybeans. The soybeans grow in rows and rows of beautiful crops, just like this one, and then fermented for 20 hours with love and care.

Natto hot pocket. Doesn't it look SOY delicious?

Tastemade Japan is always good for a natto recipe or two! Take a look at their website and Instagram account at @tastemade_japan and see what you think!

OA is pleased to now carry Megumi Natto. These organic fermented soybeans are rich in nutrients and made locally in Sebastopol! #otheravenues #meguminatto #oceanbeach #oceanbeachsf #fermented #local #outersunset #outersunsetsf #sf #sanfrancisco #sffoodie #organic #coop

That's right! Natto is YUMMY! Have you ever tasted something so delicious and versatile? You can literally eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert!

Natto can be added to any meal, at any time! For more ideas and recipes, visit the website in our bio. You will love it!

Megumi Natto: We are a small business of family and friends; we enjoy our work, and we are proud of our natto. We hope you enjoy eating it!

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