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Kylie Jenner or Megan Fox? Please comment 💖 #MeganFox #KylieJenner

Megan in This Is 40 (Part3) ❤🍆😈🙈

Scarlett or Megan?💖

Damn kim 🔥

Haters will say it's photoshop


Heyy ❤


i scrapped this so bad ugh never force me to make an edit or else i'll quit
i might delete it later idk
cc: @l214l
movie: Jennifer's Body
song: Low Shoulder -Through The Trees

Alexandra photographed by John Russo (2013) | #alexandradaddario

Lookin 😍🔥 #kyliejenner

I'm sorry I was so shy and stuff in the live I did this morning. As I said, I'm a very shy and awkward person and knowing that people were watching me took that shyness and skyrocketed! 😂 I mean, there were over 3 THOUSAND people who viewed it! 😖😩 that's crazy! Amazing, but crazy and can send a shy person into an attack lmao. I'll do another live soon and we can do some Q&A's and some other stuff! 😊😊
#meganfox @the_native_tiger

7/24/17: Bella out on a jog in New York City.

7/24/17: Bella out on a jog in New York City.

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