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Sensitive skin? You’re not alone. #MegaMushroom Treatment Lotion, our No. 4 customer favorite, instantly hydrates & soothes.

My favorite mask pairing - @OriginsMalaysia #MegaMushroom Relief Mask + #FlowerFusion Sheet Mask. 🌸
Start with the creamy treatment mask to sooth my skin, followed by sheet mask to seal in the moisture. #doublemasking #discoverorigins #maskexpert

Come in store to try free dram samples of our #PollutionDefense regimen including #ClearImprovement , #ChecksandBalances , #MegaMushroom & #SmartyPlants. 🌿

¿Piel Sensible? No estás solo. #MegaMushroom Treatment Lotion, es el favorito #4 de nuestros clientes, hidrata y calma en forma instantánea. Si lo combinas con limpiador #micellar son imbatibles!

Healing our skin with @originsmalaysia's limited edition #MegaMushroom Soothing Treatment Lotion, which contains soothing ingredients like mushrooms and anti-oxidant Sea Buckthorn Berry. Also, how pretty is this bottle? In stores now.
#origins #discoverorigins #skincare #ellemalaysia

[Ary] tính ngồi viết routine mới xong da mẫn cảm thời tiết đình công, vừa mẩn vừa ửng đỏ. Thôi e lại quay về nấm. Bài skincare routine xin chờ lúc khác :((((( chả có lẽ đời e không thoát được nấm :(( #origins, #megamushroom, #originsskincare #originsreview, #megamushroomsreview,

這陣子經常捱夜 皮膚狀態變得好不穩定
但用了@OriginsHK的靈芝菇菌抗逆健膚紓緩水, 真的有改善到呢(⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎),唔怪得係皇牌之一啦
還要是支持綠色生活的企業 每賣一瓶10周年限量版就會捐款到綠惜地球呢٩(๑•̀ ₃ •́ )۶
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Go back to nature when your skin’s just not feeling right. To enhance the effects of the #MegaMushroom Skin Relief mask, use it with the #Maskimizer mask primer. Hydrate sensitive skin so it can enjoy the full benefit of the Reishi mushroom - the main ingredient in the #MegaMushroom mask, in soothing redness and reactivity in skin. #DiscoverMYOrigins #originsmalaysia #originsmy


We found a "megamush"!!
Autumn is an amazing time for mushrooms and other incredible fungi. Brook was stoked to discover this massive mushroom on yesterday's Family Outdoor Adventure Discovery Day : ) #naturalcuriosity #familiesvswild #megamushroom #familyoutdooradventurediscoveryday

My favorite mask pairing - @OriginsMalaysia #MegaMushroom Relief Mask + #FlowerFusion Sheet Mask. 🌸
Start with the creamy treatment mask to sooth my skin, followed by sheet mask to seal in the moisture. #doublemasking #discoverorigins #maskexpert

ใช่แล้วค่ะนี่คือ skincare ที่สอยมาจากทริปสิงคโปร์ค่ะ สอยที่ duty free สุวรรณภูมิบ้านเรานี่แหละ ของใช้จำเป็นล้วนๆ ได้แก่ Clinique DDML gel ขวดละ 125 ml. แพ็คละ 3 ขวดหารแล้วส่วนลดแล้วเหลือขวดละ 8xx บาท (ราคาห้างขวดละ 1650) อีกอันเป็น origins โลชั่นเห็ดแพ็คคู่ของจำเป็นสุดๆ เวลาผื่นขึ้นหน้าและตัว ลูบแล้วดีขึ้นทันตาเห็นเหลือขวดละ 13xx (ราคาห้าง 1800)


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I love it when something works! Dr Andrew Weir for @origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Serum actually provides the relief it promises. I was hesitant at first because I find almost anything with creamy consistency usually further infuriates my skin when it's upset about something - but not this. It goes on without so much as a tingle or an itch, it soaks in and you wake up with soothed, less angry, clearer skin in the morning. It's absolutely astonishing. If your skin needs a bit of TLC, get some of this on it. (Note the one I refer to is the Serum, not the lotion. Haven't tried that so can't comment) #megamushroom #skinrelief #skincare #skinfood #nourish #beauty #skin #clearskin #softandsupple #soothe #feedyourface

Day 6 of the #mayskinchallenge hosted by @antiagingamber and @morethanjustskin 🌺Theme: Can't wait to use up 🌸 Pictured here is my current Open Cleanser #skincareinventory 🌹 The top row are the cleansers I look forward to using most and reach for often. Because of this, I'm working my way through these cleansers more quickly. There are a few I'd like to RP but I'm holding off until I work my way through my current stash. 🌼The bottom row are cleansers I've had for 6-12 months now and can't wait to use up. None of them are bad cleansers. Some I've used for so long, I got bored. Some are too rough on my skin (face sensitive to most mechanical exfoliants/ scrubs) and some just aren't meant for my skintype. I've given away quite a few in this category and this is what I have left.
🌻CLEANSERS I CAN'T WAIT TO USE UP: 🍃#acnedote Face and Body Scrub by @albabotanica AND 🍃#apricotscrub by @stivesskin These are both nice cleansers that many people (including my 15 year old step son) love. Unfortunately, my skin doesn't tolerate most mechanical facial scrubs well. I keep these two in the shower so other people can use them up. 🍃#glowreveal60secondfacial by @lumeneusa I actually really like this facial cleanser/mask but I've had it for almost a year now so I'm ready to move on. I still use this sometimes as a quick mask in the shower-- it does a good job gently exfoliating and reveals brighter skin.
🍃#traderjoesspa face wash with tea tree by @traderjoes and 🍃#blemishclearing Cleanser by @juicebeauty are both good all natural #clarifyingcleanser for oily and blemish prone skin. I've had both these cleansers for a long time as well because I only use them if I'm experiencing a hormonal breakout which generally happens once a month but since upping my Skincare with actives AHA/BHA in the am and Retinol at night, I rarely break out other than 1-2 occasional small blemishes. I find these cleansers too drying for my skin now. They're too good to throw away so they're in the shower for family to help use up.
🍃#burtsbeescleansingoil is fine but doesn't wow me and I have so many cleansers now, I just don't reach for it-- looking to give away.

Time to explore 🍄 #giantmushroom

Grabbed the @origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Cream today. I am hoping that it is all that my skin desires in life. It claims to calm and hydrate sensitive skin. The texture seems to be super delightful; hydrating but not greasy or heavy. Fingers crossed! 🌟🌟Tiffany

#뷰스타그램 #오리진스 #메가머쉬룸스킨릴리프 #닥터와일 #버섯세럼 #민감성피부 #beaustagram #skincare #cosmetics #origins #megamushroom #skinrelief #sensitiveskin #serum #likesforlikes
미세먼지 나부랭이는 실로 대단쓰 👏
피부 울긋불긋 근질근질 따끔따끔 아주 대환장쇼를 하고요,
피부면역력을 높일 필요가 있어서 메가머쉬룸으로 리턴 🍄

here's a headshot of farmer patrick. oh, and the largest cluster of #oystermushrooms we've ever grown! anyone out there looking for a 1.77 lb mushroom? #dreamfood #megamushroom #mushroomfarmer #blueoysters #cluster #mealsfordays #fungi

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