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" My Name is iCey , I can do everything, cause I love it when I do everything !! " " Thanks My little reem for the amazing pictures @bambis.art " / 85 lens , high shutter speed , wide aperture / iso: depends on the need / edited in Lightroom #mefcc2017

#mefcc2017 day3 and we'er done with comic con..cine club team 💜

Mefcc2017. I went as a Paladin from final fantasy 14 A Real Reborn. #mefcc2017 #cosplay #mefcc #comicon #Paladin

So #mefcc2017 is over now :'D
Thank you so so much to everyone who passed by my table, for all the sweet words and sincere support you gave me.
Thank you for making this a memorable experience 💖 I was so delighted to meet all of you kind people (≧▽≦)💜
And thank you as well to those who couldn't come but wished they did T^T, your sweet messages and comments mean a lot to me, I hope I can meet you all one day! :'D 💕
I wanted to say much more but words have betrayed me xD
I hope I delivered even if a tiny bit of my huge gratitude to you all :'D!! #mefcc

Just to keep them in my profile 💖 #mefcc #mefcc2017 #comiccon

She was so cute it was a real pleasure to meet her irl omg @karkatinq #overwatch #mefcc #mefcc2017 #cosplay


Its not who you are underneath, its what you do that defines you ...
Batman in #arabiccalligraphy
@mefcc #mefcc #mefcc2017
#arabicart #calligraphy #calligrapher #batman #batmanart #calligraphylove #calligraphyart

Its not who you are underneath, its what you do that defines you .
#calligraphy in collaboration with @angelcomics ...
#arabiccalligraphy #arabicart #mefcc #mefcc2017 #batman #batmancomic @batman @batmanvsuperman @batman.official

OHHA my sunshines.. [prism sticker]✨
I was dancing from excitement to show you this since late March for #mefcc2017 but... ☹️💔.
I delayed it because I have only few which is totally not enough to do a sticker collection.
So I delayed it to search for good resources so I can help you and keep getting for myself as well [this thing is rare between Arab artists || I got it directly from UK by my friend & it's ridiculously expensive].
but unfortunately I couldn't find any proper one so if you know where I can find it please PLEASE help 🙏🏻..

Anyways I'm soooooo freaking HAPPY with even few of them because they made my chibis look even more kawaii (⌯꒪͒ ꌂ̇ ꒪͒) 。so what do you think? #taigablush

"With every death, comes honor. With honor, redemption."

في الاتحاد قوه 😉😁 captured by @rockstar_1987

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