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I am a soldier, I fight where I'm told, and I win where I fight.

Another year, another fun time at @mefcc 😃I got a chance to meet a real ninja turtle Michelangelo 🐢 #mefcc2017 #comiccon #ninjaturtles

Just to keep them in my profile 💖 #mefcc #mefcc2017 #comiccon

#mefcc2017 day3 and we'er done with comic con..cine club team 💜

Two more sketches from #Dubai comic con: surely #simba and #business #belle wearing a hijab. Btw, I feel much better today, thanks for the well wishes. #mefcc2017

اعترف ان سيمبا ما من الاغاني اللي لفتتني لكن الحق يقال ان المقطع الانجليزي بالاغنيه 👌🏻☹️😭 you nailed it mr.Mohammed || I literally teared up it's so nostalgic 💔💔💔😫 I wanna go back in time..

هزيم الرعد من الاغاني المفضضضضله عندي بقوه من كنت صغيره وللحين وحتى ابطال الديجيتال وباص المدرسه 😭✨💖.. راح انزل كل الفيديوهات بعدين 😢👌🏻❤.. .
عرضهم كان الأفضل بكوميك كون ما شاء الله @tarek.alarabi.tourgane @m.tourgane #mefcc2017 #mefcc


Dice Roller, Press that button and watch 'em roll! .. No more losing more dices.

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Straight cosplay Allie to GCA @themas925 is an amazing talented and handsome cosplayer who has a number of great awesome looks. Go check him out he's super😆

Amazing shot done by @3podphotography . Superman cosplay at mefcc 2017.
#superman #clarkkent #supermancosplay #mefcc2017

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