Just picked up our annual passports and we are officially a @disney family!!!! So much happy over here 🏰❤️✨ #minimindells #meetthemindells #disneyland

Exciting things are coming!! 😜🤳🏼🎉✨ (📸: @joe_gomez) #meetthemindells

Ran literally alllll over the city today with this lady and a film crew working on a brand new project launching later this month!! We have another full day tomorrow and I can’t wait to share more! Some sneak peeks on my Story 😜📹🎉✨ (photo: @joe_gomez) #meetthemindells #studiodiywallcrawl

It’s LIVE!!!! ❤️🚀✨ Kelly and I are so excited to finally share all the photos and details inside Arlo’s first birthday party! See all the magic today on @studiodiy!! (📸: @marycostaphoto) #minimindells #meetthemindells

Finally the weekend! In full Easter prep mode over here. And by that, I mean I get to witness the best mom in the world 👆🏼 create some amazing memories for a very lucky little boy. (We really like holidays 👋🏼☺️🐰❤️) photo: @margar_villa #meetthemindells

Easter with the Mindells. Poor kid had literally no idea what he signed up for. Our latest family style post is live today at StudioDIY.com! 👫👶🏽❤️ #minimindells #meetthemindells

Get yourself a group of friends you can travel with for life. Wouldn’t have wanted to spend this last week in Mexico with anyone else! @studiodiy @michaelstubel @le_lvr // Thank you so, so much to the @andaz @andazmayakoba.mx teams for having the four of us. This is a trip we totally needed and one we won’t ever forget! ☺️🏖🎉❤️🙏🏼 #studiodiyinthewild #visitmexico #wheninandaz #meetthemindells

The beaches here are simply perfect. All smiles and sunny skies 😎🏖👫🐳💦 #meetthemindells #studiodiyinthewild

Hello from Mexico!!! 👋🏼🇲🇽 On our first real vacation in YEARS! Landed this afternoon and all checked in to the stunning @andazmayakoba.mx. We are here for the week with friends and the @andaz team is making us all feel right at home! AND it’s my first time in Mexico—Send us your must-sees in Riviera Maya! 🏝🐠✨ #WhenInAndaz #studiodiyinthewild #meetthemindells

Today was just the absolute best. Our lives were changed when this little man came bounding into it one year ago and today, we got to celebrate him surrounded by family and friends. So much color, so much love. Best weekend ever! Happy birthday little A ☺️❤️🎉 (Amazing photography by @marycostaphoto)—Cannot wait to share more!! #minimindells #meetthemindells

You know what’s weird? One day you’re just two random kids in high school together. And then all of a sudden you turn around and are keynoting a creative conference in Austin. And a room full of people took time out of their busy schedules to be there and listen to you and ask for advice about life and business and how the two intertwine. That’s just weird and unbelievable and I still don’t understand how we got here, but that just happened. Thank you all so much to everyone who stayed after to say hey, for all the questions and kind words and hugs. We love meeting you guys in person—it really puts a lot in perspective and makes all the hard work worth it! And thanks to @thrivecreativecon for having us today! Mindells over and out ☺️✌🏼 #meetthemindells #thrivelovesbloggers

Made it to Austin! Loving this cooler weather and ready to see what this city is all about ☺️☁️🎉 #studiodiyinthewild #meetthemindells

Dripping in finesse. And pedialyte. 🕶 #minimindells #meetthemindells

Happy Valentine’s to my one and only! Today, Kelly and I celebrated our love by sitting down with our lawyer to write out a will and family trust (didn’t realize it was today until it popped up in the cal 👋🏼😂❤️). And that folks, is true romance: super light-hearted paperwork and casual conversation about burial plots. At least we’re having heart-shaped pizza tonight! 🍕💘 #meetthemindells #valentinesday


In honor of all you YOU I want to giveaway a family portrait for up to 6 characters. Now if you only have 3 (like 2 ppl and a dog, we can add other elements that will add up to 6 to make it super detailed!)
To enter:
1. Be following me @clothandtwig and like this pic
2. Comment with why you’d love a portrait.
3. BONUS: tag a friend or friends that might want to win. One tag per comment so you get all of your entries!
✨I’ll have an additional way to enter tomorrow so look out on my InstaStory!
🏆Winner will be chosen on Monday 1/29. This contest has no affiliation with Instagram.
#clothandtwig #foreverinthread #minimindells

Family Friday! ☀️👫👶🏽💯✨ #meetthemindells

Where are our adoptive mamas at? We LOVE what color queen, mistress of fun and Arlo’s amazing mom, @studiodiy’s Kelly Mindell shared with us about her experience... “I've been met with open arms from friends, family and strangers alike when it comes to our adoption journey. Never has a child been so LOVED! However, I still get the question, ‘Are you going to have kids of 'your own' someday too?’ And I always try to remember that I, myself, mistakenly used that phrase before I started this journey. But, my son is ‘my own’ and, more than that, I was entrusted that privilege by someone who is stronger than I ever could be. Because of her, I'll forever get to point at the little boy climbing over the fence at the playground and say ‘That one's mine.’ And I'll never take that for granted." #studiodiy #meetthemindells

Welp, I guess the word is out...WE’RE MOVING!! Read all about it right now on StudioDIY.com! 📦💃🏻🕺🏼🎉✨ #meetthemindells

Happy NYE! Hope you guys are doing something fun tonight! Our plans include sweatpants, pizza, and some show that Kelly just found called 90 Day Fiancé. With love, that weird family that lives in your phone. 👋🏼⏰🍾🎉 #meetthemindells #minimindells #newyearseve

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