We're loving the rain, and we are open today for brunch 🙌🏼 let's feast!

Featured here is the Beef Bacon Wrapped Date with almond. @mecpdx never disappoints. Every dish is mouthwatering. Highly suggest this place when visiting Portland. #lifestylemedicine says on average, if you eat with another person, you’ll eat about 35% more than you otherwise would. A group of 4 leads to ingesting 75% more calories and 7 or more people will lead to eating twice as many calories. Be mindful when you eat! #tvshows is about binge watching Golden Girls on Hulu. What a well made comedy.

Shrimp tartar...😍

It’s only Saturday and you’ve still got the whole (long) weekend ahead of you. Full up for today/tomorrow’s shenanigans with a Tunisian breakfast 🍳 #mdw2018

When the sun shines I am in holiday mode and start to crave a taste that will take me back to an idyllic moment from my travels. One of my favourite spots was Sicily and the food in particular blew me away with its punchy flavours but absolute simplicity. A limited number of carefully sourced ingredients cooked with love and a bit of skill delivered plate after plate of moorish yumminess.
In some ways Jersey reminds me a lot of Siciliy; they're both islands enjoying the fruits of the sea with a relaxed pace of life, so it seems only right to indulge in this plate of Mediterranean loveliness and soak up the summer sun.
Recipe on theislandplate.com
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