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I’m spending a few days in Coolangatta for the next round of mindful self-compassion training. Can’t wait to share this beautiful work in my next workshop. I hope your Sunday was a restful one. 🙏🏼🌞

Control your thoughts with our music. Available for meditation, yoga & overall wellness. Only on YouTube. Link in bio.

Welcoming back Phyo for meditation tonight at 6pm ✨ Join this shining soul to be guided back into the moment, the perfect end to a busy week and re-centering before the start of a new one 🙏
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Not looking behind is the only key to success . It’s not about how fast you walk. It’s about how mindfully you walk. Take every step with goodness filled in it.
Just keep going and be your own HERO 🌟
Discover what you are here for and then just go for it !
Like how NIKE says - JUST DO IT !

We are in need of some feedback from our wonderful members & followers on current & upcoming yoga classes/meditations.
Our current Vibration Meditation class is every Wednesday at 5:30PM. We are curious as to which days & times best fit your schedules... Tuesday’s or Wednesday at 5:30PM or 6PM?
We’ll be welcoming a NEW Power Yoga class to Downtown Yoga in August!! We’re not 100% sure what days this class will be on so we are open to suggestions on that.. Mondays, Wednesday’s, Friday’s? Multiple days a week?
Also looking for feedback on times you would like to see Power Yoga at.. 7AM, 9AM, or 5:30PM.
So if you have a free minute please let us know what you think, we appreciate your opinions🙏🏼🙌🏼
Want to thank you for helping us make Downtown Yoga a better studio & more catered to your schedules, so you can have a chance to attend our awesome classes!
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Today I'm inspired by the ocean. Its smell, the way the light reflects on it, the sounds... I can't wait to share what I'm turning that inspiration into!  What's inspiring you today?

Shift.Release.Connect was perfection this morning! If you have no clue what that is 🤣🤣 it’s our meditation class that we offer over @findyourwae
It’s always my fav way to start the weekend with a little slow down, stretch and reiki!! I needed the stretch! It was leg day yesterday hahaha!! #bonus
And there are those synchronicities again...the 3 of us showed up for class wearing the same Mandala WAEband😂😂 but guys, isn’t it so cool how it’s the same band, but they all look a little different!
Unique and authentic is the name of the game with Find Your WAE and we love connecting and sharing with you!
If you wanna learn about our family biz or what we can offer you, check out the link in my bio!! Happy Saturday friends 😘😎
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No matter how colourful and full your luggage is, the truth is everything that you call yours will be left behind.
There is nothing you can take with yourself when the time will come so why worry about it so much all the time ?
Bliss is in you. Drop the colourful luggage and tap into your own self for the colourful colours inside you .
Like if you agree ;)

Meditation really helped me to get out of anxiety and depression. After a while, they were completely gone and my mindset was changed it's not easy at all, but it was worth it.

Mood this morning...

Заходя на нашу страничку, визуализируй яркую жизнь, полную путешествий, здоровья, самосовершенствования и исполнения самых волшебных желаний. Визуализируй и мы скоро встретимся 💯 на берегу моря на утренней пробежке 😉

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