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Sometimes you've gotta treat yourself, watch your favourite show, read your most loved book, eat some chocolate, write a song, stretch your hips and have a GOOD nights rest. ❤️ (after you do the work that really satisfies your soul, that is.... by the way, what is it? Let me know in the comments or by message 😘) .
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"Mini Backstory: Starting just after my fifth birthday I became severely anxious. I’ll spare the details, but little Jackie saw some trauma in her day and her little body replied with not-so-nice PTSD symptoms. By seven years old, I was diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I remember waddling up to my mom and asking, “Momma, what is it like to not feel anxious?” I don’t remember what she said, but she must have taught me the word contentment that day... " 24 years later i finally created the healing course little me always wanted. Check it out in this week's blog ☝🏽 #mindfulnesscourse #meditationchallenge #healing #anxiety #mindfulnesspractice

Cats meditate too! We love seeing your #MeditationChallenge photos coming in. Thanks for sharing this with us @yogahealsall! Remember to tag us and use #MakeChangeWithin for the chance to win a sit set. For more meditation inspiration be sure to check out our guided meditation led by Halfmoon ambassador Insiya Rasiwala-Finn @Yogue8, link in bio.

Day 22 "strength surrounds me" "love guides me" "peace fulfills me" #meditationchallenge #earthing #planting #myloverdover #haveabeautifulday

Who wants to join me for a 21 Day Meditation Challenge? Check out my blog for the simple details (link in bio!) #meditationchallenge #meditation #mindfulness #improveyourlife #mysunnyliving

Hihiphurraaaaa ich bin so was von stolz und glücklich und dankbar und könnte die ganze Welt umarmen 💙 Die #100daychallenge ist geschafft und bestanden und ich möchte mich vom ganzen Herzen bei euch allen bedanken, die ihr mit mir gemeinsam diesen 100 Tage Weg gegangen seid 💙 Love you all💙 #soproudofmyself #meditationchallenge #challengeaccepted #100days #done #feelinglikeaboss #meditation #namaste #clearbluesky #bodyandsoul #freeyourmind #sunshinecoast #lovewhatyoudodowhatyoulove #sealife #clifftop #meditationtime #peaceofmind #happinessishere #lifeisbetteratthebeach #clearbluesea #blessedlife #momentoftheday #loveyouall #thankfulheart #sainttropez #cotedazur #southfrance #lailamariawitt

Fresh 😎🤓 Today I am grateful for friendship, love 💗, flowers, food & communication. What are you grateful for today??!! Let me know in the comments! 🌸🦋 .
Also- have you meditated today? It's rainy here in Burlington. Maybe 20 minutes of breathing could be really refreshing and revitalizing cause I know rainy weather can make us pretty sleepy at times! Give it a shot, you never know what you could experience! ❤️ .
#meditation #meditationchallenge #radicalselflove


Day 20 of meditation challenge complete! ✔️ This quote is #truth. Happy Wednesday!

Day 2 of the meditation challenge done ✅...not gonna lie, still very tired after a shitty night with no sleep. 😴 But still feels good to start the day with some meditation (in my super fancy bathrobe 😂✌️) Now getting myself ready, off to work 👊#meditation #meditationchallenge #day2 #yoga #quitingthemind #sleepyhead #goodmorning #newmorningroutine #quietmind #yogapractice

Sometimes you've gotta treat yourself, watch your favourite show, read your most loved book, eat some chocolate, write a song, stretch your hips and have a GOOD nights rest. ❤️ (after you do the work that really satisfies your soul, that is.... by the way, what is it? Let me know in the comments or by message 😘) .
📷--> @onenewera

A #throwback to my days in Tennessee at the big bang piano bar🎹. I was nervous every time I stepped on the set and doubted my performance after I stepped away, but that doubt propelled me to go harder the next time. The only thing that separated me from #fear was #action if I never took action, I'd be left with the regret of never knowing. Knowing that #opportunity is right outside of my door, I couldn't let fear and doubt stop me from answering it. Im grateful for all the people I met and that influenced me during my time there. If i were to write a book, I'd have a WHOLE lot of people to thank, even if they didn't know they did anything for me at the time🥁 Fear is the biggest #dream killer and your dreams want to live!

#dreamer #gratitude #prarice #patience #oneness #getupgetout #drums #drumlife #music #personalgrowth #spiritaulgrowth #mind #body #spirit #grow #evolve #sharingiscaring #meditationchallenge #day94 #goal #100days #live #love #laugh

The #meditationchallenge begins tomorrow! Who's in?
Share and join me for 14 days calming sessions 🙏
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Thinking about meditation? So am I. The thing is, so many people get caught up in this idea that meditation is all woo-woo, or that you need to be ultra spiritual to pull it off. In reality, it's simply about taking even just one minute out of your day to get out of your head and into your body. I challenge you to meditate, for at least 1 minute per day for the next 30 days. As you get more comfortable with it, you can increase the amount of time. When a thought comes to mind, simply acknowledge it and bring your focus back to your breath.

Dagens meditation kändes så passande. Jag känner att jag kommit in i djupare medvetenhet när jag mediterar, vilket är fint. Den här känslan när du observerar din kropp från ett mer distanserat håll. Du känner hur bröstet höjs när du andas in. Du känner hur axlarna sjunker ner mer och mer desto mer avslappnad du blir. Du fokuserar inte så mycket på sekunderna av andetagen längre. Utan mer iakttar hur sekunderna av inandningen påverkar din kropp. Mantrat förvandlas till rytmisk musik av andningen. Tiden står stilla. Inget har förändrats~☆
Jag har under dessa dagar efter meditationen skrivit upp mantrat och innebörden. På så sätt kan man senare gå tillbaka och använda sig av mantrat när det känns nödvändigt. Ett tips till alla där ute som deltar i denna utmaning.
#meditation #meditationchallenge #spiritual #breath

Ong namo guru Dev namo - Sat Nam
I bow to the divine teacher within me and to all the teachers who have come before me - Truth is my identity
Meditating + journaling this week fueled with inspiration by @thejournaldeck 💕 #WNMC #meditationchallenge #journalchallenge #selflove #presence #dailypractice #loveeverymoment #makewithmadelene #freedomfromanxiety #dropyourfears

Day 19 of meditation challenge complete! ✔️ Who's ready to rock this Tuesday with me?! 💃💃💃

Starting with a new morning routine by joining the 128(! 😱) days meditation challenge...Thanks to @lodie85 😘 haha 😁✌️#day1 is done ✅ and it already feels so good 🙏😊#meditationchallenge #dayone #meditation #guided #practice #letsdothis #quietmind #newmorningroutine

Om Bhavam Namah. I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibility. #deepakchopra #meditationchallenge

Meditation Challenge Day 7/21: My little sagely said on the airplane today "don't start fires in the toilet" when interpreting the airplane safety card. She also made a TSA guy smile when she complimented his amethyst earrings, and they commiserated on purple being their favorite color. All this took place in the midst of one of the most frustrating flying experiences I've had to date (and I've traveled around five of the continents). So I took a page from her book, did a meditation connecting to my inner child, and then set up a wall of light around me equipped with BS-deflection. Ain't startin' no fires in toilets over here. #meditation #meditationpractice #meditationchallenge #meditateeverydamnday #tested #recenter #calibrated

Some of my favorites from my spirit animal: 🦋You have a gift for accepting change with grace and eloquence. 🦋 You believe faith is your responsibility, accept the changes as they come, and emerge from your transitions brilliantly. 🦋You are deeply in tune with environmental changes and are often the first to bring it to every ones attention.

Diffused Awaken and poured a drop of Release on my forehead to release anger and tension. Switching to a vegan diet, being a mom and getting ready for a long trip to Maine (which makes me nervous), isn't easy. This time I'm going to add yoga and meditation to my daily routine before my long trip!
What's your spirit animal?
#yogachallenge #meditationchallenge #awaken #release #momlife #vacationready #yelo #spiritanimal #butterfly

Have you ever felt like you just weren’t enough, or wondered what value you really have? Because it is so difficult to be and stay aware of our ABSOLUTE worth I have developed an exercise for today’s challenge that, if you do today and each day, you will feel your worth deep within you and you will know again that you are of absolute worth. You will become less dependent on external validators and more reliant on your own internal validation, or your knowing.👉🏽The Knowing Exercise:🔸Get comfortable🔸Tune into yourself. That means quiet your mind and focus on you inside.🔸Open yourself up to input and receiving without rejecting or questioning. Just be open.🔸When you are calm, and tuned in, say to yourself in an assertive yet loving manner, “I am of infinite worth.” And then just feel what comes to your heart.
🔸If you are tuned in and open you will feel a confirming emotion. Some will only feel it slightly. Others will feel a flood of emotion in their heart. This emotion is a confirmation and you will know that it is true. You will not have to doubt, you should not question it. Just receive it and allow it to confirm your absolute worth to yourself. (If you didn’t feel the confirmation you might be so overlaid with negatives that you can’t believe the statement of worth. Keep doing this as often as you can and I promise you, eventually you will feel the confirmation.)🔸Now as you bask in this knowing, think about others or circumstances in your life that may be challenging or may have made you question your worth in one way or another. You will likely find that they have no negative power right now. Even check in with your own self talk and you will find that you know that what you have said about yourself before is not true and that what you are feeling right now, the knowing, is true and absolutely true.🔸Do this daily. If you don’t do this daily, my experience is that, you will likely revert back to old ways of thinking and judging yourself as less than absolute. So do it daily and see your life change.

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