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How do you #matcha?
For Nazanin @teathoughts — it’s a straight up classic — warm and plain!! 🍵
「I had a hot cup of matcha this afternoon after a long day and it really hit the spot! I love matcha because its so versatile. I can easily incorporate it in cooking and baking, I can have it iced or with milk but honestly my absolute favorite way to enjoy matcha is hot and plain!」
Special thanks to our amazing friend and matcha-lover Nazanin 😍 @teathoughts for a beau-tea-ful shot of our Matsu™ ceremonial matcha - ‘Intense with a Mellow Roasted Flavor’. Such a beautiful capture of his peaceful #MatchaRitual 🍵 - We absolutely love the tranquility of it! 🙏
Savour the most delectable range of artisanal matcha, find out more today at Matchaeologist.com
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Uma mãe entende tudo o que o filho tem a dizer.
. .
VIA : @rebeccafeu

Can you identify at this moment what your life purpose is?

Coaching principle: We are each here for a special purpose. “ If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep the streets as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry.” - Martin Luther King Jr.
I believe that we are all part of a bigger puzzle of life and each one of us holds a special puzzle piece no one else has. Everyone has a unique purpose here. Some make music, others listen. Each part of the whole.
It is a profound honor and very rewarding experience to help someone sing their true song. As a coach, I understand that in order to sing and lives one’s purpose, it isn’t necessarily important what you do, or how you do it, but how you express your True Self in whatever you do.
For a complementary coaching session contact:

carlos@llcoaching.org or (619) 387-9770
visit my website for more information: www.llcoaching.org
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Never try to change aspects of who you are just to fit into a certain image. Let your true colors show and you will attract genuine people and energy into your life. I could feel ashamed that I am not your average college girl who enjoys a *normal* 21 year old lifestyle, but instead I've embraced that I am naturally an old soul. The right people will love your authentic self if you give them the chance to. Life is too fragile to spend your time seeking validation through others whether that's on social media or in the real world. We are all unique individuals with different tastes, ideals, perspectives and opinions. Our differences is what makes us most similar and connects us as humans. You are worthy of love, happiness, and successs just the way you are. 🦋


"Don't pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one" - Bruce Lee quote. Repeat that to yourself 5x's and let it sink in. This combined with our take on The Great Wave 🌊 off Kanagawa make for an epic shirt. Available on more shirts than we have photographed yet. #brucelee #greatwaveoffkanagawa #yogapants #yogaeverydamnday #athleisure #buddhism #ecofriendlyapparel #thirdeyethreads #thirdeyesurf #surf #mermaid #tsunamishirt #meditation

I have so many goals, hopes, and dreams for the coming days, and my life experience overall, that it can feel overwhelming sometimes. I remember sitting on the swing in my backyard when I was a little girl for hours and hours daydreaming about everything under the sun. I still believe that in adulthood there is a vital space for dreams and imagination that too many of us leave behind, but there is also a time to be present. I refer to my path as a journey because that is what i believe life is. But it is so important for us all to stop and appreciate what IS in each moment throughout our journey, who we are and how we are right now, because it is this moment that matters most. Taking time each day to be present and feel the gratitude for this time in my life has only helped to bring more of my dreams into reality. Staying focused and in the flow of love and positivity today, and wishing all of your beautiful souls a magical day 💛

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Ever wonder what a few moments of ME Time can accomplish?

In a busy world of Go-Go-Go it's so important to carve out a time each day that lets you Stop and focus on you and what's important to you.

Whether it's a workout or a mani/pedi or meditation or lunch with a friend....
Whatever it is that let's you Decompress and come back Energized and Focused... Do it!

Life is stressful.... Do What Sets Your Soul on Fire 🔥
For me: home workouts, clean eating and meditation absolutely help me stay calm and be the Best Me I can Be...... but Wine helps too 🍷 lol
Wonder if this lifestyle could work for you too?
Let's talk and find out.... The Warrior Goddess Revolution is coming.....
Are you ready for it?

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Som si tak dneska uvedomila, pri tomto plnom tanieri čerstvých nakrájaných cestovín, že čerstvé "veci" sú pre mňa doležité...čerstvo oprané periny, čerstvý teplý chlieb, čerstvé ráno alebo večer ako je tento, čerstvá láska, čerstvo odtrhnutá paradajka. Čerstvo. 🙏🏻 • I really need "freshness" in my life - fresh pasta, bread, tomato, mornings ...wow! #freshpasta #freshness #meditation #tomato #basilpesto #genovesepesto #pastaebasta #homemade #temadleprackama #parmesan #pistacchio #lepoknajkamos #oliveoil

Nytt läsgodis 😍🙏🏼 #yoga #meditation @josefinesyoga #böcker #bokklokhet

"Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature." - Steve Maraboli, Author #inspiration #motivationalquotes #love #bliss #hope #happiness #lawofattraction #gratitude #abundance #positivity #prosperity #faith #wealth #positive #mindset #meditation #affirmations

1x Polished Pistachio Opal {47 grams} 🔮
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Pistachio Opal helps bring a deep sense of hope and inner peace 💫
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Happy bidding😊🔮

"When your happiness is dependent upon what is happening outside of you, constantly you live as a slave to the external situation." - Sadhguru 💗 What do you do to take the reigns over your own happiness? One thing that this brings up for me is relationship. I think some people that don't know me as well, view my independence as a single 35 yo woman, and think that a husband and family are not things I care about or want. Really it is what I care about most (growing up I wanted to be a "young mom" with kids by 25 😂). The people in my life are everything to me. But until I meet my soulmate (who I trust I will meet at just the right time) and become a mother, I am making the most of my "freedom". I was fortunate to spend 2 months abroad in India and Bali where I met the most wonderful people and really got to know myself on another level and for that I am forever grateful 🙏🏽

When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts ♥️ Dali Lama
I just spent the last week doing yoga and meditation with the SUNY Purchase College incoming freshman. These young adults have restored my hope and faith in humanity- I am super humbled thankful and grateful to be a part of their journey and them a part of mine. #sweetkarma13 #love #eop #sunypurchasecollege #yoga #meditation #iam

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