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Wheel gymnastics😳
By @ilsevdham
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It's the mind that must be strengthened. An important part of the adventure of life is to get hold of the mind, and to keep that controlled mind constantly attuned to the lord. This is the secret of a happy successful existence. It comes by exercising mind power and by at tuning the mind to God through meditation. When your mind is calm and filled with faith after praying to God in meditation, you are able to see various answers to your problems. Keep practising Sadhana, keep trusting God. Keep the faith and keep marching ahead without fear. Be love and Spread love. Whatever you give out will come back to you, this is the universal law of nature. Love and you will get love. Hate and hate will return. When you fill yourself with negative thoughts, you are destroying yourself. Be good to one and all. And God will be good to you. Positivity will beget positive results. Establish in HIM, make effort to remember him day and night. Seek him continuously through prayer and devotion. No effort goes to waste, even a tiny bit of this worship protects one from great fears!! Love, Light & Peace ✨🌴🕉👁🐍🔱💀🌙🐚🌿🌀📿🌷🔔🍃🌴✨ 📷@ale3jandro
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Have fun with sunflowers 🌻
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Angel Aura Quartz, one of my favorites. What do you think? 😘 What's your favorite aura crystal! 🌈💎🌌

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Hola from Mexico 🇲🇽

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Positive Affirmation - I am becoming wealthier via @loa_vimnow

Buongiorno...è domenica,domani un'altra settimana ricomincia 😑 non ci posso pensare! E non avrò neanche queste forze... oggi posto un'altra posa ( la mia preferita) della challenge #springyourwings 🌸🌸🌸 Day 4 #crowpose #laposadelcorvo .
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How i miss the wilderness of that quiet village in India "Udupi" - not a famous place nor a touristic one but this is where i found myself while walking those little muddy roads between the trees, watching the dozens of butterflies around chasing the perfume of the flowers, discovering the inhabitants caring for their rice fields... this is the simple life , a beautiful life filled with blessings and abundance 💚

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#Йога - она вездесуща ✨ Даже питомцы Пражского #Зоо (глава горилльего семейства) не забывают о #медитации ! 😉 Yoga everywhere 🙏 Even #praguezoo #monkeys do #meditation 😌

I am not going to make friends with this post. You've been warned.


Day 25 | Standing Forehead-to-Knee Pose

I love this pose. It is one of my favorites. I love Bikram yoga for introducing me to it. I love my hot yoga teacher training for showing me how to do it safely. I will do my best in the comments to give a brief breakdown, but if you really want to advance, go to a class, find an instructor you click with, and ask questions.
This is why I am just plain pissed off at this challenge. There has been no instruction on how to move into this pose and a ton of beginners out there fucking up their bodies to emulate a picture with zero understanding of how to do it safely. I have been observing and participating in many challenges this month and this one is by far the worst. Zero instruction and poses too advanced for beginners to do safely. It's shit like this giving yoga as a whole a bad name. //endrant// Host & Sponsor

💥💥Sometimes the most creative side of us comes out when we silent and with nature ! Take time to recuperate, time to fuel ⛽️ up, pause , reflect and then do your best work !! 🥊🥊💪💪. #nature #meditation #mind #body #soul #health #endthetrend

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