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We performed @xiuhtezcatl_tonatiuh New Single #OneDay ft. @isaroske. I helped co-produce and laid strings on this revolutionary track. Watch the full video on @earthguardians FB page. Click the link in my bio to download this song! #BreakFree

Sooooooper excited about my dear friend's new album MY NAME IS BEAR, coming out 20 October. Lemme tell you ... iz good ... iz very good 🌟 Check out nahko.com for infos and tour dates 🐻 yippee! #mynameisbear #nahkobear #medicinetribe

I've known my brother Fabian @realization_nation for a couple years now and I'm excited to be moving forward on some epic collaborations we've been planning. 🙌

First up is a Men's Soul Circle taking place on the evening of Sunday, August 27th in the Los Angeles (South Bay) area. Fabian, Joey @joeylinnert, and myself will be co-creating a sacred space for men to feel, heal, and get real as we dive deep into the heart of what it is to be an awakening man. 🔥

In this circle we will gather our courage and open our hearts so that we may speak truths that connect us to the vital masculine force within us. We will share our challenges, longings, and passion for this life in our sacred brotherhood, and in doing so we weave an energetic web of connection which will support us in remaining steadfast on our path. ✊

We will conclude the evening with drumming and a shamanic sound bath which will help us to integrate the medicine we receive. There will also be light refreshments. 🍵 $25 for those who have previously attended our circles, workshops, or soundbaths. $30 for prepay. $35 at the door. Space is limited so if you feel called to join us please send me a DM and we'll secure your spot in the circle. ✨

Also be sure to give @realization_nation a follow for more information on a transformational journey to Peru he'll be leading in February! I may be joining in as a co-facilitator but either way it'll be a beautiful journey! 🌱

Fabian writes: After meeting my Soul in the Amazon of Peru, I understood the ramifications of my addiction to the illusion of physical reality.

I could never again confuse my Self with my physical body or personality.

I could now forever identify as a Soul having a human experience. 👁 🌱 Journey to Peru Retreat🌱


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PHILLY TRIBE: We are performing some sweet songs soon at @radio1045
Tune in at 12pm EST 🏔
Tune in! Link on our profile☝🏽

Do not be afraid to be the one who loves the most.

In time, the earth will heal.
Just like us.
One #generation at a time.
Our work becomes clear.
As each teardrop is sent.
From stages. To rivers.
From buses. To eagles.
Touring, like a #horse seeing its first day.
We pay. We pray.
We visit. We revisit.
This is life. -------->
@nahkobear & #medicinetribe

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. -Khalil Gibran 🌻


What a weird moment in Americas history we're in. Where do you lie during this change? I feel now more than ever a shift in to love and compassion becoming vital to the nurturing of many wounded cultures and mentalities amongst the generations. Perhaps it's a good idea to take a walk, help someone, create, pray/meditate. Become inspired enough to recognize and utilize the best possibly ways your gifts, skills, passions & talents can aid in creating this new paradigm we're racing in to. "Punching Nazis" and reflecting hate will not help our futures or that of the generations to come. In our peace we will be better equipped and emotionally stable enough to handle every new dilema we face with grace and precision. If we contribute our thoughts to the collective hysteria our collective egos will only feed the addiction to pain in this viscous cycle we're living in. Everybody take a long hard look at YOU. It all starts there. | #wild #day #peace #now #friends #music #healing #art #protection

🖐🏽 Yep. 5 of 'em.
We have 5 basic needs.
If you've read the posts I've put up previously that look similar to this one then you'll know all about Choice Theory and Quality World Pictures.
You may even remember that EVERY behaviour is motivated by our Quality World Pictures. (scroll through my account to find the QWP post if you've forgotten what it is)

Here is a deeper truth... Beneath each Quality World Picture is a NEED we feel will be filled when we achieve that QWP.
Dr. Glasser suggests we have 5 basic needs:

Love, Belong & Connectedness (all one category)

The importance of each need varies person to person. I have a large Freedom and LBC needs. Medium Survival, Fun and Power needs.
What's the point?
There is personal power in knowing your needs. Knowing them allows you to meet them AND know when you are deficient in any of the needs. A hint that you may be deficient in one or more needs, in this moment, is your thoughts. Do you wake up thinking about escaping to a silent retreat immediately? Or going away on a solo snow boarding trip? etc.
This is our needs talking to us. It may be Freedom saying 'Hey, I need your attention!!'
It may be Fun saying "Hey, Captain Serious, let's get out of here and go have a good time!'
It could be power saying 'Hey, I feel the need to be awesome, let's go shred some pow duuuuude' (...🤷🏽‍♀️sorry for that, *insert cool snowboard lingo here - should have phoned my cool snowboarding brother in law before writing this 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️whatever.) You get the point, our needs are talking to us all the time through our thoughts. The potential for keeping ourselves balanced and happily meeting all our needs increases like 💯percent IF WE ACTUALLY KNOW:
So give it a think. Which ones feel most important to you. I'll start exploring through each of the individual needs 5 posts from now. - can't mess with the sweet insta grid I've got going on 😜
If you know your needs size ratio share it in the comments. Let's get real. ...also if you have sweet snowboarding lingo please also share that 😬 😘✌

#Repost @richvagner
We performed @xiuhtezcatl_tonatiuh New Single #OneDay ft. @isaroske. I helped co-produce and laid strings on this revolutionary track. Watch the full video on @earthguardians FB page. Click the link in my bio to download this song! #BreakFree

We performed @xiuhtezcatl_tonatiuh New Single #OneDay ft. @isaroske. I helped co-produce and laid strings on this revolutionary track. Watch the full video on @earthguardians FB page. Click the link in my bio to download this song! #BreakFree

"Chopping the mountains in half, can't you hear the earth screaming?" // @nahkobear

Do not be afraid to be the one who loves the most.

Proud to present to you all my second symmetrical pendant in Sterling silver. This one couldn't have turned out better, but I'd still love your feedback! #rhodochrosite #pink #symmetry #handmadejewelry #available

Sweet nectar in Sun Valley!#winds of the north#spirit #medicinetribe #joy #hummingbird

Gathering the flowers, flowers from the forest
Forest full of medicine to help us with our healing!

Earth ceremony I held during my 300hr YTT in Peru! We honored Pachamama by singing her songs, saying prayers , and making a collective Earth Mandala. Deep healing for our sacred planet coming soon! Stay in Tune!

#earthmandala #motherearth #pachamama #ceremony #shamanism #prayer #medicine #plantmedicine #earthceremony #newearth #gaia #meditate #namaste #health #healing #newparadigm #zion #babylonisburning #knowthyself #medicinesong #medicinetribe #travel #peru #schoolyogainstitute #yogainspiration #yogatravels #permaculture #yogaeverydamnday #psy #permanism

Today is a good day for my ego to die.

SALMON WILL RUN• We are committed. Our Salmon are still running in Aotearoa and we will do everything we can to reach them this year! Help us reach our stretch goal to travel to New Zealand this year to complete phase 1 of our project! Donate today to help us bring our salmon home! ---> bit.ly/salmonwillrun

#run4salmon #salmonwillrun #nodamcanhold #medicinetribe #waterislife #goodthingscoming

When a friend of mine lost her baby she told me I found words for something there are no words for. I think about this a lot. I put all kinds of pressure on myself to only say things that mean things. When I say nothing it doesn’t feel right, because I’ve learnt something is always better than nothing. Something means at least you tried. Mornings like this I feel every word falling short. I feel guilty when I focus on one thing because it’s prominent in my newsfeed while there are so many other horrendous injustices in the world that I’m ignoring. I don’t have the capacity to hold all of it.

There’s a German word with no real English translation. Weltschmerz. It means world-pain or world-weariness, a feeling of anxiety caused by the evils of the world.

I’m sick with Weltschmerz this morning. I don’t know if it’s a verb. I probably haven’t used it correctly. My German still isn’t great. I got up with the sun to write. I’m working on a new project that feels so important to me. I know I’m not alone in this feeling, sitting here in my safe & privileged life feeling so heavy & helpless as the Internet shows me the great pain of the world. I’m trying to convince myself the reason I got up at sunrise is still just as important, maybe even more important. Above most other things, I believe in arts healing role in the world. I think about what I told my friend after her loss, I remember at the time the voice in my head encouraging me to just do one thing - just say something.

This is the best I can do this morning. This is my something.

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