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Dude Cassidy looks like Bevis and Buttheas #medicareforall
Thanks @mallorycare for this

Proud to be supporting those fighting to win #medicareforall. #healthcare @nationalnurses

#MedicareForAll is the ONLY solution to this for profit healthcare system we currently have! Thanks to @peopleforbernie for tweeting this originally, I just made it to a video to fit IG.

Wow again I love my school for making this opportunity possible for me :,) #MedicareForAll

Let's defeat the latest pathetic version of the Republican deathcare bill so we can get back to scaring insurance executives. #medicareforall

Sen. Bernie Sanders barnstormed friendly progressive audiences Friday in San Francisco to build support of his Medicare-for-all proposal, saying it wasn’t enough just to play defense against “horrific” Republican health care plans. At the downtown rally at Yerba Buena Gardens, Sanders did praise one Republican — fellow Sen. John McCain — for having the “conscience” to oppose the latest Republican attempt to repeal Obamacare. 📷: @santimejia_
#medicare #medicareforall #berniesanders #SF #healthcare


New stickers in the shop. 🌸 #notmyprez

When you're right, you're right. (#LeftIsBest) #MedicareForAll
Join DSA!

And yet he persisted (with another embarrassing failure) #notrumpcare #medicareforall #universalhealthcare #resist

Most recent update in estimated changes in number insured from GC. We will see how long it's accurate. #grahamcassidy #washingtondc #medicaid #medicareforall #dentistry #dentistindc

All three establishment politicians on the stage with Bernie last night, used the S-word, as a weapon. We've been through this fear-mongering before. The only reason that the establishment attacks SOCIALISM as they do? It is because they know it will unite the people, and tear down the greed of capitalism.

Never forget - propaganda doesn't waste energy on that which is not a threat. The establishment is most definitely taking notice... The Daily Good Morning (To Laugh That We May Not Weep) - The Blog of Convict #9653 (Eugene V. Debs) "It would be difficult to imagine a more ignorant, bitter and unreasoning prejudice than that of the American people against Socialism during the early years of its introduction by the propagandists from the other side.

I never think of these despised and persecuted "foreign invaders" without a feeling of profound obligation, akin to reverence, for their noble work in laying the foundations deep and strong, under the most trying conditions, of the American movement. The ignorant mass, wholly incapable of grasping their splendid teachings or appreciating their lofty motives, reviled against them. The press inoculated the public sentiment with intolerance and malice which not infrequently found expression through the policeman's club when a few of the pioneers gathered to engraft the class-conscious doctrine upon their inhospitable "free-born" American fellow citizens." -- International Socialist Review September 1900 *** #ThisSpaceForRant #ChangeTheWorld #MedicareForAll


#ForeverBernie #NoWar #EndModernSlavery #EndPrivatePrisons
#NoDAPL #DefeatGreed #RadicalizePeace #PropagateTheTruth *** Always feel welcome to share our posts around!

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"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness", the inevitable rights the are nation was founded on, become awfully hard to appreciate if you have a disease that maybe fatal without the proper healthcare, and the government decides you are no longer worth the tax money to be kept alive. Being dead you fail at "Life" and it also makes "Pursuing Happiness" difficult, so there is no "Liberty" in taking people's healthcare. They say you are what you eat and it is definitely true with Bill Cassidy, he is a lying sack of shit and he has the shit eating grin to prove it.

I thought I recognized him... #evil #healthcare #medicareforall #billcassidy

trying to organize 70+ overly excited progressives + Bernie into a photograph #MedicareForAll

Graham-Cassidy #medicareforall

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