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After making the effort to go to 2 conferences, reading multiple articles, and of course many long hours working in the arenas of med surg and in-patient endoscopy, I am now re-certified as a Certified Medical Surgical Nurse!!! They left out my credentials as a BSN but I am an RN nonetheless 💊💉💊. #CMSRN. #medsurgnurse. #medicalsurgicalnurse. #RN. #BSN. #nursing. #nurse. #MSNCB. #AMSN. #academyofmedicalsurgicalnursing

I am so speechless. What an honor it is to be recognized and to have such an impact on others. I am truly thankful for this.
#employeeofthemonth #truestory #rnlife #Nurselife #nursing #medicalsurgicalnurse #perdiem #proudnursehere

I am not perfect....
But I always keep trying being better and better every single days...
Thank you so much mbak Anda @hairstylist_arrusa and mas Donny as @arrusa_management and the instructure team mbak @imma_hairstylist @lizmakeupandhair and mbak Santi.
Thank you so much for ur kindness and ur patiently for companing us learn about hairstylist....
What a wonderfull 3 days intensive class with all of you.
And it really nice to meet a new wonderful friends there... See you soon guys...
And missing all of you already 😘😘😘.
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Happy Birthday to my day one ☝🏾, extroverted, travel ready bestie. You've accomplished a lot in 7 years and you're not even 30 yet.

You're a:
👶🏾Daughter 👱🏾‍♀️Big Sister 💉Registered Nurse 👩🏾‍⚕️Family Nurse Practitioner
👩🏾‍💼Business Owner
👙Swimsuit Designer 👩🏾‍🎤Public Speaker

But most of all you're a dedicated, loyal and compassionate friend. May you enjoy this anniversary that celebrates your born day.
We appreciate you and you make this sometimes cold world 🌎 better by that big heart ❤️ of yours.

Happy Birthday Sis!👯

Say it with me, ~
"By Any Means Necessary".
Do you have that grit though? ~
You know running a business isn't easy and sometimes, it's plane old frustrating. ~
This is the time where your " By Any Means Necessary" mindset comes in.
I know it's rough at times going after your dreams, however remember if it was easy everyone would do it.
Just think of the countless people you can help by running a business that support people live a more holistic lifestyle.
All I can say, it's just keep pushing love, because your day is coming.
Lots of Love,
Ifeoma 🌸

The face you make when you know that big thangs are about to happen. 💁🏾

The road to success is pretty simple, not easy but simple.
When I came across this post from #thesaxagency, I resonated this message so much.
As Minority Nursepreneurs we're often the first person in our families working for ourselves. So we often make many mistakes because we don't know any better.
My advice to you is trusting your intuition that your talents are worth more than what your employer is paying you. Also that it's wise for you to create your own opportunities.

Stay Blessed Up,
Ifeoma 🌸

Hey Sis, I'm really excited to share with you the amazing content I have coming up in just a few days.

If you don't know already, I'm extremely passionate about everything holistic wellness and especially mental wellness.

As a proud Nigerian woman 🇳🇬and registered nurse, it breaks my heart seeing how mental illness affects minorities.

So many of us suffer in silence and even worse nurses suffer from PTSD, rarely seeking professional support for their condition.

If you are a nurse, better yet a nurse entrepreneur who's struggling in business because of depression or PTSD, sit tight because I'm bring great preventative tips your way pretty soon.

Take Care,
Ifeoma 🌸
Nurse Shaman™©®

I'm a:
💉Registered Nurse
👩🏾‍💼Nurse Entrepreneur 🌱Certified Wellness Coach

I've had plenty nights questioning my path, wondering where my next client going to come. Doubts about business investment I've made. Then it always comes down to one decision, what other choice do I have?

From an early age, I've known I was meant to do my own thing, be my own boss. So if you're like me and desire freedom, autonomy and financial abundance, stick in there. God sees you, your time is coming. Remember whenever you want to give up, that's when you should push harder.💪🏾 At Your Service,
Nurse Shaman ™®©

One month left with my 2 East family before I go to ICU and I’m feeling the emotions!! This place is my home. My heart is there with everyone even if I don’t always show it 😂 I can’t even thank these women enough for the support and love they’ve shown as I grew as an RN with them all ❤️ I always talk about how blessed I am to have an amazing boss on an amazing floor with amazing doctors, nurses and colleagues. Sometimes we gotta fly even though it’s not easy to do. #nurses #lovethem #changeishard #icunurse #medicalsurgicalnurse #growth #futurecrna I could only fit 10 pics but I would’ve put a million more!!

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