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Gastrektomi biasa dilakukan pada orang dengan obesitas, kanker kerongkongan dan kanker lambung. Prosedur ini juga dikenal dengan istilah reseksi lambung.
Tergantung pada bagian lambung yang diangkat, gastrektomi dapat dibedakan menjadi beberapa jenis:
- Gastrektomi lengan, jika hanya bagian kiri lambung yang diangkat
- Gastrektomi parsial, jika hanya sebagian lambung, termasuk area di dekat duodenum yang diangkat
- Esofagogastrektomi, jika kerongkongan dan bagian atas lambung diangkat.
Apabila seluruh bagian lambung diangkat, dokter bedah akan menyambungkan usus ke kerongkongan supaya pasien tetap dapat mencerna makanan. Namun, pasien kemungkinan akan tetap kesulitan mencerna makanan, karena lambung seharusnya dapat menguraikan makanan dengan asam lambung.
Gastrektomi disarankan bagi pasien yang menderita:
1. Kanker lambung
Ini adalah penyebab utama dari gastrektomi. Apabila kanker telah memasuki stadium akhir, gastrektomi akan digabungkan dengan pengobatan lain, seperti kemoterapi. Kanker lambung dapat disebabkan oleh banyak faktor resiko, namun penyebab utamanya adalah peradangan kronis akibat bakteri H. pylori. Bakteri ini akan mengiritasi lapisan lambung, sehingga timbul lesi pra-kanker.
2. Kanker kerongkongan yang menyebar ke bagian atas lambung. Bila hal ini terjadi, seluruh bagian kerongkongan dan bagian lambung yang rusak akan diangkat.
3. Ulkus peptikum (tukak lambung), termasuk ulkus duodenum dan lambung. Gastrektomi merupakan pilihan terakhir, apabila penyakit tidak dapat disembuhkan dengan obat-obatan dan perubahan pola makan.
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A primeira aula prática de Cirúrgicas a gente tem que registrar! ❤️ Quem me segue aqui sabe que eu já participei de um curso de sutura há um ano atrás, buuuut hoje suturei como se nunca tivesse feito antes 🙄 ficou cagado sim ou com certeza?! 😂 O que importa?! É que fiquei feliz, empolgada e ainda temos um longo semestre de suturas semanais pra treinar e estar pronta pra deixar meus pacientes com pontos IMPECÁVEIS! Anotem aí.. minhas cesáreas não deixarão marcas! HAHAHAH 😉 teve morfo também, teve farmaco, teve aula teórica de lesões e cuidados, teve risada com as amigas, ou seja, saldo positivissímo no dia de hoje! ❤️🙏🏻 fiquei ai com eu e minha língua de boi! #medlife #medicina #medschool #medinspiration #medicalstudent #medicine #práticascirúrgicas #suture #sutura #laboratorio #medpractice

So many people believe in one path - study, get a job, have security. Life has so much more to offer if you're willing to put yourself out there and venture off the beaten path. #jaguar #jag

Ricordate l'intervento di "trapianto eterotopico temporaneo" che vi ho proposto qualche tempo fa?
Avevo anche detto di come fosse già stato usato in passato per preservare un arto nell'attesa che il moncone fosse in condizioni adatte.

In questo caso come potete vedere, si ha avuto l'amputazione di una mano che è stata collegata ai vasi brachiali al fine di mantenerne la vascolarizzazione. -Globus
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The facial and the trigeminal nerves are the largest of the cranial nerves. The facial nerve is mainly a motor nerve, innervating the muscles of facial expression, whereas the trigeminal nerve contributes mainly to innervation of the skin and the muscles of mastication. Some fibers of the facial nerve use a branch of the trigeminal nerve to reach its destination. Do you know which branch is it? And why is it so? www.anatomynext.com #medicalschool #anatomy #neuroanatomy #maxillofacialsurgery #neurosurgery #uw #uwschoolofmedicine #stanford #grossanatomy #medicalstudent #3danimation #3dart #anatomynext #muscles #physiotherapy #humanart #art

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В КНР впервые в истории выполнили полную криогенную заморозку человека — 49-летняя Чжан Вэньлянь, которая недавно умерла от рака легких, сообщает газета "Взгляд" со ссылкой на агентство "Синьхуа".
Ее супруг попросил специалистов Shandong Yinfeng Biological Engineering Group, чтобы его жену заморозили в надежде, что развитие медицинских технологий когда-нибудь позволит вернуть Чжан к жизни. 💉
Операцию по криогенной заморозке тела проводили на протяжении более двух дней. Оно с 10 мая хранится в специальном контейнере объемом в 2000 литров с жидким азотом при температуре 192-195 градусов Цельсия ниже нуля. 🌡
В июле 2016 года в Техасе начали строить центр Timeship, в котором будут замораживать и хранить до 50 тыс. человеческих тел.
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Successful removal of a kidney from a young female with Wilms' tumor!
Wilms tumor, or nephroblastoma, is type of a kidney tumor that is seen most commonly in pediatric patients between the ages 2 and 5 years). The tumor presents as a large, palpable abdominal mass that can grow and extend into the pelvis.
Tumors this size can also cause intestinal obstruction and blood in the urine (hematuria). The condition is detected by an abdominal ultrasound that shows an intrarenal mass with a CT scan for evaluation of any possible metastasis, i.e. to determine whether the cancer has spread beyond the kidney to other areas.
Grossly, the tumor shows areas of hemorrhage and necrosis with variable mix of stromal and epithelial cell types on histology.
Treatment plans are pretty limited to a radical nephrectomy (removal of the cancer along with the entire kidney, ureter, adrenal gland and surrounding fatty tissue) with chemotherapeutic agents or radiation therapy in advanced stages.
In the very advanced stage V, patients have cancer involvement in both kidneys, removing both kidneys would result in kidney failure and the need for a kidney transplant. As a result, surgeons usually take out as much of the cancer as possible and preserve as much healthy kidney tissue as they can to avoid an organ transplant.

Taking a quick lunch break before getting back to notes, a new admission, and a surprise discharge.😨 I don't know about you, but when I'm hungry, not only do I get hangry, but I also just can't think straight. 😂 I probably would be more efficient if I could just work through the hunger pangs but then I'd work slower rather than taking a 15 min lunch break and getting back at it on full speed.
So I'm going to enjoy this delicious and easy to prepare ground turkey salad and get back at it. ➡️What's your favorite go-to lunch on busy days? ⬅️

#HistoricalVignette: The history of external ventricular drainage (EVD) - Full article link in our bio! #FreeArticle #neurosurgery #neuroanatomy #neuroscience #neurosurgeryblog #neurosurgeon #medicalschool #medicalstudent #residents

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