I love to Sense into my I AM Word each week. Setting up an intention for the week ahead. I ask my Higher Self to offer the Energy of the Word I most need. It’s a frequency that supports my week. My TIP for you ...is to not think the word, or assume / control from an outcome you want. WHY? Because we consciously know so little of what lies deeper. So get out of your own way, place your hand on your HeartSoul and Breathe. Close your eyes and SEE / FEEL /HEAR/ KNOW from your 3rd Eye what you most need. WRITE or note the word down and spend 1 minute each day CONNECTING into it. Observe your energy and how it’s frequency may be propelling and / or supporting your week. Let me know how you go x Vanessa 💗

Bye Bye 👋Weekend!!! Reset🙏❤️ready for another week of service! Feeling charged and ready to live the BEST version of ME! ⚡️ (- car wash 🤷‍♀️) #bestversionofme

Happy Sunday! Add some sweetness to a friend's day by tagging them and telling them something you love about them! Never underestimate the power of a small gesture.

Hope you've had a great weekend! ☀️Today was my first beach day this summer and it was glorioussss to be feeling the sun and listening to the ocean, dozing in and out of sleep. Contentment.

With light and love,
Sarah xo

Stained Glass Windows ...Remembrance 🙏 I was so taken by this quote a few months ago I created an image. Although I’ve posted it already, it feels like a perfect day to share its potent message. Each week I support women to SEE, truly SEE themselves. To the core . The Soul. We clear energetic patterns contributing to health and disease. We unclog pipes and drains of emotional gunk. But the Soul work and DNA recoding and Light Language frequency healing .... its the Mastery. It’s the Grace that allows more flow of the revealing Truth. The core stuff is the deepest play within the Journey. I am always in awe of women who work with me over a transformational process. Starting somewhere is key... but investing in their Lights Path is the GOLD. How are you investing in your Stained Glass Windows right now? What holds you back? Is it fear, money, deservability, time, family, your stubbornness? Are you getting in your own way and making excuses? How is your current state of Self feeling? I am here to be your Light and Guide. I have a few opportunities to work 1-1 with you starting in August. You can be anywhere in the world and we meet via Skype. Healing begins when you decide and take action. Let’s connect to discuss your needs x Vanessa

Crystal SKULLS connect us deeply with our connection to All Consciousness. To the Wisdom within. When I was ready - skulls entered my healing toolbox of tools. Working with them alongside the incredible Andaras is beyond WOW. I’m honored to now be a steward of Skulls, Unicorns, and Dragon carved gemstones. This Chevron Amethyst is an incredible piece I get to choose for my collection. I receive preorders and purchases so if you are called or wish to know more, please send a private message to arrange it. I post skulls of this size within Australia. Tune into the Mastery and a Mystery 🙏💗🌟 Vanessa

Licorice has many important properties but you have to use caution. Some of the side effects with excessive use include lowered potassium, high blood pressure, edema, the worsening of erectile dysfunction and chronic fatigue, which is the opposite of what you want when treating adrenal fatigue. The root shouldn’t be used for longer than 1-3 months. Research all supplements before use. Just like medications, one size doesn’t fit all and side effects are always possible. #chronicfatiguesyndrome #chronicfatigue #adrenals #cortisol #listentoyourbody #anxiety #medicalintuitive #licorice #foodismedicine #katiebeecher #alternativemedicine #goop

Do you know about liver flushing? It is a way to remove stones from your liver without surgery. If you are suffering from gallstones, please consider doing a few flushes before undergoing surgery. A liver that is over-burdened with toxins cannot do its job. To find out more, research the work of Andreas Moritz. There is a specific recipe and procedure that needs to be followed. It is lengthy, so I am not able to write it all here. I have done 3 flushes over the last few years and each time I did one, my energy improved and I felt much better. I'm planning on doing another in a few weeks.
Image via @liver.flusher. Lots of great info on liver flushes on his page! 👍
#liverflush #gallstones #liverhealth #holisticmentalhealth #alternativementalhealth #naturalhealth #medicalintuitive #naturalmentalhealth #cleanse #detox #mentalwellness #rootcause #anxiety #depression #healingdepression #sideeffects #psychiatry #detoxprotocols

Super excited to teach this art class on how to paint and understand the human Chakra system at Create in Reno on August 3rd. You can learn all about your energy system, paint, sip your favorite beverage and take home your own 11x14 version of my original chakra painting featured in the photo. Register at www.createartreno.com. See you there! 😊 #createartreno #workshop #funtimes #artist🎨 #medicalintuitive #paint #byob #chakrasystem #energy #energyflow #energywork #beyou #artsandcrafts #create

Happy Sunday 💛 I'd like to take a moment and remember today with gratitude all is abundant and visible and present in my life because of God. When I had my near death experience, I really had no idea that I would be able to rebound in the way that I have. I was in a wheelchair, in pain, in a weakened state. I say this to remind you and myself, that as a child of God, I am worthy and deserving of health, of wholeness, of joy, of love, and a fulfilling life purpose. Do you know that you are worthy and deserving of all these things? You are no different than me. I am not different from you. Be clear in your deepest heart, perhaps say to yourself ... I am a child of God.
I am worthy. I am deserving.
I accept love. I am love.
I accept joy. I deserve joy. I Am Joy.
I am a child of God. .
#prayer #knowyouareworthy #resilient #turntoGod #medicalintuitive #godrocks #love #omnipresent #deserving #worthy #childofGod #sundayfunday#gifts #trancemedium

The first step when starting any healing program or for just maintaining good health is detoxing. Intimidated by the idea of detoxing? You don’t have to be. You don’t have to starve yourself or go on a juice fast. 🍏It starts with understanding toxicity. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by chemicals, including pesticides, GMOs, pollution, medications in the water, perfumes and other scents, plastics and more, which are all potential toxins. Our bodies all contain viruses and bacteria, whether active or inactive, which also add to the toxic load. Let’s not forget mold. Many people have difficulty with detoxing naturally because of genetic issues like MTHFR, liver disease, lack of proper exercise, even stress. Poor quality diets with too much sugar, processed foods and not enough nutrients also contributes. Our immune system is on overdrive, always fighting against the toxic invaders. If you understand this, you can understand that even introducing natural, usually non toxic things into a toxic body can overload it. I believe that so called “herxing” is actually the bodies reaction to fighting toxins. How can you avoid these symptoms? By detoxing first. 🍋. What does this mean? Eliminate GMOs, pesticides and other chemicals. Eliminate chemicals from your cleaning products, aluminum in your deodorant, cosmetics, sunscreen and more. Stop using plastic. Use food and other nutrients as medicine as much as possible. Filter your water. Move your body and sweat. Don’t forget about cleansing your environment of clutter and cleansing your mind of negative thoughts. Eliminate the people in your life who make you feel badly about yourself. The last two things I mentioned are especially important for sensitive and empathic people because being sensitive makes you more susceptible to toxins. These are just a few suggestions but there is more you can do including homeopathic detox remedies. You can certainly fast if you want, but it isn’t necessary. Be good to yourselves❤️ #detox #detoxing #healing #healthylifestyle #foodasmedicine #medicalintuitive #healfromwithin #intuition #empath #sensitive #goop

It's Spiritual Sunday!
Today, we are starting with Perdita Chivers, who is the owner of Write to Empowerment. We are going to be discussing her empowerment pencils, how they came to be, how to use them and why I'm so in love with them.
And then on to readings to help you unlock your weight loss/diet issues...... 1 pm EDT today!
#spiritwarriorwende #spiritualsunday #empowerment #intuitivereadings #spiritualsubjects #thechurchofwende #enlightenment #entertainment #intuition #medicalintuitive #spiritualpath #fun #fascinating

When you believe you are beautiful, and you are, you will create from beauty and love.
#Psychic 4 #Business #Health #Wealth #Love911 #Personal #PetPsychic #Answers #PsychicMentor #MedicalIntuitive #PsychicReading #Empower #GirlPOWERMentor #Meditation #HappilyEverNOW 💃

We always hear "It's your body. You can do with it what you want. No one can tell you otherwise. "
Now that's lovely in concept and overall quite true but have you noticed (and how can you not) that other people don't get the message about your body?
Whether it be inappropriate in obvious ways (ie: overtly sexual) or just what some people think is a grey area ie: A STRAIGHT GIRL AT A GAY BOY BAR (thinking she's the toucher here), A WHITE PERSON TOUCHING THE HAIR OF SOMEONE OF COLOR, A STRANGER TOUCHING THE STOMACH OF A PREGNANT WOMAN OR A BOSS GIVING A BACK RUB OR EVEN A FULLY GROWN MAN THINKING HE CAN GIVE ANOTHER GROWN MAN A NUGGIE.
Did you flinch at any of these? The point is these things make the touched feel violated.
I always say that the body vibrates like a tuning fork. We each hold our energy centers and the nerves, blood pulsing through you and the electricity of energy is what makes our body sing like when you hit the tuning fork on the edge of a table.
Respecting others physicality is going to be at play today AND IN TURN MAKING SURE YOU'RE NOT TOLERATING OTHERS INDISCRETIONS TOWARD YOU IS KEY.
For every time you suck it uo and try to let something intrusive roll off your back, THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE.
Today, be your body's defender. IF YOU FEEL SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.
This is a time of coming to the rescue of your own body,

And oh, let Tiger's Eye help you find the strength you've earned.

#love #spirit #energy #psychic #psychicreading #medicalintuitive #medicalmedium #medium #crystals #crystalhealing #tigerseye #iggypop #thebodykeepsthescore #jlosas #bettygrable

Liberate:  to release (someone) from a state or situation that limits freedom of thought or behavior.
Ascend and Liberate! September 29, Kimberly Meredith will assist all attending to ascend to a higher vibration, a higher dimension where deep healing is available to us all, at Liberate Hollywood.
At this event, we also welcome with gratitude the live music offerings of Animal Cloud, an LA-based alternative synth-pop creation of Keith Tenenbaum and Trevor Lissauer. .
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, Sept 29 from 4-8pm at Liberate Hollywood, 6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Livestream tickets available for those who cannot physically attend. Info & Tickets----> bit.ly/km929bio
#hollywoodevents #healer #trancechanneler #liberatehollywood #medicalintuitive #love #holyspirit
#animalcloud #liberatehollywood #meredithkimberly

Happy Saturday. I was running late to an event on Thursday night and saw this (only in Portland). I stopped to take pictures and giggle to myself. We spend so much time rushing around, we forget to enjoy the simple things. The event still hadn’t started by the time I arrived. How’s that for divine timing?
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All set up and ready to go at the NEMHO Metaphysical Fest at the Augusta Civic Center. There are tons of amazing vendors, readers, and healers. Make the drive to Augusta, ME. It's well worth it! Here til 5pm and again tomorrow 10-5
#nemhofest #augustame #metaphysicalfair #healers #readers #crystalsforsale #fairies #herbs #herbalremedies #herbalallies #herbalmedicine #herbalist #intuition #medicalintuitive #healingsessions #liverelixir #lungtonic #elderberry #bitters

There is nothing more maddening than posting the Today's Read and having IG suddenly flash "Instagram has suddenly closed. Would you like to report?"
And no matter what I do I can't get the energy back. The words are gone and the moment is lost.
No surprises it just happened minutes ago.
When I read the day it's my wording but mostly as it comes from me I don't much know what I'm writing and like a regular reading, I don't remember what comes through me.
So the fragility of IG paired w the fragility of my fleeting ego along with the issues us witch types have with electronics makes for a pile of fairy dust and frustration.
Here's try number two:

All of us have done really really bad things. We have all done things that shock ourselves. We have all felt the weight--heavy like the weight of water--of doing something we didn't know we had in us.
In readings these actions show themselves as deeply buried pains. Like injuries.
Like trauma. Because WHEN WE MISTREAT OTHERS WE MISTREAT OURSELVES. In no uncertain terms is this not true.
We disrespect our own soul when we disrespect others.
Ever notice how those careless with power need constant petting?
So. The energies today and for the weekend will be bringing up old wounds that are embarrassing to admit to yourself. The ones we shove down deep.
I know. It's no beach party. But in the coming months we'll all need to revisit our own histories. Our own trespasses. Our own damage caused by us toward an innocent.
We do not come with an instruction manual. So we cannot avoid our own bad behaviour and our heavy, heavy regret.
We gotta learn.
This is the painful training of the love samurai. Rid yourself of excess baggage. Know that the work is being done. Trust yourself again.

Amethyst will take you to the New Orleans of your soul.

#love #energy #psychic #psychicreading #clairvoyant #medicalintuitive #medium #medicalmedium #spirit #crystalhealing #crystals #amethyst #peterfonda #easyrider #NewOrleans #lovesamurai #goodwitch

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