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This teenager patient got 3 of his extensor tendons lacerated and torn apart when we was attempting to punch a glass.
Tendons are tough cords of tissue that connect muscles to bones.
The extensor tendons, which run from the forearm across the back or dorsum of the hand, are prone to traumatic injury and rupture.
When ruptured, the patient won't be able to straighten the fingers.
In contrast, if the flexor tendons are ruptured, patient won't be able to bend the fingers.
Hand tendon repair is carried out when one or more tendons in the hand rupture or are cut, leading to loss of normal hand movements.
In an extensor injury of any area, all the pertinent structures must be carefully dissected and examined.
The two ends of the ruptured tendons should be carefully identified and sutured back. The video shows the moments after the tendons were surgically reattached and the patient regained normal range of motion.

"Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing that makes you good." -Malcolm Gladwell

I had seen people place sutures before when I shadowed in the emergency room as an undergrad. They were skilled, efficient, and made it look way easier than it was. A few months ago, a sign up came out for a suturing workshop in the anatomy lab and I thought, hmmm why not!? When I got there, they said a few words of introduction and we went into the lab. Almost immediately, they put a driver and forceps in my hands and we jumped in. At first, I was frustrated. There were a lot of different skill levels in the class and I was among those who had never ever done this before. We were lucky enough to work with fresh tissue, yet all I could think as I struggled through the beginning steps of my first simple interrupted suture was "I don't know how to do this." Well, duh! lol That's why I was there! I had to change my attitude to "I'm learning how to do this." It won't be perfect and pretty today, but with practice, someday I'll be skilled at this.

I'd like to thank @simvivomedical for sending me their Sim Suture Learning Module so that I can get that practice in on my own time (workshops are few, far apart, & fill quickly) to improve this essential skill. I was so grateful when I opened it and it wasn't just a bunch of materials to suture with, but a learning tool with a guide & matching videos (‼️) to help me learn how to do it properly! I can't wait to use it and to update yaaa on my progress! 🤗 #👩🏾‍⚕️inthemaking

No matter what kind of nursing you do, it all contributes to making a difference. That's why I originally chose this career. I'm grateful for what I get to do and who I do it with❤️💉
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Researchers discovered last month that the lungs play a far more complex role in mammalian bodies than we originally thought, with new evidence revealing that they don't just facilitate respiration, they also play a key role in blood platelet production! Our platelets are blood cells that help form blood clots to slow or stop bleeding. When the body doesn’t make enough platelets, it increases the risk of bruising & bleeding. To investigate whether platelet formation might be occurring in the lung, a research team led by Dr. Mark R. Looney of the University of California, San Francisco, used an imaging technology known as intravital microscopy. This technique enables scientists to observe cells moving in real time inside living mice. The team witnessed platelets bud from the megakaryocytes (baby platelet cells) & flow away through the bloodstream. From the video footage, they were able to count the number of platelets formed per hour (which was estimated to be around 10 million platelets/hr). They estimated that about half of total platelet production occurs in the lungs! This finding suggests a more sophisticated view of the lungs - that they're not just for respiration, but also a key partner in formation of crucial aspects of the blood! Results were published online on March 22, 2017, in the scientific journal Nature. For more, click on the link in our bio & [SUBSCRIBE] to our YouTube channel.

Written by Student Doctor: @medspired ©04/20/2017 All Rights Reserved.

This research was published in the National Library of Medicine:

CASPA opens TODAY and I have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks, which means lots of stresss... so naturally I'm in vacation mode 🌴 Photo circa 2015, Santorini. Also scroll to the next photo for a pet peeve of mine😂

nothing better than knowing once your test is over, the sunshine is awaiting.
oh, and lunch.

Ya haters will neva kill my hustle💁🏻 #medicalassistant #medicalfield #feelingcuteinred #focused 👩🏻‍⚕️🌹

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Let me take care of you😊


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What's better then being a Radiology Coordinator?? Being a Radiology Coordinator for Eastern Radiology AND Diagnostic Resource Coordinator for Physicians East!! I now hold TWO contacts!! Soon I will be adding a THIRD, which will be Vidant!! I would never be able to do this without the love and support Daniel Schiller gives me every single day. I love you my King ❤️👑 #careerwomen #workingmomma #diggingmyheelsin #icandoitall #superwoman #radiologycoordinator #diagnosticresourcecoordinator #twocontracts #medicalfield #rockingit #hitthegroundrunning

Who knows what is going on here? Take a guess. I'll tell you about it in the next post.

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Haven't seen Onyx for weeks, was finally able to drive down from school to spend a weekend with him. Picture was taken off guard by my college roommate @dominicana_y_orgullosa

Ya haters will neva kill my hustle💁🏻 #medicalassistant #medicalfield #feelingcuteinred #focused 👩🏻‍⚕️🌹

In the medical field I practically bathe in hand sanitizer 👍🏻😷my mom picked me up a bunch of them today ☺️ #bathandbodyworks #handsanitizer #rehab #occupationaltherapy #cota #medicalfield #blonde #blueeyes #germfree #scrubs #ismellgood

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