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Work attire 😁💰 #MedicalConsultant

• Flatliners •
In theatres now.
These beautiful humans will forever hold a special place in my heart.
With #NielsArdenOplev #Director of @flatlinersmovie @sonypictures #FlatlinersMovie @ellenpage @nina @kiersey @diegoluna_ @jginorton #MedicalConsultant #ReadySetMedic @readysetmedic

Looking forward to seeing many of you this Friday at CCR expo #lecturer #speaker #clinicalexpert #advisory-board #medicalconsultant

"If there are no ups and downs in your life, it means you're dead." Loved working under medical consultant @lindsaysomers on this film last summer. The radiology looks pretty sweet. September 29th!
@readysetmedic @repostapp
Here it is ••• @flatlinersmovie ••• This is the movie I spent the majority of my 2016 working on; Writing, training, choreographing and filming Flatliners with some of my favourite people @ellenpage @nina @kiersey @diegoluna_ @jginorton ••• @bve_isreel @thoreauardenp @camillelalonde @grantmm22 ••• #MedicalConsultant #ReadySetMedic #FlatlinersMovie

Always business and pleasure with you @dradmedispa
If you're in the Montclair NJ area visit Dr. Aurora DeJuliis for your skincare rejuvenation & body contouring needs 🙌🏽
#medicalconsultant #businessdevelopment #njdoc #medicalmarketing #entrepreneur

#congratulations🎉 my big brother and daddy
Dr. Kayode Aina
Now a #medical #consultant #medicalconsultant


'Office-based shoulder ultrasound examination can reduce the wait time for a shoulder MRI. The efficacy of determination of rotator cuff tears will also increase after the introduction of shoulder ultrasonography.' By Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research

Reason to Upgrade: 'Using old and dated technology can be a direct or indirect liability for your practice. Your patient care is number one in reasons to upgrade your equipment.' By John Blough Call us, we offer a complete range of solutions for any system including consultations, training, and ultrasound repairs, link in bio

Section 179 allows you to deduct the full purchase price of any qualifying equipment that you purchase or finance during the 2017 tax year. @MedicalCandS offers several new lines of ultrasound equipment that can be tailored to a variety of medical applications.

'Shoulder ultrasonography performed by orthopedic surgeons increases efficiency in diagnosis of rotator cuff tears' in Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research https://buff.ly/2muvPFR

'Remedies for Sleep Problems Due to Aging' By @KrishaMcCoy in Everyday Health https://buff.ly/2ztXCeH Getting a good night's sleep is an important part of healthy aging, but sleep patterns change as people get older, interfering with the quality of our rest.

Noted Hernia Surgeon Dr. Shirin Towfigh ((@herniadoc)) and guests attend the Red Carpet Movie Premiere of ‘A Dying King: The Shah of Iran’ ((@adyingking)) a documentary by Bobak Kalhor ((@bobakkalhor)).
Dr. Towfigh acted as the chief medical consultant for the movie.
#adyingking #theshah #iran #documentarymovie #bobakkalhor #iranianrevolution #cancer #malpractice #ushostages #redcarpert #moviepremiere #laemmlemusichall #shirintowfigh #hernia #surgeon #medicalconsultant #kayhanlife

'Researchers at @BostonChildrens Hospital have found a new way to non-invasively relieve pain at local sites in the body; such systems could one day improve pain management by replacing addictive opioids and short-lasting local anesthetics.' Boston Children's Hospital If you like our page go to our website and sign up for our newsletter https://buff.ly/2yrH2bO

Reason to Upgrade: 'Upgrading your equipment with an experienced vendor will save you time, money, and peace of mind. Establishing a relationship with a vendor who is more customer friendly and flexible to meet your needs is an important factor in when and where you should upgrade.' By John Blough We carry many ultrasound brands, check our website for more informations https://buff.ly/2yQOh0S

The Section 179 deduction is extremely important for every business owner as it gives you access to some outstanding deductions that could save your business money. Contact us and we will help you make the best decision for your practice https://buff.ly/2zO3SP7

One year ago at@my old job. Hanging with my girls at work. #work #career #medical #medicalaesthetics #medicalconsultant #besttimes #positivevibes #energy #lovemyjob #movedon

🌿💉🔬📖💊finished with a weekend course getting #mmj
#certified #medicalmarijuana #medicalconsultant #Washington #haveaheart #celebratory #joint

'Ultrasound-triggered liposomes for on-demand, local anesthesia' @BostonChildrens Hospital In Science Daily https://buff.ly/2As5BG9 Novel system triggers release of nerve-blocking agents when and where pain relief is needed most.

'12 Foods to Add to Your Diet for Breast Cancer Prevention' By Madeline R. Vann, MPH In Everyday Health https://buff.ly/2zlp6AF

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