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2018.1.1.R - respuesta al caso clínico -
Encontramos ocupada la porción anterior Del Valle Silviano izquierdo por contenido de densidad hematica. Así también áreas de menor densidad corticosubcorticales de la convexidad frontal derecha.
Incremento de volumen y solución de continuidad en partes blandas parietal izquierdo.
Diagnóstico —> hemorragia subaracnoidea en el valle Silviano izquierdo (postraumática). —>proceso isquemico subagudo a nivel frontal derecho.
Discusión: lamentablemente no tenemos permiso para publicar a las imágenes de resonancia magnética del paciente, sin embargo se concluyó lo siguiente:
Paciente con eventos isquemicos transitorios y establecidos a nivel central previamente. Evento isquemico reciente a nivel frontal derecho (área de extensión de evento antiguo). La paciente sufrió un síncope al momento del evento isquemico, posterior al cual tuvo un traumatismo a nivel Parietal izquierdo complicado con una HSA.
Nótese que en este resultado incluí imágenes donde apreciamos una lesión en partes blandas craneales.
#importante ❗️❗️❗️Siempre debemos evaluar la bóveda craneana y sus partes blandas en búsqueda de pistas que orienten las posibles causas de los hallazgos. Como lo es en este caso el trauma, indispensable para poder diferenciar de una rotura aneurismatica, TÚ hemorragicos u otros.
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The CT scan demonstrates a left kidney which has been damaged by a large obstructing left ureteral stone. For comparison, note the normal size right kidney. The patient did not have any symptoms of pain and the stone was found after the CT scan was obtained for the finding of blood in the urine.

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Case Study - A 42-year-old woman presented to the dermatology clinic with a 6-week history of rapidly progressive, painful gingival hyperplasia.
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Implant vs arthrodesis for Hallux Limitus/Rigidus – Bespa Global Surgeon Dr. Bohay shares his techniques in next weeks Bespa Global case study.

Dr. Don Bohay is the Director of the Grand Rapids Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Fellowship Program.
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Glad to be part of Figure.1 Student Ambassador Team. If you aren't aware, Figure.1 is a free app where all members of the healthcare team post medical pictures for educational purposes and assistance on medical cases.
I use this app to learn and stay updated on other areas of medicine while working in Psychiatry. Also great to login while on the train or while you are waiting for someone or have spare time.
Click on my link to register:

Fill your spare moments with Figure 1 - the best way to see real-world medical cases. 📷

Throwing it back to 1994 when I was three years old and had a bad case of chicken pox! I had painful vesicles all over my body- including inside my ear canals and in my throat, and I also suffered facial paralysis. This picture was actually taken when I had turned the corner and my condition was beginning to improve! For those who don't know, this is an example of one of the many serious complications of a seemingly "harmless" childhood illness. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (herpes zoster oticus) occurs when VZV (varicella zoster) infection involves the facial nerve, often the seventh cranial nerve (CN VII), which gives rise to vesiculation and ulceration of the external ear, the tongue, and the soft palate. This also results in facial neuropathy or paralysis, severe ear pain, and hearing loss.
Although overall prognosis is good, permanent damage to CNVII is a typical outcome and fewer than 50% of patients regain complete facial function and many suffer permanent hearing loss. @melindacallender @nrsng @nursing.school @medicaltalks @medical.pictures @medcase @medicaladdicts @medical_microbiology @infectious.disease @microlaboratory @microbiolab @medicalcasescases #varicella #varicellazoster #chickenpox #chickenpoxsucks #vzv #ramsayhuntsyndrome #ramsayhunt #ramseyhuntsyndrome #shingles #herpeszoster #herpeszostervirus #herpeszosteroticus #facialparalysis #cnvii #cranialnerve #vesicles #medicalcase #medicalcasestudy #pox

Oi gente!! Conheçam o @figure1 um aplicativo gratuito no qual é possível encontrar milhares de casos médicos reais e mundiais! Uma grande oportunidade para estudar, agregar conhecimento e discutir casos médicos clássicos e raros com uma comunidade global composta por diversos profissionais com diferentes experiências. Entrem nesse link e confiram: download.figure1.com/summer2016?utm_campaign=leticiavieira

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