It is less well known that Gandhiji's first individual satyagraha, which he began before launching the Quit India Movement in 1942, was the only satyagraha launched by him for defending press freedom, which was suppressed by the British with all their might because of the Second World War, in which India had been dragged to participate without regard to its willingness to do so.

Gandhiji wrote extensively about non-violence during that period, writings the British Government censored on the grounds that he did not have the freedom to write and reflect on non-violence when war had begun and India had 'joined' the war. Gandhiji protested against the decision and refused to submit to censorship. Therefore, just before starting the individual satyagraha he described press freedom as the foundation of Swaraj, and asked people to suffer and sacrifice for defending this foundation.

As early as 1927 Gandhi wrote, 'Is it necessary to conduct newspapers at any cost? Is the good that they do so great as to outweigh the evil that mischievous advertisements cause? We have a journalists’ association. Is it not possible through it to cultivate a uniform code of morals among them and to create a public opinion that would make it impossible for a respectable journal to violate the prescribed code?' Profound thoughts for the twenty-first century media to reflect upon.

SN SAHU writes. Read the full article in TheCitizen.in .
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In just a few hours, we are scheduled to start the Media Content session in which, we will explore the evolution of media and content around the world pertaining to media freedom, freedom of expression and good governance. Today, as the world gathers for the Paris Peace Forum and the Internet Governance Forum, we wanted to engage in a dialogue on the "Media as a Cornerstone for Peace - The Assault on Media Freedom and Freedom of Expression." We invite you to participate remotely and watch through the Webcast via https://intgovforum.webex.com/intgovforum/j.php?MTID=m35c45fad1349b82f183233878be396b9

Meeting Number: 843 597 360

We will also be streaming by the Pasifika Nexus Facebook page and on YouTube, keep watching this page for the link.
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"Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?" (Peter Hitchens) #manipulation
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Bulgaria goes down in the World Press Freedom Index 2018 becoming the EU member state with the least media freedom. Therefore it makes getting truthful information harder
Ane Briones has done a great research about it!
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Yesterday we hosted an event at @pressclubbrusselseurope for the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists.
We had some very interesting participants like Alberto Spampinato the president of "ossigeno per l'informazione", Maria Laura Franciosi the founding chair of the Press Club Brussels, Ernest Sagaga the Head of Human Rights and Safety Department at the International Federation of Journalists.
Maroun Labaki the president of the Press Club was also there.
Our own vice-president Alia Papageorgiou @eurocentrique organised the event.

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tete-a-tete with the Minister for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports Hon. Harrison Mwakyembe.

Repost @unesco
Today is international Day to End the Impunity for Crimes against Journalist.
More then 200 journalist were killed in Russia to silence the true. Since 1993, they were killed from shootout, catastrophe, terroristic act or just disappeared
The violet deaths started from Yeltsin period and still continued. Unfortunately that put Russia on the top 3 of the most dangerous countries for journalist work. People need to understand that you cannot switch off the light of true.
#TruthNeverDies #endimpunity #mediafreedom

#TruthNeverDies "The fight against impunity is inseparable from the defence of fundamental freedoms such as freedom of expression, freedom of the press and freedom of access to information." @audrey.azoulay Director General @unesco
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#Balkanoscope spoke with Mariana Fratucan from @RektoratUNSo, on her fight for #MediaFreedom. Link in bio!

2 weeks after the vigil in memory of brutally killed journalist Viktoria Marinova in Sofia that is everything left in the streets and in the memory of the people.
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Media work isn’t always safe - but sex should always be.
PSA inspired by the rad @projectcensored swag bag. #mediafreedom #censorednews #safesex #medialiteracy

Get you a partner who will wake up at 5 a.m. to chauffeur you 2 hours away for a media summit so that you can use the commuter lane in Bay Area traffic. 🙌🏼💑

Marginanalysed vs British Media All Social Media, Print & Broadcaster

Complainant’s Charge; Media Laying the Foundations 2010-2015 “Phone Hacking (Now Life Hacking) +Poverty Porn For Instilling Hate For Your Neighbour”+Social Media Hate Speech Platform


1. 2010-2015 (Until Our Advocacy Work Started in 2015 with a Major Switch in Peoples Attitudes in the Postive Occurring 2018) Poverty Porn on British Televisions & Print Guilty of Inciting Hatred

2. Leveson Inquiry Form of British Media Intrusion (Extreme Phone Hacking of Celebrities & Folk)

3. Benefit Street & Immigrant Street & Print of Scrounger Myth That Person that Sits at Home All Day on Benefits Whilst Simultaneously Stealing Your Job (Corporate Welfare Goes Unreported)

4. Rohinga Muslims Hate Speech on Social Media being exacted On Marginanalysed Now (Unchallenged)

Case Background; Read Kate Bush Experiment 4 Lyrics “We Were Secretly Working for the Military We Only Theory Knew What We Were Doing They Wanted Sound That Could Kill from a Distance!” VERSES (Very Early Research Stages Educational Services)

1968-2018 50th White Label Yoko Ono & The Beatles Sound Collage Art representing a “Revolution in Sound!” Ground for Case;  They Media Moguls Can Target You Individually Through TV Internet Radio with Targeted Ads & Timeline Algorithms Controlling an Individuals Disposition & Temperament Also To Be Either “Be Positive “ (BP: Be Part of It) or “A Negative” Like a Battery They Can Adjust Us Through Power of Major Discourse Deep State 1984 Technology Turning Us All Into “Batteries” Just Like Predicted in Film “Matrix” Powering All Consuming Ecocidal Planet

Resolution; In God We Trust Justice is Change in Media Ownership Laws &The Breakup of World Monopoly of Social Media as Hate Speech has Different Laws in Different Countries Everyone to Get a Moniker Registered with Ofcom So You Cant Broadcast Anonymously Hate Speech

Bible Psalm 96 & Acts 8:4

Media freedom is so important.. attending the #MMF2018 media freedom week event #mediafreedom

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