@gagebb99 finally got on the racetrack in2018 after a preseason injury. He didn’t disappoint either taking home 2 2nd place overalls in 450C and Production C. Watch for Gage on the podium from here on out! #mediaallstars #atvmx @ssidecals @lonestarracing1 @bccskids @yeti @galferusa @evssports @factory43atv @hinsonracing @precision_racing @yoshimura_rd @sunstar_ea @goldspeedproducts @motohose #foxracingshox #shiftmx @shiftmx @gaerneusa @atlasbrace @matrixconcepts @allballsracing @cp_carrillo @bell_powersports

Big congrats to Kenneth Tucker for going 1-1 in Texas to take home an overall and a Texas State Championship in 30+C. Little Kolby Tucker wasn’t far off from his pops as he earned a 2nd in 70 shifter. Bryce Duvall had some bad luck in his 2nd moto but still managed a podium with a 3rd in the 125 class. Lots of moto wins and podiums from the weekend these are just a few highlights #mediaallstars #atvmx @ssidecals @maximausa @goldspeedproducts @unifilter @powermadd @yeti @bccskids @precision_racing @gaerneusa @galferusa @lonestarracing1 @sunstar_ea @evssports #shiftmx @shiftmx @hinsonracing @motohose @factory43atv @xbrandgoggles @atlasbrace @matrixconcepts @yoshimura_rd #foxracingshox @allballsracing @cp_carrillo @fourwerx @ourygrip

#mediaallstars youth riders were rolling at #sobmx last weekend @kobe6060 took home 3rd in 90 shifter (12-15), Kolby Tucker 231 took 3rd in 70 shifter (6-11), and Kazin VanFossen took 5th in 70 shifter (6-11). #thefutureisbright #shiftmx @ssidecals @lonestarracing1 @maximausa @motohose @sunstar_ea @ogio @yoshimura_rd @bccskids @fourwerx @unifilter @powermadd @matrixconcepts

Feels good to be home with @cdcunningham missed her like crazy this weekend. Also feels good to finally be warm too! First National of the year was pretty miserable but we got the job done. Got a month before Ironman so hope we can get another win 😎 #mediaallstars #atvmx

Great weekend at the South of the Border National! We took home 7 moto wins and 3 overalls not to mention a ton of podiums. Nice way to start a season #atvmx #mediaallstars #shiftmx @shiftmx @lonestarracing1 @maximausa @xbrandgoggles @yoshimura_rd @hinsonracing @fourwerx @factory43atv @motohose @sunstar_ea @goldspeedproducts @ogio @atlasbrace @evssports @galferusa @precision_racing @yeti @bccskids @ssidecals @powermadd @unifilter

Thanks to @maximausa our bikes should have no problem with lubrication this weekend #sobmx #atvmx #mediaallstars

We are ready to put our @goldspeedproducts wheels to the test this weekend at #sobmx #atvmx #mediaallstars

@c_foster_642 put in 2 solid rides and took home a 7th and a 10th at Daytona. Coming from the NEATV a year ago and moving from C class to B class is a big adjustment but he’s got the drive and determination to get it done #mediaallstars #atvmx @maximausa @lonestarracing1 @shiftmx #shiftmx @ssidecals @fourwerx @factory43atv @xbrandgoggles @hinsonracing @yoshimura_rd @powermadd @goldspeedproducts @sunstar_ea @ogio @precision_racing @protaper @cp_carrillo @allballsracing @unifilter @ourygrip @galferusa @yeti @bccskids

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