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"Cater to the Dj". Never before canvas displays of @mear_one 's album work. Very fun marveling this one when @djethos showed up! "And Fatjack is controlling the whole thing", haha #dj talk. #AlignGallery #mearone @keepthefeel ☄💫

BBB: As an artist pioneering the graffiti and mural culture in LA decades ago, what was the culture like at this time?

M1: "Back when I first started tagging and doing graffiti LA was a wild west in the modern sense. I rode buses across the LA urban sprawl in pursuit of vandalism and adventure. We stole our Krylon spray paint and used the alleyways to practice piecing and wild style lettering. This was prior to the 1992 LA Riots and the attitude and behavior of the Angeleno youth at that time was defined by gang and graffiti culture, creating a massive youth social uprising - half of it was fueled by creativity while the other half was enraged by the lack of accountability this system had to offer. My crew and I would spend entire nights walking the streets of LA, getting our tags and throw-ups up, sharpening our style, looking to get away with it. Graffiti is the voice of the dissatisfied soul and we made sure it was heard." BBB: Do you feel the public reception of the culture has swayed or changed?

M1: "I think the public reception of the culture mirrors culture itself in that it is splintered in multiple ways. Currently, I see a stark divide between the awoken and the asleep masses, distinguished by one’s ability and desire to discern fact from fiction, that which is real versus the fake and fleeting. The public is a wild beast to interpret right now cut across all lines of politics, race, class, gender, borders, freedom, privacy, it is confused, its identity is lost. Many seem to be paralyzed in their own soma of cognitive dissonance. However, something is brewing. More and more people are growing impatient and I do notice a vast number of people opening up to more conscious living and figuring out what the fuck is going on around here." Link to the full interview on my page @bizarrebeyondbelief #mearone #graffiti

#mearone Nothing like pining away at your favorite artists work and it showing up on your doorstep out of nowhere. Experiencing elated warm and fuzzies right now.

Quand un ami m'accompagne "juste pour voir" une expo.... Vol.1 ! #Thomasaeutuncoupdecoeur #mearone #afterfuture #galerieatdown #graffiti @mear_one @galerieatdown

The newest print release from @mear_one is amazing. #falseprofits is a much have for any collector. #mearone #staticmedium #falseprofits #laart #lagraffiti

Scored this Mear one 1997 print at salvation army today!
#mearone #mear1 #cbscrew #cantbestopped

@mear_one is one of my all time favorite street artists. One of the most skilled and prolific in the world and always trying to bring a higher awareness through his art. He is referred to as the "Michelangelo of graffiti. If you're lucky you can make it to Highland Park tonight to see his work at a gallery for the annual Scorpio birthday bash. Check his profile for more info. #mearone #cbs #teachr


Enjoy this progress shot of @mear_one's live piece from LIB! Thanks to @kouryangelo for the photo ⚡️⚡️⚡️

One of the best things about seeing art in person is that all of the little details you miss viewing it online suddenly reveal themselves to you & come alive. Photo: Detail of Mear One's 'Ascension'

Reminiscing on the great times in the Archival Ink Gallery at Lightning in a Bottle, 2013 ⚡️✨

Abstract Rude -Tribe Unique P.A.I.N.T. -2001 Back in the day, I have this vivid memory of going to Spaceland in echo park, Los Angels for their weekly Hiphop/drum & Bass night. While hanging out in the upstairs room there was a hooded shadowy dreaded figure sitting low key holding a mic. This was my first introduction to Abstract Rude, dude was rapping in a gravely low tone the verses to 'Stop Biting' which would later be released on this album. I was transfixed. Dropping bars like ""My style is impeduous
My defense is impregnible
I'ma eat your style, eat your style kid"
Stop biting while I'm rhyme writing
Clash of the titans... Mike Tyson" check out the track on iTunes to get a better feel for it. Shits still dope! Also check out the pose cut 'Frisbee' on there featuring Aceyalone and 2mex. Follow @abbeyrizzle #tribeunique #abstractrude #spaceland #echopark #losangeles #2mex #aceyalone #hiphop #hiphopculture #mear #mearone #miketyson

Great photo by @kouryangelo of Mear One grinning with his live painting in-progress at Lightning in a Bottle, 2013 ⚡️

Throwback to one of the dopest murals to ever grace Denver. @mear_one crushed this wall back in 2013! Now it's covered by an apartment but I'm pretty sure there's a foot wide gap you can still see it in, I'll take it!! #mearone #visionaryart #psychedelicart #denvermurals #denverstreetart #annunaki #thoth #mayan #thirdeye

Realizing that most of the boxes I packed are full of artwork I've collected over the years. Here's a look at some forgotten about skate decks and prints.. #PostedInTheCut #GetYourFix #Unpacking #ArtWork #BlowingDank #DtLa #LosAngeles #KillaCali #California

Legendary artist, @mear_one, standing with his masterpiece "Dawning of a New Age". Want this image on your wall? Pick up a print on wood from Archival Ink!

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