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honestly kinda really hating myself right now. also, please don’t report. just block me if it bothers you. this is a place where i can rant and be myself. on here is a community of very loving people and without them i feel lost and broken. so, long story short, don’t report just block me

shaking really bad rn because of the missile threats to hawaii and i just fucking hit 99.9. i haven’t been this low for three years

too dizzy to function so oatmeal it is (155)

camila cabello’s album has me in tears

burned 200 and my calorie intake was at 830 (b: coffee; 6 milk; 108) (l: .5 cliff protein bar; 125 .5tbs sugar free strawberry jelly; 20 grapes; 17) (d: 2c spinach; 14 sweet potato 105) (s: bread; 166 hot chocolate w marshmallows; 184) and i’m feeling really good for it. working out was a shit idea because i think i stretched something i wasn’t supposed to 😪. i really am a dumbass.

holy shit i can’t find my belt and i’m panicking

you can obviously see that i’m getting a theme around 👀 my sister is starting a diet and my mom is helping her right now getting all the calories she needs and hearing what she’s eaten is triggering me so badly. i’m scared she’s going to get skinny and i’m going to be sitting here like a fat lard while everyone is congratulating her and ugh..., i really need to get back on track. kcal count today was right at 800 and i’m going to do a workout even though i shouldn’t be starting for another four weeks 😓

i was in an ana group but something happened between us and we are inactive. this is shitty of me saying it’s but i need a do-over and i really need to find a group. i wasn’t active as much as all the other members so this time i’m wanting to be hella active and helpful.

i’m back and am going to be a thinspo account for myself, follow if you would like to:))) be safe please

So, die Fotos habe ich gerade eben nach dem ich aufgestanden bin gemacht und ich hoffe wirklich, dass ich im nächsten Monat besser aussehen werde🙄

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