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@meowmeix - The egg has gotten a bad rap lately but don't be fooled by the myths 😜 This high protein food has a complete amino acid profile (yolk included) making it one of the best, most quality sources of protein out there! More fun facts below and how to boil the perfect egg 🔽

If you can budget for Free-Range eggs you definitely should! Here's how they compare to cage raise eggs: •⅓ less cholesterol
•¼ less saturated fat
•⅔ more vitamin A •2 times more omega-3
•3 times more vitamin E
•7 times more beta-carotene

How amazing is that! Here's how boil an egg: ▶️ Fill pan with cold water, covering eggs by 1 inch. ▶️ Bring water to a boil over medium-high heat. ▶️ Turn off heat, cover, and let stand 90 seconds to 2 minutes for soft-boiled eggs, 1 minute 45 seconds to 2 minutes 15 seconds for medium-boiled, and 11 to 12 minutes for hard-boiled.

Inspired by: @lizhwangbo
@drjoshaxe (he has the best info!!) https://draxe.com/health-benefits-of-eggs/

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Ужинов тут нет, на два дня в холодильник, остальное - в морозилку!

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Happy #mealprepsunday friends! 🤘🏼I got up early to hit @wholefoods and get this prep done before noon so I could catch up on some more Netflix, I mean... work 😅
As you can see I mixed and matched everything (no meal is the same). For $50 I made...
1️⃣ Spaghetti squash (roasted in the oven)
2️⃣ roasted red potatoes
3️⃣ roasted green beans, asparagus and zucchini
4️⃣ pan fried chicken in my homemade sriracha honey soy marinade
5️⃣ @minimalistbaker vegetarian "meat" balls with marinara sauce (not homemade)
6️⃣ snacks & dessert: grapefruit, peaches, @perfectbar and @sweetlorens place and bake chocolate chip cookies!
I posted a NEW recipe on my blog this week- check it out to learn how to roast any vegetable. 🍅🍆🥒🥕🌽🌶🥔🍠
Roasting vegetables is the easiest thing in the world (that's why I swear by it). 🤤Makes them very tasty and it's the laziest way to pack veggies into your meals. Link in profile! Tap here @workweeklunch 👍🏼
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@leefromamerica is redefining #mealprep ✔️ and we kinda like it 😉 --
for me, meal prep is meant to act as a foundational plan so that all my meals are set and i dont have to think about it. someone asked me how i stay spontaneous and social if i've meal prepped for the week ✔️ #greatquestion
i normally suggest friends come over and we turn my meal prepped food into tacos, stews, salads or pasta dishes. cooking at home with friends is an amazing bonding experience that is cost effective and low maintenance... plus, who can say no to already prepped food?! this weeks prep clockwise from top left:
micro radish sprouts, coconut fat balls (recipe on my blog), baby spinach leaves, black bean dip (recipe also on my blog), sweet potato fries, zucchini noodles, broiled salmon, baked zucchini chips, raw carrots for snacking, pulled chicken breast.

If you're food prepping this weekend then check out this post from @marekfitness. Details below.
RepostBy @marekfitness: "My Food diary from couple of weeks ago.
And yes plenty of protein as a vegetarian.
1. Egg cups with mini peppers and lemon for water
2. Mixed nuts and an apple
3. Overnight oats
4. Shake and a banana
5. Spinach linguini with carrots, tofu, pasta sauce and parmesan
6. High protein crepes with protein peanut butter
7. Veggie chili
8. Salad with veggie burger, beerries and hummus
9. Greek yogurt
If you have any questions or suggestions for future posts please comment below.
Thank you!

#Repost from @caloriefixes!
1. 🍎 Breakfast - protein chia oatmeal bowl topped with strawberries, banana, almonds and a piece of protein bar.
2. 🍎 Snack 1 - cottage cheese with strawberries and peanuts.
3. 🍎 Lunch - sushi - salmon cheese avocado rolls.
4. 🍎 Snack 2 - Complete Cookie Chocolate (half) from @lennyandlarrys.
5. 🍎 Post-workout - @womensbest whey protein.
6. 🍎 Dinner - grilled turkey breast, quinoa, sweet corn, avocado and cherry tomatoes. Thanks for the ideas for meal prep

For those of you who are food prepping this weekend here's a great example from @marekfitness. Details below.
RepostBy @marekfitness: "Another "Female" prep 💁

I know it has been a little while but it is BACK 🤗
Breakfast (465 Calories) :
Overnight Oats with
Yogurt and
PB Fit

Snack #1 (146 Calories) :
2 eggs

Lunch (357 Calories) :
Sweet potato
With sauteed spinach and mushroom

Snack #2 (178 Calories) :
Hummus with
Baby Carrots
Red Pepper

Pre and Post Workout (271 Calories) :
Cherries (prep)
Whey Protein Isolate shake (post)

Dinner ( 301 Calories) :
Cod Fish with
Spaghetti Squash
Edamame pods
Avocado and
Roasted Carrots
Just a reminder, this is an example for a plan/prep I did for one specific person and it does not apply to everyone!
All your questions or comments are welcome 🤗

Simple sunday meal prep today! Made a big batch of turkey chili, roasted sweet potatoes, a whole bunch of fruit, antipasti roll ups, and some hard boiled eggs. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 No Sunday scariest for this girl 💪🏻✨


One thing that everybody runs into (well, at least I do!) more frequently than what we like, is lack of meal inspiration.
We open up the refrigerator door, and stare. And stare. And stare some more. Close the door. Then open it again. Just waiting for something to pop out at us that will give us inspiration for a meal. And then.... nothing. 😂
And today that's me. I have a ton of frozen meat that I got from @butcher_box this past week and I need help with what to fix it with and how to prepare the meat!
So, I need your help! I'm going to post on my stories what we have in our fridge and freezer and would love your ideas!
Plus, I mean, who doesn't love looking and seeing what other people have in their fridge!? 💁🏼

#Repost from @chelsearobey_fit!
"Breakfast for dinner because that's what my body was craving! Listen to those hunger cues and cravings, y'all. They mean something! But how do we get veggies and protein in if all we want for dinner is oatmeal?? Cauliflower rice and @tryabouttime Vanilla whey protein! I adapted this recipe from @amandaskitchen_ (check out her page for all of your favorites--guilt free!). Here's what ya need:
▫1 cup almond milk
▫1/2 cup Old Fashioned oats
▫1 tsp coconut oil
▫1/2 cup cauliflower rice (or chopped cauli)
▫1/2 scoop @tryabouttime vanilla whey
▫1 tsp vanilla extract
Here's what ya do:
1⃣boil almond milk in small pot with a couple dashes of cinnamon
2⃣sauté cauliflower in coconut oil and cinnamon, set aside
3⃣once milk comes to a boil, add in oats, cover and cook for 5 minutes
4⃣stir in whey protein (may need to add more milk), cauliflower and vanilla
5⃣top with all the toppin's and enjoy! (Pictured toppings: all natural PB, Purely Elizabeth's granola, shredded unsweetened coconut flakes)"

Muesli in the making .... fresh batch each week with whatever I feel like throwing in.
This week:
🍁 1 tablespoon olive oil
🍁 1 tablespoon maple syrup
🍁 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
Mix together then add:
🌻 4 cups rice puffs
🌻 1 cup chopped pecans
🌻 1 cup sunflower seeds
🌻 1 tablespoon chia seeds
Mix well then spread out on large lined baking tray. Bake in oven pre-heated oven at 175°C for 10 min. Add the following and mix in on tray:
🍀 1 cup cranberries
Bake for further 10 min.
Allow to cool before storing... a week's worth of breakfast sorted 💛
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Lets chat about gas station snackin'

What are your favorite treats?!? Ohh the temptations!! Candy, popcorn, beef jerky, donuts... I used to (and sometimes still do) pick up a prepackaged snack and eat it like it was my job. It tasted so good but left me feeling blah just a short while later. Now, I do my best to plan ahead and pack some healthier snacks.
Small changes like this add up over time. Start small and watch your body start to respond to the changes.

super excited for my meals this week bc i made my faves 🙌🏼 sticking to the classics bc i've been craving homier meals.. & it's entirely possible that i finish all this in 2 days cause YUM 🤤
🔸breakfast: @vitalfarms baked omelette 🍳 w @applegate turkey sausage, spinach 🌱, bell pepper 🌶, & red onion
🔸lunch: spinach salad w skipjack tuna 🐟, carrots 🥕, celery, cucumber 🥒, farro 🍚, bell pepper 🌶, goat cheese, avocado 🥑 & @primalkitchenfoods ranch + mandarin orange 🍊
🔸dinner option 1: cauliflower fried rice w chinese sausage, corn 🌽, peas, carrots 🥕, red onion, & a scrambled egg 🍳
🔸dinner option 2: gnocchi w spinach walnut pesto, shrimp 🍤, green beans, tomatoes 🍅, corn 🌽, & lemon 🍋
🔸snacks: @siggisdairy yogurt 🍦, raspberries, bluebs, more oranges 🍊, & @squareorganics protein bars 🍫 ["fitnessfitjess" for 20% off!]
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In everything you do, add a touch of luxury! ⚡️

Sunday funday at the Phillies game ❤️💙❤️💙

Did you know? 1 teaspoon Rustic Herb, Garlic & Onion Seasoning equals 1 medium clove of fresh garlic! It perfectly flavors burgers, steak, lobster, sour cream, and tomatoes.
MPS Spices blends are delicious flavor ideas with your favorite dishes! Shake on this blend to add true flavor to your meals and becoming a grill master today!
❌ ZERO Calories
⚡Paleo, Kosher, and Gluten Free
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Love This Inspirational Quote by AT Athlete @livemegafit!
"Did you wake up this morning wondering when you would love your body? When you'd appreciate the work you've done? When you'd feel worthy. When you'd be proud of your body? Well listen here, I've got the answer! The time is NOW! You can pick yourself apart, you can hate the way you look, you can regret your choices. OR you can lift yourself up, compliment your strengths, and be proud of who you are, today, right here, right now! Your body may not be at the stage you ultimately want, but it's still YOUR body! It's still your home. Your protection. Your work of art. It loves you. It lets you move, jump, run, laugh, hug, explore, and so much more! It doesn't just give up on you, don't give up on it! So, you woke up, having a pity party for yourself and your body. Well, the party is over! Your body is yelling out for love. Listen to it. 💗"

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