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I don’t call myself a health or fitness coach. I call myself a wellness coach. Because more than just nutrition and fitness, is your mindset. Your overall wellness.
With this business I help you become the person you want to be. Help you realize you can be happy and grateful no matter where you’re at in your life. Personal development is a HUGE part of what I do as a coach.
In the past two years I’ve completely transformed from who I used to be. I was the typical miserable person working retail. Complained about rude customers, made negative comments, drained my energy on things that did not matter. Now at my job I see other people just like how I was and I’m so thankful for who I am today. I don’t let others drain my energy or ruin my day.
I CHOOSE my happiness. ✨
I wouldn’t be where I am today without this community.

Come to America with Fit Foodz Café!!! Order your #american themed 10 meal plan this week and enjoy the classic tastes with none of the work. Place your order by 4pm today for Monday evening pick up. Place your order at www.fitfoodzcafe.com

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#veganworklunch with all my faves. 🌱 Don’t forget to bring your own silverware so you don’t have to use single use plastics. @stasherbag comes in handy for that also.

There's a couple of new meal plans on the blog for the week ahead, enjoy 😙

White rice with @gardein sweet and sour porkless bites which come with their own sauce. Added in some frozen stir fry veggies and topped with a little hot sauce. Super easy dinner. 🔥

Do you feel stuck in a job that isn’t filling your cup? Do you feel like you’re meant for something so much bigger but just haven’t found it yet? I felt that! The day before I started this new job I was overwhelmed and crying because I didn’t want to go to work the next day and i didn’t want to be stuck doing it for the rest of my life. While I still am at that job I’m also working this business from home (that I love) that someday will be my full time stay at home job. Feeling less overwhelmed and much more excited for my future. If you can relate fill out the application in my bio and let’s chat about your future. 💕

For some time we've been friends through music, finally I'm able to keep the promise of letting you taste my cooking!! What a great feeling to finally accomplish this task!! Thank you @wydrumz for your patronage and welcome to the 'Emerald Plate Experience'!!! #YesWeDeliver #MealPlans #HealthyMeals #EmeraldPlate101

What's on your kids Christmas list? My 3 year old wants a hippopotamus. It was a song in their daycare concert. This 1 is life size. Should I get it?

It’s FRYday FRYday, gotta get down on FRYday. Partying partying, YEAH! 🍟 (vegan ranch recipe on my blog)
Okay, I’m too much for myself sometimes. 😂
Super chill day off from my full time job, getting stuff done around the house WHILE doing my other job. Working from home is when I’m the happiest. Getting some babes set up for the free group my team and I are hosting next month! 14 days of trying out the workout programs and a sneak peak of what our monthly accountability groups look like.
Let’s chat if you want to join us.✌️


😀😁The feeling when you finish a fitness program.
It doesn't get old!!!!
3 weeks ago I engaged myself in program along with a huge group of sassy latinos, and after following being a couple of days, I just crushed the last 45 min workout. You would think that one gets used to it, but uh uh, it's just like the first time, and it feels amazing. As if I can take over the entire world right now...lol. I know this will pass in a few hours or minutes🤣 but still.
💯The results I had will last a little longer at least...totally worth it👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
BTW my outfit, super cute and comfortable. From @shopzyia great great stuff and not so crazy prices.😉
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Home made Shrimp salad and 1 cup Whole Grain pasta for Good Complex Carbs!😋 #Diet #EatClean #Food #FoodPorn #HealthyFood #HealthyEating #ShareFood #Breakfast #Brunch #Lunch #Dinner #Desert #Recipe #Protein #ProteinShake #GMOs #Meal #FoodPic #Organic #HealthyChoices #Nutrition #MealPlans #Diet #Food #Carbs #Fats #LabelGMOs #righttoknow #Preparation #Non-GMO
(All food used organic, grass fed, cage free, pasture raised, wild caught and Non GMO)
Instagram @ Achievehealthygoals

Look who came and paid a visit 😭💕
Check out my Amazing Alma
Going on her 7th month with her little peanut, taking Herbalife throughout her whole pregnancy and her doctor is super Impressed with the amount of healthy weight she's gained 👌
Health is never out of style or season🎄
Can't wait to meet her little one and have her kicking butt in class with her 😇🎀
Looking for 10 Mommies to help get in the best shapes of their life and beat the odds and show them what's possible 💪🚨 Who's Ready ?!

Just imagine what goals you can accomplish if you stick with me for 80 days!! Easy to follow meal plans
80 days
80 different workouts
You in?

Broccoli Rice & Cheeze from 12/13 plan. I never cared for nutritional yeast until I found it at #traderjoes

Meat Free Mondays are the best 🙌🏽 ... well, I already ate meat this afternoon 🤦🏽‍♀️ oops 🤪...
We do cater for Vegetarians - Mealplans, Ready Made Meals (our meal delivery service) and our new Cook Book also has Vegetarian Recipes 🥑🍅🥕🍠
Say goodbye to boring bland stir-fries & say hello to our amazing vegetarian meals & YES our Veg food menu changes weekly too 🙌🏽🙌🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Slide left for our Packages 👉🏽
We also give meal plans and deliver meals for non weight loss clients. Portion sizes are increased 🙌🏽
Sign up today for either:
. ✔️A mealplan & Recipes
(if you want to cook for yourself)
OR .
✔️ For our @bodyevolution_meals, food delivery service (if you want meals delivered to you). We cook and deliver healthy, delicious, chef prepared meals to your doorstep 🚪 - NATIONWIDE, anywhere in SA 🇿🇦✈️
. 💌 Email me at info@bodyevolutionsa.com for mealplan enquiries, meal delivery service, weightloss coaching and to purchase Slender You Supplements OR click "Contact" 👆🏽 in my bio. Clients from anywhere in the 🌎 welcome.

MetaBlast Nutrition January enrollments begin December 29th.
Did you know that you don't have to live on a salad sub existence in order to gain health and see results? What about jambalaya, chicken fried rice, meatloaf, fajitas, chili, steak and bacon, oatmeal, avocado and chocolate?! These are just a few of the meals in my Week 4 menu!
A member shares, "This is the first time I have followed an eating plan for my health, all other times it was for weight loss, my looks etc. Eating this way has taken away my brain fog and depression. I am not bloated anymore. I am losing weight and inches, my clothes are fitting better and I am so much happier. What I love about Metablast is it's so easy and affordable, everything is there; the menu plans, the grocery list, even recipes. The recipes are simple and use normal food. The recipes are also family friendly. Lastly I find the accountability and Facebook group page so very helpful. I really love this program!" For more information about what MetaBlast Nutrition can offer to you as you start a new year then watch this video and join in our community for more information!

Group opens mid month and Prep Week will begin after Christmas on December 29th and run through January 3rd (deadline). All commitments and enrollments will be submitted during that time with instructions posted within the forum. www.facebook.com/groups/MetaBlastJan18 and we will begin the program January 8th.

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Try this 🔥🔥AMAZING 🔥🔥 outdoor Leg workout!
Eat, Train, SLAY & REPEAT
Book your free fitness consultation with me Today! What’s your 2018 fitness and nutritional goals?
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Rough start today but MUST remember never miss a Monday, it sets the tone for the week! During the holiday I usually gain a few pounds but I’m ok with that now. I’m enjoying the holiday spirit but in a few short week I’m starting a program that will be a game changer.... stay tuned.
#mixitupmichelle #challengeaccepted #challenge #glamma #fitnessgirl #30daychallenge #strongwomen #mealplans #loseinches #diet #lifestylechanges

This is so needed tonight 👏🏻 can't beat a bit of root mash and minted lamb🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️ all on my #HEALTHYNOTSKINNY meal plan to😍😍#foodie #dinnertime #vip #healthgroup #healthynotskinny #nutrition #mealplans

“From the forest itself comes the handle for the axe” -
Aint nobody stoppin you but you.
If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it. Period. No tampon.
Just get on the right program and the right macros my man, then its just an equation of discipline, time, and effort.
#sledgehammer #sledgehammerworkout #athleticbody #naturalmuscle #naturalphysique #mealplans #workoutplans #workoutmotivation

🌟Calling all Mom's and Dad's out there!!! Being a #parent is hard!! Being a stay at home parent, a working parent, a Grandparent, single parent, adoptive parent even a dog parent....hell Being a parent in general we are all just trying to balance and keep our sh*t together am I right?!?😲🤷 We all have a million yes I'll get to it later projects because for gosh sakes we try to take 1 min to sit down and relax....(ha ha ya I know that's funny right!?!👏) I will be the first to admit I am struggling with the whole 3 toddlers and a husband who works long hours and finding balance!
Which is why I am so excited that the group of amazing coaches in our online community have put together a brand new #FREE community group including hired certified nutritionists and professional life coaches to help us find #the25thhour that we all desperately need to find!!! Join me in this #freegroup for #fitnessmotivation #selfcare #mealplans
#wellnesstips #timemanagementskills #mindsettransformation by commenting below or sending me a PM! We start kicking off this group January 1st lets make 2018 your year!!! Get your spot now!! #moms#dads#parents#goals#2018
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Meal prep coconut oatmeal. The @zojirushiamerica rice cooker is a great meal prep tool because it does the work for you. I added the following ingredients: one cup gf steel cut oats, 1/4 cup reduced fat shredded coconut, 2 tbsp coconut sugar, 1 cup light coconut milk (can), 1 1/2 cup water, a pinch of salt, 4 scoops @vitalproteins collagen peptides, and a tsp of cinnamon. I set it on “porridge” and worked on cleaning the kitchen. Perfect oatmeal! This made four servings, which I refrigerated separately. To serve in the morning, I reheat for one minute in the microwave, then top with 2 tbsp @thecoconutcult original yogurt, one ounce each of bloobs, raspberries, and blackberries, and a glass with 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla @ripplefoods milk. This breakfast has 460 calories. #mealprep #mealprepsunday #mealprepideas #mealplan #mealplans #workingmom #lawmama #mom #lifehacks

Gift Cards on sale. Give your loved ones the gift of a healthy lifestyle! #CleanEatz #cleaneating #itsalifestyle #MealPrep #MealPlans #healthy #southernpines #pinehurst

Gift Cards on sale. Give your loved ones the gift of a healthy lifestyle! #CleanEatz #cleaneating #itsalifestyle #MealPrep #MealPlans #fayettevillenc #fortbragg

Sauso salad.... What's your favourite salad to make for on the go?
#thechieflife #nutritioncoaching #mealplans

Don't mind my messy laundry room 😜 he says "Mom it's fun!" And while I'm helping him up high "It's like I'm flying!" My point and his?? 👉 Exercise should be fun! If it's not, make it fun or allow me to help you find your soul mate workout 😘

Are you ready to become a BENTLEY HIIT GIRL or GUY?
BENTLEY HIIT is ran by no other than @christibentley. @christibentley has a unique approach to burning up to 600 calories per workout. Lose stubborn BODY FAT while building LEAN MUSCLE.
Mark your calendars for this AMAZING 6 WEEK CHALLENGE starting FRIDAY JANUARY 5 and EVEY FRIDAY until FEBRUARY 9 @ 7PM - 8PM.
This is a great way to add variety to your existing fitness routine or if you are just starting out! $40 Gets you IN, Gets you FIT and Gets you BACK ON TRACK.
DM Limitless Performance or @christibentley for more info!
Location: 4368 N Brawley STE102

My #postworkout meal(following my whey/dextrose shake). It may look like your same ole chicken, rice and broccoli...which it is. HOWEVER I steam my rice w/ half beef stock and half water. I also add garlic and pepper. Therefore the flavor is enhanced and I get the added digestive and joint benefits of the beef stock. Remember when carbs are high at meal, keep fats low. At least that's what works for me.
I chose to eat my broccoli raw today with sriracha and cheddar popcorn seasoning for flaves. Raw broccoli has certain cell protective and cancer fighting benefits, whereas cooked(not overly) broccoli has it's own set of benefits. One that I'm most familiar with having to do with healthy estrogen metabolism. So I typically alternate between lightly cooked and raw just to cover all bases I guess.

Chicken breast(my po man's protein). Little maple and sage dry rub and grilled that thang. Yea she juicy.
Total mmmm bout:
40g Protein
80g Carbs
5g Fat
525 Calories

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Hey busy momma. How's your day going? It's 12 noon here and I feel like I've already run a marathon. Driving around in fresh falling snow (roads are greasy!), Taking 3 kids to the doctor before 8:30am, Missing work again, credit card monitoring services locking my card (during the Christmas rush), sick kiddo, 3 drop offs. But I am blessed and so thankful for everything that I have in my life. Gratitude keeps me going and a strong Mindset. Not sure about all this Mindset hype? Just start with writing 3 things that you are grateful for daily. Do it for 30 days. I'd love to hear about your experience if you implement this small habit. Don't forget to grab my energy boost guide to keep you going this busy season! Link in bio ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️. ❤️💋 Your ENERGIZED RD

I am always honored & humbled to be featured over @conscious_muscle .
If you have been looking for the right meal & workout plan to lose fat and build lean muscle, this is the plan that will work for everyone!
. #Repost @conscious_muscle (@get_repost)
No meat, no dairy, no cruelty, no BS! If you are ready for cruelty free results click the link above in my bio & stop standing in your own way. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, here it is 💥🌱🙌💪💥 #VeganAF .
📲Online Vegan fitness and nutrition coaching
🔥Burn fat 💪Build muscle 💥 Tone/define
🌱Transition to Vegan
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ .
📲 for details all you have to do is click the link up above in my bio👆👆👆 or go to www.consciousmuscle.net .
. .
#veganmuscle #veganfitness

Are you thinking about doing a #JanuaryWhole30? Comment below and let me know 🙋🏻‍♀️ Then come join my exclusive Facebook group! 👯‍♀️ There are already 150+ beautiful souls in the group! 💕 I’m applying to be an official Whole30 coach (cue the @lacroix! 🍾), so this is a group for me to do a free practice round of coaching! .
So as long as I pass my Whole30 coach testing, this is your first and last chance to get this kind of group coaching FO FREE
So hop on over, girl! Click the link in my bio @oliveyouhwole for the Facebook group link to join! There will be tons of education, recipe inspiration, meal prep ideas, and ALL the encouragement and accountability!
I can’t wait to help you succeed in your Whole30 and your New Year goals! Let’s DO this 💪🏼


What's the perfect way to stick to your nutritional goals?? Meal Plans!! Stop by and visit us inside the Robert Wood Johnson Fitness and Wellness Center inside the Gateway Plaza. one of our chefs will help you customize a meal plan designed just for you!! All meals prepared with lean meats and fresh ingredients so you can enjoy quality eating.. Come on down!! #ultimategrill #mealplans #rwj #catering #healthymeals #today #eatclean #eatrealfood #eatright #grubhub #yelp #fb #fitfood #delivery #pickup #woodbridge #oldbridge #sayreville #rwjwellness #parlin #rwj #yelp #fb #goals #healthy

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in a moment of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in moments of challenge and controversy.
- Martin Luther King Jr.
. . .
You have NO EXCUSE! There is NOTHING stoping you but YOU! - @nicksanto534 and @cody_dura putting in work, prep that @stancesupplements Tank ;). #MotivationMonday

How are you going through your day? Tired? Hangry? Carrying around some extra pounds you picked up through the holidays? Let’s switch it up!!! Message me to get started!!! Message Me!

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Come on in to find that perfect gift for your friends, family and loved ones. Gift Cards are available and it’s #MtorMonday , come by to receive 25% OFF of BOTH of these muscle building and recovery enhancing super supplements!

Our spices are the perfect addition to any meal with ZERO sodium 😍 $3.50 in-store or $2.99 when you buy more than 1! Our spices make the best gift for those who love flavor, cooking, or hosting!

On this day of Christmas our true love gave to us, 25% OFF PhosphaTOR and Betabol!
. . .
If you’re looking to improve lean muscle these TWO are right for you!
- PhosphaTOR improves muscle protein synthesis, has the power to increase muscle during training, to improve strength, and promotes the primary muscle building process - MTOR!
- BETABOL, this product is one of our #1 recovery aids that helps rid of lactic acid build up, improves recovery times, and helps harden up lean muscle!

Meal-prepped three crazy colorful lunches for this week and I’m already excited for the afternoon to get here. The top two are salads with venison and the bottom one is a fan-favorite, Cucumber Chickpea Slaw! 🥗🥒🌶

Well... well.. well.. seems like we did something right. Check out @fatgirlnmotion blog about “dine.” I promise I didn’t pay her under the table!

https://fatgirlnmotion.com/2017/12/15/esquire-meals-presents-dine/ .
Esquire Meals
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🍹 It’s happy hour now isn’t it 😅... things have slowed down for those who havent taken leave & for those on leave, its happy hour every hour 🙆🏽‍♀️
Enough rambling ... as you can see from our clients’ review ... our Cocktail recipes are “BOSS” 👊🏽 ... try out our low calorie cocktails as well as the other recipes in my Holiday Cook Book 🙌🏽
Slide left for more deets 👉🏽
Book can be purchased by anyone from anywhere in the world 🌎
Email me on info@bodyevolutionsa.com to purchase your copy or DM me

Question for all personal trainers!  If I were to put together a system all Done-for-You, 30 Day Transformation Challenge for you before the end of this year.... Complete with a
🍽meal plan
🛒recipe manual📚
🏋workout program emails, 💲💰cash prizes for two catgories🏁, app📱, tablet📲, and laptop💻 programming, and the whole deal)... is that something you'd be interested in?? (you'd be able to use this one for both your offline & online business ;-)) I'm not making any promises.... just want to see if this is something you need / want for your businesses to help with your ☞New year's resolution #1fitness, #fitness, #personaltrainer, #trainer, #trainers, #results, #mealplans, #workoutprograms

Post workout meal 🥘Just eat the menu made by whatever left in my fridge 😜
Turned out Grilled Tenderloin Pork with Apple and grape spicy salad. Topped with superfood from @organic_seeds .
มื้อหลังอาหาร 🥘 ก้จะกินเมนูจากอะไรก้ตามที่เหลือในตู้เย็นนะคะ 😂
ออกมาเป็นเมนู หมูสันในย่างกับสลัดแอปเปิลองุ่นแบบแซ่บๆ โรยด้วยซุปเปอร์ฟูดจาก @organic_seeds
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Holidays often mean extra stress, less time for workouts, and less attention to diet - yet this is when it’s extra important to fuel our bodies with nutrition! 💪🍽💥⠀
This Rainbow Tempeh Bacon Salad is from our #sb21dayreset and is packed with nutritious vegetables and probiotics.⠀
5 strips @the_tofurky_company Smoky Maple Bacon Tempeh ⠀
4-6 artichoke heart pieces, (canned or jarred), chopped⠀
4 cherry tomatoes, halved⠀
¼ cup orange bell pepper, sliced⠀
1 baby cucumber, diced⠀
8 blueberries⠀
2 Tbsp. purple sauerkraut/beet kraut ( @fermentality CeleriaKraut is my fave!)⠀
1 Tbsp. nutritional yeast (I love @bragglivefoods )⠀
1 tsp. gomasio (or sesame seeds)⠀
2 Tbsp. microgreens⠀
2 cups mixed greens⠀
2 Tbsp. whole grain mustard⠀
2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar⠀
2 Tbsp. minced shallot⠀
¼ cup olive oil⠀
½ tsp. garlic powder⠀
salt & pepper to taste⠀
#foodpreptip I like to make extra dressing to use for the week 😉⠀
Heat oiled pan until hot, then add tempeh strips and saute for 2 minutes per side. Remove from pan and chop into pieces. Layer mixed greens along bottom of a wide bowl or plate, then add the following ingredients in a circular order: chopped tempeh, artichoke heart, tomato, bell pepper, nutritional yeast, cucumber, blueberries, sauerkraut. Sprinkle with microgreens and gomasio. Mix dressing ingredients together and sprinkle desired amount over salad before serving, enjoy! 🤗⠀
If you’re looking for more tasty recipes check out our 21-Day Reset! Perfect way to start the new year! Link in my bio 🌟

Hi my name is Josh and I am 27 years old. All my life I was known for being the "fat" guy in the group. My nickname was Fatboy. Always had to prove myself when playing sports and go the extra mile to keep up with everyone. I hurt my knee and knew my weight was a big contributor to this. I was tired of being tired and decided to change my life around for good! I began my Herbalife journey a little over 8 months ago and have lost over 33 pounds and feeling better than ever! No longer that fat boy who had to prove himself. Not only am I a lot smaller, I am faster, stronger and overall happy!

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