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It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it... @mealpalapp #mealpal #picnicinthepark
While I'm here...WE'RE HIRING! Check it out: https://boards.greenhouse.io/mealpal#.WR3Q1xMrJTY

Cheers to the long holiday weekend! We're open tomorrow so stop by πŸ˜‹

This rain has got us missing our @mealpalapp Field Day last Friday #TBFFieldDay #MealPal

Free food Friday πŸ• say whhhaaaat?!? Ft. Milk bottle legs #pizzaandpins #mealpal

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Easily my favourite #mealpal so far from #crussh 😍😍😍

#mealpal in sf- fried chicken burger so so good!!

#freelunch day 2 😍😍 #detoxkitchen #mealpal


Cheers to the long holiday weekend! We're open tomorrow so stop by πŸ˜‹

Rum Kitchen
Cauliflower Curry
Verdict: 7.5/10

Convenience - 9 / 10
Ideally positioned in the heart of the always-buzzing Kingly Court. The only downside being that I had to look on enviously at the well-attired businessmen who actually had the money/ time to eat lunch out, rather than hurrying it back to their desks. 5 minute wait at the restaurant was longer than average, but only as my meal was being plated (boxed) straight from the kitchen. A MealPal first for me, and an extra point for freshness.

Quality – 8 / 10
The heartiness of the cauliflower was balanced out nicely by the creaminess of the curry sauce. The addition of pomegranate seeds was inspired; an ingredient which up until now I had rejected as a pointless salad supplement (occupying the same niche as sultanas and fennel), but in this context provided delicious and unexpected zing and acidity. My only gripe would be that from the meal description I was expecting hearty chunks of sweet potato and pumpkin, whereas in reality they had been blended to a smooth paste which became a little watery. Oh, and a bit more seasoning, please.

Quantity – 5 / 10
I believe this is what people call a 'light lunch'. I can only presume what I received was a half portion considering the Β£9 menu price. Fine if you’re shredding before a trip to Marbs (or adhere to the government's reccomended portion sizes), but not if you’re a big growing boy. Bought a packet of lentil crisps as an accompaniment to spare my colleagues having to tolerate my h-anger for the rest of the afternoon. The toasted coconut topping added an interesting textural dimension, but there was so much of it you couldn’t help but feel it was mainly there for padding.

Nutritional value – 8 / 10
Much veg, very little salt, rice was brown/ wholegrain. Can't go far wrong with that

Price IRL
By @dan_eastment

Don't fret! We'll be back Tuesday. Keep thinking on that order ❀️ chickpea chicken tenders? Superfood salad bowl with chicken tikka masala? πŸ€”hmm

Cheers to the long holiday weekend! We're closed till Tuesday but feast your eyes on our Bolly Burger until then πŸ”

Back at it again! This time it's the lamb noodle soup from @the_rice_noodle #mealpalnyc #mealpal #mymealpal

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Free food Friday πŸ• say whhhaaaat?!? Ft. Milk bottle legs #pizzaandpins #mealpal

Get your Friday fix with tomato tofu and quinoa bowl. We're closed Saturday through Monday for the holiday so get it now!

Patty & Bun
Ari Gold Cheeseburger & Chips
Verdict: 6/10

Convenience - 6 / 10
Bit of a hike, this, even from the Piccadilly end of Soho. That said, isn't the serene, characterful ambience of Old Compton Street an absolute JOY when you're used to migrating your way upriver against the relentless Friday tide of pissed advertising execs on Dean/ Frith / Wardour Street? Top tip: If you're Oxy C end of the 'Ho, you can hit up the Goodge Street joint.

Quantity - 8 / 10
Oh, loads of it. More than you need for lunch, probably, if you're a normal functioning human and not a greedy, cheapskate git like me. Needless to say I ate it all.

Quality - 7 / 10
Unless I'm less internet literate than I thought, I can't find one of those earnest company bios on their website where it explains how the founders were simultaneously saving the rainforests, whales, eradication of South America's indigenous peoples and the Euro when they thought, "wait we can do more by selling ethically-farmed burgers to London hipsters". So for all I know they're owned by McDonald's. But frankly who cares when the burger is this tasty af: medium (pink) 2cm-thick patty smothered in all kinds of sauce and relish and caramelised onions. Chips a bit on the cold and greasy side,

Nutritional Value - 3 / 10

Price IRL
Β£11!! By @jameslachno

Another great meal from Spice Symphony via @mealpalapp ! I had an issue but their customer service resolved it--nice! #indianfood #midtown #lunch #mealpal

Falafel Thursday 🌯🍟#allaboutthatfalafellife #freelunch #mealpal

Brighten someone's day with a surprise cauliflower rice bowl or superfood salad with saag paneer. Don't tell them it's because you couldn't make up your mind πŸ˜‰

Benito’s Hat
Vegetable Salad
Verdict: 6/10

Convenience - 5 / 10
Benito's Hat is very much on the boundary line of the Soho eatery map. On a pleasant day the stroll north through the teaming crowds on Regent Street is more than bearable, however in stormier weather it could feel like you were venturing to the depths of Central America and back to get your Mexican food fix.

Quantity - 6 / 10
The salad itself was a decent weight and I had high hopes as I unpacked the spoils of my lunch time excursion. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, a good deal of the offering was made up of lettuce leaves. There was however, just enough guac, rice, and tortilla chips to leave me satisfied for the majority of the afternoon.

Quality - 5 / 10
Reminded me a lot of Jose Mourinho's Manchester United team of this season. There were star players everywhere you looked (avocado, fresh salsa, pico de gallo) but somehow the whole was not as great as the sum of its parts. All the ingredients were there, but they needed some spark, some passion (some seasoning) to ignite them. The occasional burst of lime juice threatened to do this, but it was scarcely and unevenly distributed. More of that, and maybe a kick of chilli, might have helped elevate this dish above mid-table.

Nutritional value - 8 / 10
Full disclosure: I am not the target demographic for this meal. I would normally steer clear of anything on a menu containing either of the words 'vegetable' or 'salad', let alone both of them in sequence. Yet, after a hedonistic weekend of wrecking my body with booze and fast food I felt I needed to replace some lost nutrients. In that respect the salad certainly delivered. Fresh peppers, tomatoes and courgette ensured I probably consumed at least of 3 of my 5-a-day in one sitting. Mum would be proud.

By @dan_eastment

#mealpal in sf- fried chicken burger so so good!!

#AlHorno I have been getting lunch here for like 2 weeks straight. Thanks to #mealpal I found out about this place. #LoveIt

Today's #mealpal looks delish

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